For you who live in the CHS, Lawson, City Center Neighborhoods: 

 A Call to Action:  January 22, 2018

Regnart Creek Trail    Please try to attend this community feedback meeting tomorrow evening, Jan 22nd o write your City Council today in support of this proposed community amenity. 

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Regnart Creek Trail Community Meeting:
Please try to attend this community meeting Monday, Jan 22 nd ,   
in support of this important off-street path that will connect the City Center with Creekside Park.  A key segment for the East/West Bikeway, the Regnart Creek trail will make it safer for our students/residents to walk/bike, reduce traffic,  improve neighborhood safety,  property values and general community ambiance.                                                                  Select to Enlarge

If you can't attendPlease write  your council person and city manager today and give them your support for this project.Your voice counts!

Darcy PaulMayor

Bike Boulevard Network 
Implementing Class III signed routes  connecting schools/neighborhoods and  shopping.

FMI, see the December Year-end Update.  
You can download the entire plan at this link:
Bike Air Pump  Stations to be installed at all        CUSD 
Middle Schools. 

All five CUSD Middle schools will soon have Dero bike air pump stations available for their students, staff and  nearby community.  They will be j oining DeAnza College and all five FUHSD schools in having air and repair stations for their students and community.

Funded by Cupertino Rotary, Western Wheelers, and the Walk-Bike Cupertino Advisory Board,   the units are expected to be installed by February 2018. Post installation, the community will now have twelve  repair  and air pump stations installed throughout the city.  

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