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Latest publications of CIDEFES' investigators

September - December 2023*

*based on CIDEFES Zotero folder uploads by order of upload date. If you cannot find your publication in this list, please update CIDEFES Zotero folder. This list includes only up to 15 publications, for which your paper may be promoted on the next newsletter.

Body Size, Fatness and Skeletal Age in Female Youth Soccer Players

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Martinho, D. V., Coelho-e-Silva, M. J., Gonçalves Santos, J., Oliveira, T. G., Minderico, C. S., Seabra, A., Valente-dos-Santos, J., Sherar, L. B., & Malina, R. M. (2023)

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Implementation determinants of physical activity interventions in primary health care settings using the TICD framework: a systematic review

BMC Health Services Research

Silva, C. S., Godinho, C., Encantado, J., Rodrigues, B., Carraça, E. V., Teixeira, P. J., & Silva, M. N. (2023)

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Are motivational and self-regulation factors associated with 12 months’ weight regain prevention in the NoHoW study? An analysis of European adults

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Palmeira, A. L., Marques, M. M., Sánchez-Oliva, D., Encantado, J., Santos, I., Duarte, C., Matos, M., Carneiro-Barrera, A., Larsen, S. C., Horgan, G., Sniehotta, F. F., Teixeira, P. J., Stubbs, R. J., & Heitmann, B. L. (2023)

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Are Preference and Tolerance Measured With the PRETIE-Q (Preference for and Tolerance of the Intensity of Exercise Questionnaire) Relevant Constructs for Understanding Exercise Intensity in Physical Activity? A Scoping Review

Kinesiology Review

Santos, F., & Teixeira, D. (2023)

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Game on: A cross-sectional study on gamers’ mental health, Game patterns, physical activity, eating and sleeping habits

Computers in Human Behavior

Matias, C. N., Cardoso, J., Cavaca, M. L., Cardoso, S., Giro, R., Vaz, J., Couto, P. A., Dores, A. R., Ferreira, T. B., Tinsley, G. M., & Teixeira, F. J. (2023)

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Validity and reliability of Meu Educativo ®: A new tool to assess fundamental movement skills in school‐aged children

American Journal of Human Biology

Garbeloto, F., Pereira, S., Tani, G., Chaput, J., Stodden, D. F., Garganta, R., Hedeker, D., Katzmarzyk, P. T., & Maia, J. (2023)

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Assessing affective valence and activation in resistance training with the feeling scale and the felt arousal scale: A systematic review


Bastos, V., Rodrigues, F., Davis, P., & Teixeira, D. S. (2023)

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Statistical analysis of the longitudinal fundamental movement skills data in the REACT project using the multilevel ordinal logistic model

American Journal of Human Biology

Hedeker, D., Pereira, S., Garbeloto, F., Barreira, T. V., Garganta, R., Farias, C., Tani, G., Chaput, J., Stodden, D. F., Maia, J., & Katzmarzyk, P. T. (2023)

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Sleep and fundamental movement skills in primary schoolchildren: The REACT project

American Journal of Human Biology

Chaput, J., Pereira, S., Katzmarzyk, P. T., Hedeker, D., Barreira, T. V., Garganta, R., Farias, C., Garbeloto, F., Tani, G., Stodden, D. F., & Maia, J. (2023)

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Tracking devices and physical performance analysis in team sports: A comprehensive framework for research—trends and future directions

Frontiers in Sports and Active Living

Ferraz, A., Duarte-Mendes, P., Sarmento, H., Valente-Dos-Santos, J., & Travassos, B. (2023)

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Correlates associated with the compliance for moderate, vigorous, and overall physical activity recommendations of public park users in Oeiras – Portugal

Cities & Health

Teno, S. C., Silva, H., & Júdice, P. B. (2023)

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Is muscle localized phase angle an indicator of muscle power and strength in young women?

Physiological Measurement

Oliveira, N. M., Fukuoka, A. H., Matias, C. N., Guerra-Júnior, G., & Gonçalves, E. M. (2023)

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Prioritizing a research agenda on built environments and physical activity: A twin panel Delphi consensus process with researchers and knowledge users

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Prince, S. A., Lang, J. J., De Groh, M., Badland, H., Barnett, A., Littlejohns, L. B., Brandon, N. C., Butler, G. P., Casu, G., Cerin, E., Colley, R. C., De Lannoy, L., Demchenko, I., Ellingwood, H. N., Evenson, K. R., Faulkner, G., Fridman, L., Friedenreich, C. M., Fuller, D. L., … Geneau, R. (2023)

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Sleep duration and cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescents: Longitudinal analysis from the LabMed study

Journal of Adolescence

Sousa‐Sá, E., Fonseca, A. P., Lopes, L., Abreu, S., Moreira, C., Agostinis‐Sobrinho, C., Oliveira, A., Azevedo, C., & Santos, R. (2023)

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From data to action: A scoping review of wearable technologies and biomechanical assessments informing injury prevention strategies in sport

BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rebelo, A., Martinho, D. V., Valente-dos-Santos, J., Coelho-e-Silva, M. J., & Teixeira, D. S. (2023)

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