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3 "The prayer of the heart does not really ask for concrete things. It always requests some kind of experience, the specific things asked for being the bringers of the desired experience in the judgment of the asker. The words, then, are symbols for the things asked for, but the things themselves but stand for the experiences which are hoped for."   
"What is the Role of Words in Healing?"   
""..True prayer, formed in union, is a means of creating, recollecting, or recalling a divine memory and transforming that divine memory into a present moment experience." 
"The Act of Prayer?"    
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It has been a while since we've published our E-zine, but we have so much to tell you that we just had to put the next one together. Make sure you scroll down to see our announcement about the new phone app, audiobook, and USB Thumb Drives.

This CIMS eMagazine is made possible by you. It is filled with the collaborative efforts of students of A Course in Miracles, like yourself, who share artwork, new books, movies, poems, products, Questions & Answers, as well as Guidance.

The first article in this issue is by Glenn Hovemann, publisher, and addresses some of the understandings and misunderstandings about A Course of Love, which was scribed by Mari Perron. 

If you have wanted to know more about A Course of Love and how it came about, we are sharing a short video, A Tale of Four Books, by the first receiver, Mari Perron. There is also a link to a book review by our Editor, Rev Reja Joy Green.

Included in our theme of experiencing from the Heart is a transformative presentation from the annual convention of Science and Non-Duality by an Episcopal priest on the Radiant Intimacy of the Heart. (bring tissues ;-)

In our ACIM Book section, CIMS is honored to share a book by longtime Course student and author of several books, Allan Ramsey, Computing Love: A Novel Inspired by A Course in Miracles.

The Documentary film Heal, shared in this issue, is one that is gaining momentum in spiritual communities . Participating in the discussion, among others, is the ACIM student and author, Marianne Williamson along with Anita Moorjani, an NDEer, who had a shift in perception which resulted in the remission of stage four cancer.    

Our Prose and Poetry entry is a beautiful Prayer of the Heart from Dr. Steven Schargel, an ACIM student who participates on the  Daily ACIM Conference Calls.

The Question & Answer category addresses the question, "What is Prayer" in light of the study of ACIM which was answered by the participants of the ACIM DAILY TEXT Conference Call. 

Near-Death Experiences [NDEs] are now being shared more and more openly. We see these experiences shared in books and recently in movies as well. CIMS Conference Call attendee, Anna Billings has had three NDEs and shares portions of her writing with us which she calls,  "The World Within: Communication with the Holy Mind."

Finally, we have the latest NEWS from Course in Miracles Society which includes a new ACIM OE APP for our phones, giving us the opportunity to listen to the entire book, read it, take notes, and also create affirmations, written or recorded in our own voice, and then schedule as a reminder.    

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Understanding and Misunderstanding ACOL           
By Glenn Hovemann, Published in the July/August 2016 issue of Miracles Magazine

Wings of Spirit
Several Miracles teachers recently have circulated and re-circulated material that compares
A Course in Miracles (ACIM) with
A Course of Love (ACOL) and claims the latter to be a "regression" and an "attempt to preserve some value for the individual self and body." I was surprised, yet I welcome a conversation that leads to better understanding. It's an opportunity for sharing love and dialogue.

Fifty years ago Jesus dictated 1,250 magnificent pages to Helen Schucman. When ACIM came into my life in 1978 I knew in my bones that it was true. Over the years it ignited a spiritual revolution. Why dictate another 700 pages to Mari Perron? Why did he give it such a similar title as "A Course of Love"? Why did he call it a "continuation"? And because ACOL is obviously not merely a restatement of ACIM, what's going on?

A COURSE OF LOVE...Video     
A Tale of Four Books (2010) 13:44 mins
A Course of Love
In this short You Tube Video, Mari gives us a glimpse of who she is and how
A Course of Love came into being. Even though she received the material in 2001, it wasn't until 2010 that Mari felt comfortable in bringing it out into the light. Mari was a Presenter at the Bi-Annual CMC 2016 Conference in Las Vegas [ watch ] and will be a Presenter at the CMC 2018 Conference in San Francisco February 2018.

