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Volume 18                Issue #05         May 2024
Chair's Message
O Canada…Our Home and Native Land…
Hello friends,

What does that make you feel when you read, listen or hum these lines? Doesn’t it make you feel proud about the choice you made to raise your family here in Canada? Canada has been a great home to me and millions more in the past, opening its generous doors wide for everyone to pursue their dreams equally. Having come here for the first time over two decades ago, it was a case of love at first sight for us. And you know with most of us, love never changes; it’s for keeps.

Canada is one of the freest countries on the planet and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures that privilege for every citizen, not just a chosen few. But it is up to all of us to ensure that these rights and privileges are exercised with far greater responsibility and accountability so that it creates a cohesive and mutually respectful society.

I would with great responsibility like to exercise my right to express freely today in the long-term interest of our Canada.

Many Canadians like me are pained to see Brand Canada getting a beating, due to the actions of certain groups, events and ideologies which have dented our image and hurt our standing in the world. Why do we let this happen? Part of the problem is the compulsions of domestic politics. But shouldn’t we as a country put the breaks on these ‘free expressions’ when it begins to hurt us all.

All freedoms are exercised with certain limits for the sake of public order and larger peace. A few recent developments in Canada has caused much heartburn among those who genuinely love Canada and cherish its unique position in the international community. In the name of free expression, there have been incidents that have marred the pristine image of Canada in the eyes of the world. (Read more)
G20 2023 Cements Bharat’s Position as a Force for Good
Pankaj Dave
President, Manas International Inc.
Bharat has truly arrived on the world stage. I am not saying this – the world is saying this. It was a claim often touted in the past but never really came to pass. Media hype of a Super Bharat remained only a wish and a hope as the country’s early promise began to wane, giving way to political uncertainty and volatile leadership.

Thankfully for the 1.4 billion people of Bharat, the ennui that had set in has been dispensed with and a new energy permeates all aspects of Bharat today; a new vision guides the nation steadily to the heights it was naturally destined to reach. (Read More)

(Originally published in the CIF Gala Magazine, September 2023)
Upcoming Events
Ayurved Speaker Series
Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease
CIF is delighted to announce the third season of its popular virtual Ayurveda Speaker Series. This season will focus on the theme of disease prevention.

The first session will address coronary artery disease, a condition caused by plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries that supply
blood to the heart (coronary arteries). Plaque, composed of cholesterol
deposits, narrows the arteries over time. This narrowing can restrict blood flow to the heart muscle, leading to chest pain and potentially resulting in coronary artery disease (CAD). Risk factors for CAD include being overweight, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, and smoking tobacco.

Sunday 23 June 2024

10:00am to 11:00am (EST)
07:30 pm to 08:30pm (IST)
Register for CIF's 9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament 2024
The 9th annual charity golf tournament organized by the Canada India Foundation to support the families of Fallen Heroes in Canada and India is set to tee off on Wednesday, August 7, 2024, at the Lionhead Golf Club, located at 8525 Mississauga Rd., Brampton, ON.

CIF appreciates your unwavering support & cooperation to this prestigious event that has become a community standard in generosity and solidarity.

Thanks to you, we were able to achieve remarkable milestones, including the establishment of a permanent education fund exceeding $180,000.00. This fund will support the children of fallen soldiers wishing to pursue higher education and significantly contributes to the Toronto RCASC Associate Fund, supporting families of fallen soldiers across Canada.

Here's what's new and exciting this year:

Online Registration: Say goodbye to long lines! Our new website allows you to register online, pay online, purchase sponsorships, add your foursomes, and more – all at your convenience. Click HERE

Helicopter Ball Drop Raffle: Prepare for thrills as a helicopter releases 500 numbered golf balls over a designated hole. Purchase a ball for your chance to win big! The ball closest to the hole claims the prize. Visit our website for details.

With your support, we aim to tee off with 72 foursomes promptly at 10:00 am, embracing the beauty of a Canadian summer day. Together, we'll continue our tradition of supporting our brave soldiers and their families, both in Canada and India.

Whether through sponsorship, participation, or spreading the word, your contribution makes a world of difference. Join us for a day filled with exceptional golf, excitement, sumptuous dining, and the warmth of Indian hospitality. As always, please drink responsibly, and if needed, we're happy to arrange transportation for you.

To each of you, past, present, and future supporters, we extend our deepest gratitude for your commitment to this noble cause.

