March 21, 2022
The Law of Giving tells us the more you give of yourself without expectation of return, the more that will come back to you. What a great concept and one, I am sure that many a club member can relate to. I often place a priority on the Law of Giving, I wonder how many others do as well, those outside of clubs and service; what price do they put upon giving to others without reciprocity?
I believe that as Federation members, we each practice the Law of Giving openly and without expectation of the return. For when we give, we often do not get to see the fruits of our gifts. Oh, we may see a return thank-you, a note of appreciation…but we cannot even have that expectation of others, for their time is their time and not our own time to rule.
When we give freely, of anything: items, money, knowledge, support, etc., (for there are a myriad of items), we give of our souls. For ultimately, what better gift is that of one of ourselves. For our own Mission Statement in CFWC is: The California Federation of Women’s Clubs is affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.
Wow! Our giving as members is to so many types of organizations and individuals in our community. It exceeds the personal nature of self and transcends to selfless. And, although it may not always be monetary, it is always a giving of our hearts, time, and support.
I like to give, give of my time, support, knowledge, and care. There are so many ways I can give, and it is the right thing to do! It is a personal choice I make; it is a personal choice each of us makes as to what we will share and give.
So, what do you give today, this week, this month? What is it that enhances the lives of others through volunteering that you are part of? Give what you can and when you can…for we can never forget that someday, we may need someone to give to us as well.
Luv, Pam

  • The DEADLINE for Convention Late Registration has been set for April 23, 2022. Late Registration must be mailed on or before, and no later than April 23, 2022. This includes all Credential Forms and Fees to vote as a Delegate or attend Workshops. Late Registration Fees for Convention are $30.00 per person. All Registration deadlines will be strictly enforced.
Updates from last week:
  • The Title of the Friday, 5/13/22 10:00 am workshop (on page 9) should be listed as:
"You said YES...what's next?"

  • There is a conflict of rooms, which will be updated (on page 7), 5/12 Thursday, 10:00am-12:00 between the CFWC Exec. Board Meeting and the Emeritus Club Lunch.

  • On Saturday, 5/14 - 9:00-10:00 am workshop, (page 12), “All Things Membership” will be facilitated by Sonya Matthies, Cindy Sanders, Patsy Wilson, Marcia Willett, and Wendy Curran.

  • There is no room assignment yet for the Workshop on 5-14, (page 12), from 10:15-11:15 a.m. "Honeybees" facilitated by Jane Thomey. Update will be given at Convention.
  • The Bylaws and Standing Rules also had formatting errors, please make sure you highlight all 18 of the proposed changes so that you know where they fall.

The CALL to the 2022 CFWC State Convention,
the Proposed Bylaw Amendments and the Proposed Resolutions
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CFWC Election Election of Officers

At our 2022 convention, we will be voting to elect our leaders for the 2022-2024 Administration. We urge you to consider carefully the information attached before casting your vote. Thank you,
CELEBRATION OF LIFE: Please submit the names of Members who served on the CFWC Executive Board to Peggy Baumann at the address below so they may be included in the Celebration of Life Ceremony being held at Convention on Friday, May 14th. Include those who would have been listed if the 2020 Convention had been held and anyone who passed away since May 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Peggy Baumann, 33056 Sotelo Drive, Temecula, CA 92592 or Email Send by April 1, 2022

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Hi Edie,
Sorry for the challenges with reservations.
I just checked the Reservation Link (below) and it is still valid. There are currently 7 reservations in the block, so still plenty of inventory.
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CA Federation of Women's Club
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Last Day to Book: Sunday, April 10, 2022
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  • Delta Hotels Anaheim Garden Grove for 149 USD per night
CFWC Emeritus Club Membership

The object of this club is to bring together at each State Convention an annual reunion of past and present Board members, for relaxation and social enjoyment and to renew and perpetuate their interest in Federation. 

Membership is open to those who have served a minimum of one year as a member of the Executive Board of the California Federation of Women's Club.

Emeritus Club dues are $10.00 per year. Make check out to CFWC Emeritus Club. Send your check and this form to Treasurer Julie Lehenbauer, 41 West 53rd Street; Long Beach, CA 90805.
Please send prior to meeting on May 12, 2022.

* You will pay for your meal with your convention registration

Military & Veterans - Yolanda Petroski, Chair
 A recent News & Notes from GF announced that the GFWC Executive Committee and Staff laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on March 4 to honor and pay tribute to fallen members of our military. Showing respect for their sacrifices, the wreath bore our Federation’s name. Those attending the New Orleans convention have an opportunity to participate in a joint project with the USO by packaging 1,000 toiletry care packages. Even if you are not attending, you can donate to this project through the Member Portal’s donation page as funding is needed by GF to purchase specific, travel-sized hygiene packages: $15.00 provides one package, $45.00 three packages, and $75.00 five packages. You can also donate dollar amounts over $25.00 and donate on behalf of yourself or your club. Please consider donating to the USO Care Package Program.

Advocates for children - Carol Burkhart, Chair


April is almost here. What project does your club have planned to raise awareness in your community about child abuse? Change starts with awareness. Plan now to do a project to help raise CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS in your community and don’t forget to wear blue.  
Environment - Jane Thomey

Batteries are used to power countless numbers of devices for consumer and industrial products. The downside, however, is that no matter what type, batteries will wear out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, many discarded batteries containing a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals are finding their way to the landfills causing concerns over contamination and water pollution. In California it is illegal to throw any type of battery (including disposable single-use batteries) in the trash. You may contact your community hazard waste collection site or access Cal Recycle or Earth 911 for information on how to dispose batteries in your area. 
Of the many types of batteries, alkaline batteries are the most commonly used in our homes. Rechargeable batteries are recyclable. Although an environmentally safe recycling process is not yet universally available for single use alkaline batteries, they too must be safely disposed. Remember that “dead” batteries are not completely dead and must be stored and thrown away correctly to prevent fires. 
The recycling requirement similarly applies to lead car batteries. A spent battery can be turned in to the dealer. Otherwise, it must be taken to a certified recycling facility. California has a very successful 99% rate of recycling lead batteries.
Another recycling challenge involving automobiles is emerging. The lithium batteries of aging electric cars will soon need replacing.  Research on effective ways to recycle them is progressing and the promising news is that batteries with recycled materials may well outperform new ones.  
When replacing batteries of any type, we must consider the need to dispose of them  properly to protect the environment and to reuse our resources as well. 


Just a thought ......

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