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Volume 18                Issue #04         April 2024
Chair's Message
The Most Anticipated and keenly watched event in the world is underway… In India
Hello friends,

“The Festival of Democracy” is a very fitting term used to describe elections in India. Indian elections involve staggering numbers due to the country's massive population and the scale of its electoral process. India has the largest electorates in the world, with over 968.8 million eligible voters as of recent years. To accommodate the vast number of voters, Indian elections require a vast network of polling stations. During national elections, 1.2 million polling booths are set up across the country to facilitate voting. Voters across 543 electoral constituencies will elect a legislator to represent them at the Lok Sabha— the lower house of India’s Parliament. Election Commission of India will deploy 15 million people to oversee the operation. Electronic voting machines (EVMs) are used extensively in Indian elections to streamline the voting process and ensure efficient counting of votes. Hundreds of thousands of EVMs are deployed during elections to accommodate the large voter turnout. Despite logistical challenges and varying levels of accessibility, Indian elections often witness high voter turnout. In recent elections, voter turnout has typically ranged from 60% to 70% or even higher in some regions.

Overall, the numbers associated with Indian elections underscore the sheer scale and complexity of the electoral process in the world's largest democracy. Despite the challenges posed by such vast numbers, Indian elections are conducted with a commitment to fairness, transparency, and inclusivity.

India's geopolitical position and growing economic influence make its elections crucial for global stability and international relations. The outcome of Indian elections can impact diplomatic relations, trade policies, regional security, and cooperation on global issues such as climate change, terrorism, and economic development. India's economy is one of the largest in the world and a significant driver of global economic growth. The policies and reforms initiated by the government, which are often shaped by electoral mandates, can have far-reaching implications for international trade, investment, and economic stability. India is a hub for technology and innovation, with a booming IT industry and a burgeoning startup ecosystem. The government's policies and initiatives, influenced by electoral mandates, can shape the trajectory of technological advancements and innovation, impacting global trends in areas such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and digital transformation. (Read more)
A snapshot in to Bharat’s defence sector
At the time of writing, a very successful G20 had concluded in New Delhi, Bharat. It was not only a well-organized and orchestrated global gathering but one that the leaders took pride in and seemed to reflect that they were a part of the full process. Bharat’s own resolve was visible around its foreign policy that brings multi-layered benefits to all G20 member countries. Bharat’s corporate world was watching closely, especially, companies with foreign individual and institutional investors as well as those with their securities trading on stock exchanges around the world – particularly the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). (Read More)

(Originally published in the CIF Gala Magazine, September 2023)
Upcoming Event
Register for CIF's 9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament 2024
The 9th annual charity golf tournament organized by the Canada India Foundation to support the families of Fallen Heroes in Canada and India is set to tee off on Wednesday, August 7, 2024, at the Lionhead Golf Club, located at 8525 Mississauga Rd., Brampton, ON.

CIF appreciates your unwavering support & cooperation to this prestigious event that has become a community standard in generosity and solidarity.

Thanks to you, we were able to achieve remarkable milestones, including the establishment of a permanent education fund exceeding $180,000.00. This fund aids will support the children of fallen soldiers wishing to pursue higher education and significantly contributes to the Toronto RCASC Associate Fund, supporting families of fallen soldiers across Canada.

Here's what's new and exciting this year:

Online Registration: Say goodbye to long lines! Our new website allows you to register online, pay online, purchase sponsorships, add your foursomes, and more – all at your convenience. Click HERE

Helicopter Ball Drop Raffle: Prepare for thrills as a helicopter releases 500 numbered golf balls over a designated hole. Purchase a ball for your chance to win big! The ball closest to the hole claims the prize. Visit our website for details.

With your support, we aim to tee off with 72 foursomes promptly at 10:00 am, embracing the beauty of a Canadian summer day. Together, we'll continue our tradition of supporting our brave soldiers and their families, both in Canada and India.

Whether through sponsorship, participation, or spreading the word, your contribution makes a world of difference. Join us for a day filled with exceptional golf, excitement, sumptuous dining, and the warmth of Indian hospitality. As always, please drink responsibly, and if needed, we're happy to arrange transportation for you.

To each of you, past, present, and future supporters, we extend our deepest gratitude for your commitment to this noble cause.

