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March 12, 2024

chfa's 2023 community report

CHFA’s 2023 Community Report is now available online. In the report, learn how CHFA invested $2.7 billion to support affordable housing and community development in 2023. Highlights include how CHFA increased community engagement, strengthened programs, surpassed several organizational records, and was proud to assist Coloradans by:
  • Serving 5,671 customers through CHFA’s home mortgage loan programs
  • Helping developers create or preserve 6,395 affordable rental housing units with multifamily loans and/or Housing Tax Credits
  • Supporting 3,039 jobs by serving 534 businesses with business lending programs
  • Investing in 490 communities and nonprofits statewide with donations, grants, and volunteerism

The CHFA 2023 Community Report is available online at

Beneficiary Reports are also available as a part of the online report. Each of these reports includes data and insights about the people and organizations that CHFA has the privilege of serving.

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