Science and Non-Duality..Video
Radiant Intimacy of the Heart (2017) 32:59 mins
Science and Non-Duality
This inspired talk on the Christian contemplative tradition at the conference of Science and Non-Duality by the Episcopal priest , Cynthia Bourgeault, dips into the place beyond words,and on into experience.

Computing Love...A Novel Inspired by A Course in Miracles
by Allan Ramsay

Computing Love
Allan Ramsay has blended a thirty-year career in technology sales and marketing with his avocation: communication through writing. More than 500 pieces of his work, mostly non-fiction, now have homes in print and at websites around the world.

After a years-long diet of metaphysical reading beginning in the 1970s, A Course in Miracles revealed itself to him in 2000. He wrote
Computing Love based on that revelation, hoping to attract readers of speculative fiction into the Course---people who otherwise might never learn of it.
with Deepak Chopra, Anita Moorjani, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, and more...
Runtime: 1 hr 4 6 min

A documentary film that takes us on a scientific a
nd spiritual journey where we discover that by changing one's perce ptions, beliefs, and emotions, the human body can heal itself from any disease.  

PRAYEROFHEART Prayers of the Heart...Poem
by Steven Schargel
  I Am Comforted

I am completely filled up with God's love. I am satisfied, totally saturated, waterlogged... I mean LOVERLOGGED in all my cells tissues and organs.

I AM GRATEFUL to know that no matter what circumstance I find myself in, there is always the MOST INTIMATE, all powerful and all-knowing FRIEND "holding my hand" and LEADING me in all ways.

I am given the choice to LET GO AND LET GOD in every second. Letting go and letting God is not a concept for me. It is an experience of ease and strength and my body and mind are restored by the ALMIGHTY POWER OF LOVE INSIDE ME.

I make that wonderful choice to LET GOD BE IN CONTROL. I am comforted and relax knowing that INFINITE INTELLIGENCE is my constant and completely trustworthy perfect guide who is closer than my very breath. I am God's loving son.
*Steven Schargel is owner-operator at Family Chiropractic Center  and resides in Gainesville, FL.
By Participants of ACIM Conference Calls

Participants of the ACIM TEXT Conference Call, on which ACIM Students from across the continent join to read the ACIM OE Text, answer the question:
What is Prayer from the perspective of A Course in Miracles.
HMCommunication with the Holy Mind [HM]
Scribed by Anna Billings [AM]
World Within
The World Within 
The Lullaby of Our Mother

In the heavens within I swell in the vast spaces of your heart.
I can be heard in the laughter of children when they play.
I am the first home of love.
It dwells within you all as I am the original Mother.

HM: Just close your eyes and listen to the lullaby. The is no such thing as separation for you anymore. Can you feel the oneness within? Everyone is here. Everything you see is a reflection of a higher plane of existence. There is no reality to be found in a dream. Only reflections of higher realities. Once you wake, you become aware of more planes of existence in the Oneness. You cannot find the presence in sentient reflections of a greater truth.

AM: Is this how Helen heard the Course? The Holy Mind within her provided the bridge to the Holy Mind contained within you?

HM: Yes, you are not the first to hear the call of heaven. Just simply listen to the lullaby of Our Mother as she calls us home. Her presence will heal yours. I am not here to tell you it will be easy to be the scribe of truth---of love.

AM: Waking up ... Waking up ... I woke up the first time at nineteen years old. I died and went to heaven. Home remembered. I have been given prophetic dreams since the first symptoms of MS.

HM: Inside everything is playful and fun. Every night you dream of home. You have to rest from your illusions. Some of them are mind boggling. Let love happen today. Go to the Home Within.
*Anna Billings lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a participant on the Daily ACIM Conference Calls
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