Let's tee off for a cause that truly matters!
Past Event
Experts Discuss Challenges and Opportunities in the Canada-India Bilateral
Toronto, April 18, 2024: India and Canada: A Relationship in the Crossroads was the topic put to a group of eminent experts during a seminar organized by the India Innovation Centre at the Rotman School of Business recently. Against the background of the current strains in the bilateral relationship between Canada and India, the issue is one that has possessed a large number of people in the Indo Canadian diaspora. The fact that the seminar was organized by the Rotman students of Indian origin, under the able guidance of Prof. Mohanram Partha, demonstrated that both the young and the old among the community are equally concerned and looking to find ways to set the relationship right.
India’s Consul General in Toronto, Sidharth Nath, in his keynote address, said: “India and Canada are natural partners, vibrant and inclusive democracies with diverse and dynamic societies and people to people ties going back decades. There is a unique complementarity that I find rare elsewhere between the two countries. I would posit that when it comes to economic fundamentals and geopolitical imperatives, neither has changed in the past one year irrespective of the headlines of the day. Those fundamentals remain very strong.” (Read more)
CIF Plans Joint Programs with George Brown College
Toronto 19 April 2024: Canada India Foundation met with George Brown Community College, Toronto, which is home to a large number of Indian students from Canada as well as India and is a symbol of cooperation between the two countries in education. CIF together with George Brown College plans to launch several new initiatives related to international students' well-being, mental health support systems, and the promotion of holistic health through their world-class culinary programs.
CIF Meets with Premier of Alberta
Toronto 19 April 2024: The Canada India Foundation convened a virtual meeting with the Honorable Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta. Also in attendance was the Honorable Minister Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Trade.
Representing the foundation were CIF Chair Mr. Ritesh Malik and Ms. Sunita Vyas, National Convener. Canadian provinces are keen on enhancing and strengthening economic engagement with India, one of the fastest-growing economies globally. CIF appreciates the positive leadership of Alberta Premier on issues crucial to both Alberta and Canada, particularly her commitment to taking necessary actions. Alberta holds the potential to serve as a pivotal engine in Canada-India engagement.
Canada Budget 2024 Highlights
The latest budget has increased spending in several key areas like foreign credential recognition, refugee rehabilitation, housing and mental health including a $500-million fund to help community health organizations give more mental-health care to young people. The budget will result in a $40 billion deficit as a result of increased spending priorities. (Read more.)
Davin Michael Kumar Garg Appointed to Ontario Court of Justice
Justice Davin Michael Kumar Garg is among the list of new judges appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice. Justice Garg, who has been assigned to Hamilton by Chief Justice Sharon Nicklas, is a seasoned law professional with a stellar record in Criminal, conducting trials and appeals in both official languages and developing expertise in Charter litigation, commercial crime and driving cases. In his early years in Vancouver, he had played an active role in an organization, Canada India Network Society (CINS), dedicated to building healthy societies across the world. CINS collaborates and coordinates between people and organizations to improve the health of people of Canada and India. (Read more.)
17-year-old Indian Chess Wiz Makes History in Toronto
Gukesh D, 17, became the youngest-ever winner of the 2024 FIDE Candidates tournament held in Toronto in the last week of April. In January 2019, he became India's then-youngest Grandmaster and the world's second-youngest. An incredible run at the Olympiad saw him break into the top 20 on the senior circuit in August 2022. A month later, Gukesh went past the 2700 rating to become the third youngest player in history to do that. In October, he became the youngest player to beat Magnus Carlsen since the Norwegian had become World Champion. (Read more.)
Bengaluru Hosts Asia’s First Space Domain Awareness Centre
Asia’s first dedicated command and control centre for space domain awareness was inaugurated this month at the newly opened global headquarters of Digantara, a space situational awareness (SSA) company. In addition to the command centre, the headquarters will serve as an assembly, integration, and testing facility as Digantara prepares to launch a constellation of satellites dedicated to space-based space surveillance. (Read more.)
Canadian Investment in India’s Road Infrastructure
Indian media reports indicate that Macquarie Group Ltd. and an investment trust backed by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board are among short-listed bidders to buy road assets from India’s National Investment & Infrastructure Fund (NIIF). The deal could be worth $300 to $500 million. The assets, with an enterprise value of $1 billion, are part of the NIIF’s roads platform known as Athaang Infrastructure. (Read more.)
€100 Million Aerospace Startup Hub at IIT Madras
French aerospace firm Starburst Accelerator SARL collaborates with IIT Madras to establish a startup hub in India with a funding support of €100 million. This partnership aims to enhance the Aerospace, Space, and Defence (ASD) ecosystem in India, focusing on market analysis, technology scouting, and international expansion strategies for Indian startups. (Read more.)
Mumbai Beats Beijing in Resident Billionaires
Mumbai has overtaken Beijing to claim the title of the Asian Billionaires capital, with the highest number of billionaires for the first time, as per the latest Hurun Research Institute's global rich list. Mumbai, India's financial hub, has surged ahead with 92 billionaires, surpassing both Beijing (91) and Shanghai (87) in the Asian rankings. (Read more.)
CIF Urges Community Members to Donate Blood
Canada India Foundation continued its efforts to help create awareness in the community to donate to the Canadian Blood Services. Blood is always a critical element in healthcare with the power to save lives. CIF is encouraging members of the Indo Canadian community to be proactive and help in this crucial program. 

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