Let's tee off for a cause that truly matters!
Fiji - Ontario Business Potential Discussed
Toronto, May 13, 2024: CIF Chair Ritesh Malik met with Honorable Manoa Kamikamica, Fiji's Deputy Prime Minister, and Hon. Vic Fedeli, Ontario's Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade, in Toronto. The discussions delved into enhancing trade and commerce ties between the two nations. Exploring opportunities for collaboration, they envisioned a robust business partnership poised to redefine the relationship between Ontario and Fiji. Their dialogue aimed at fostering mutual economic growth and prosperity. 
CIF met Fiji Deputy Prime Minister
Toronto, May 13, 2024: CIF Chair Ritesh Malik, accompanied by CIF Board of Governors Members Anil Bhasin and Harish Verma, met with Honorable Manoa Kamikamica, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Communications in Toronto. Fiji maintains excellent relations with India, which serves as a committed development partner to Fiji. The Deputy Prime Minister expressed keen interest in fostering engagement with the Indo-Canadian business community to strengthen business relations between Canada and Fiji.
Meeting with Fiji Trade Commissioner
Toronto, May 13, 2024: CIF Chair Mr. Ritesh Malik and Board of Governor Member Mr. Anil Bhasin met Mr. Alika Cooper - Fiji Trade Commissioner to North America on the sidelines of Fiji North America Business Forum held at Sheraton Hotel Toronto. Fiji is exploring opportunities in cross-border investment opportunities in Fiji’s Tourism, Agriculture, BPO and Manufacturing sector.
Jamie Diamon’s Praise for “Unbelievable Job” by Modi
JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Diamon, one of the world’s most influential figures in banking and investment has given a resounding vote of approval by openly pointing out the great strides India has made under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, describing it as “he has done an unbelievable job.” JP Morgan is the world’s fifth largest bank in terms of total assets.
India to Register Impressive GDP Growth This Year
According to the Chief of the Global Economic Monitoring Branch, Economic Analysis and Policy Division, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), Hamid Rashid, Indian economy is expected to exceed earlier estimates in its GDP growth and reach an impressive 7% while most economies in the developed world are struggling with negative or close to negative growth. The India growth story is also attracting foreign investors by the droves as less and less of them head to China. (Read more.)
UNESCO Honours Ancient Indian Works
The Ramcharitmanas, Sahrdayaloka-Locana, and Panchatantra, all considered great contributions to world literary heritage by India have been honoured with inclusion in UNESCO Memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register. UNESCO has recognised a total of 20 items from the Asia Pacific region in its Memory of the World Regional Register for the 2024 cycle. (Read more.)
F15 Program Lead Quits to Start Aerospace Company in India
The man who was leading Boeing in India and was leading critical F15 fighter jet program in the US is leaving the company to set up an aerospace startup in India. The move has been noted as a recognition of India’s potential but also how more and more Indian techies are eyeing India as the next big opportunity. Born in a poor village and home schooled by his grandparents, Kumar overcame serious adversities to rise to become a world-renowned tech leader. (Read more.)
Americans Will Soon Be Guzzling Amul Milk
The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the umbrella body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat that markets and sells milk under the brand Amul, has tied up with the Michigan Milk Producers Association to sell “fresh milk” in the East Coast and Midwest markets of the US. Amul products including Cheese, Butter, Panter, Ghee, Ice cream, Beverages, chocolates, Gulab Jamun, Rosogolla, Mithaimate, Amulya, Frozen snacks, Shrikhand, Lassi and Buttermilk are already being exported into the US through distributors in New Jersey, New York and other centres.  (Read more.)
Heart Transplant by Indian Surgeons Save Pakistani Teenager
A 19-year-old Pakistani girl has found new life through a heart transplant done by surgeons in Chennai, India. The heart that is ticking within her is from an Indian donor. Though the surgery was performed in January, the story is being headlined in the media now due to its bilateral significance. (Read more.)
Dr. Indira Khurana Conferred with Global Power Leader award

CIF Board of Governor Member Dr. Indira Khurana Conferred with Global Power Leader award at the Global Business Conclave 2024 hosted at the UK House of Lords, UK Parliament. The event was hosted by White Page International.
Dr. Malhotra, conferred with MNP Award for Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare
CIF Board of Governors Member, Dr. Lalita Malhotra, OC, and her late husband Dr. Tilak Malhotra received the prestigious MNP Award for Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare presented at the Med Gala. The award celebrates an individual or individuals whose commitment to healthcare has made a significant and lasting contribution to the health and well-being of countless people in Prince Albert, central and northern Saskatchewan. (Read more)
CIF Urges Community Members to Donate Blood
Canada India Foundation continued its efforts to help create awareness in the community to donate to the Canadian Blood Services. Blood is always a critical element in healthcare with the power to save lives. CIF is encouraging members of the Indo Canadian community to be proactive and help in this crucial program. 

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