Community Health Connections
November 2020 - Vol.1, Issue 3
Giving Thanks:
1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health
As we approach the holiday season, we are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for at the 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health! It has been a great year of progress and growth for the Center and our community as we collaborate with organizations to improve the health of our region. 

We are thankful for the Community Health Workers (CHWs) who have been working tirelessly over the past few months to enroll pregnant women in the HUB and connect them to resources to improve their health. We are also thankful for our Care Coordination Agency partners: Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy, Beginnings, Inc., and Community Action Partnership of Cambria County

It’s been a difficult year navigating a “new normal” for many individuals across our region, country and the world. We hope that this Thanksgiving, you are able to pause and reflect on the good things in your lives and the great progress our community is making towards improving the region's health and wellness by working together!

Stacy Snowball, HUB CHW; Brianna Livingston, HUB CHW Supervisor, and Flor Hernandez, HUB CHW display their Community Health Worker training certificates.

Best regards,
Jeannine McMillan
Executive Director
Community Care HUB
HUB Addresses Whole-Person Care
Did you know that Cambria County ranks 64th out of 67 counties in the Commonwealth of PA for health outcomes? The Community Care HUB (HUB) aims to improve health outcomes of at-risk individuals in Cambria and Somerset counties, through the mobilization of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and an integrated network of community-based organizations. The HUB is now accepting referrals of pregnant mothers and their family members.
Paula Eppley-Newman: Community Trailblazer
As the Executive Director of Beginnings, Inc. and the Board Chair of Trinity Farms Center for Healing, Paula Eppley-Newman has a lot on her plate. But what she prides herself in more than anything is her family and giving back to the community. “I’ve always considered myself a professional volunteer because I’ve either been volunteering or working in non-profits most of my professional life.” Paula is also what many would call a servant leader – someone who takes the traditional power leadership model and turns it completely upside down.

“The next generation is our future. I want to be able to walk away from work, sit in a sheep field, and know that all of the hard work we’ve put into this agency and the community is going to continue on.” 

Bridging the Gap:
Community Health Worker Stacy Snowball

Every month, we’ll be featuring an interview with a different HUB CHW. Check out this month’s spotlight with Stacy Snowball, employed by HUB care coordination agency, Beginnings, Inc.
Tell us about yourself.
I have three daughters: Brittnie, Alexis, and Madison - each with their own unique personality. I have been a Nurse (LPN) since 1996, caring for and helping people - it's what I enjoy doing most. My grandmother, mother, and sister are also in the nursing profession, so it's in the family blood!

What is the most rewarding part of being a Community Health Worker?
Seeing my clients getting the assistance they need. One client said to me with a smile: "It's like a chip being lifted off my shoulders!" I have also formed a great bond with my clients; in fact, I was invited and attended two of my clients' baby showers. It was really nice to be able to see all the many wonderful gifts they both received; and just being able to be a part of each clients' special day was rewarding.

CHWs Organize Baby Bundle Drive;
Leads to Local Funding Support
When Stacey Brantley, CHW began working with local pregnant women enrolled in the Community Care HUB (HUB) back in September, she quickly noticed there was a need for greater accessibility to baby items such as diapers, strollers, and high chairs, in the region. Acting on the need Stacey and her colleagues, Michele Moss and Helen Robinson, got to work and organized a Baby Bundle Drive through Community Action Partnership of Cambria County (CAPCC) for pregnant moms who qualify for free HUB services.
"Being a community health worker inspires me to identify and connect with mothers-to-be. My challenge to begin this baby bundle drive helps to open the door to barriers that these pregnant moms sometimes cannot overcome alone," said Stacey Brantley.

CHWs Earn Training Completion Certificates
Congratulations to all HUB Community Health Workers at Beginnings, Inc., Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy, and Community Action Partnership for earning their CHW training certificates! CHWs participated in an intense training process earlier this year facilitated by the Pathways Community HUB Institute and Care Coordination Systems. They also completed several weeks of field training.

Pictured are Stacy Snowball, CHW and Flor Hernandez, CHW at Beginnings, Inc. with their CHW training certificates.
HUB Community Advisory Committee
Launches Nov. 18th
The Community Care HUB Advisory Committee will hold its inaugural meeting on November 18th. The Committee is tasked with providing oversight and guidance for the Community Care HUB initiative. The Committee will guarantee standardized processes and ensure all community stakeholders are involved to help address whole-person care for HUB participants. Members are expected to serve as advocates for the HUB’s mission and for care coordination in the community.

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