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October 16 | 2019
CFA News
Memo From Mark
The CFA International Cat Show was held this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio and it was a tremendous success. There were nearly 800 entries from throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We set a record a year ago for the number of spectators attending this show and last weekend’s show significantly surpassed last year’s numbers. It was very impressive to see the crowds coming though the gate. Rich Mastin chairs the International Show Committee. Much of the credit for the success of the show goes to Show Manager Linda Murphy and Assistant Show Managers Jim Flanik & Lorna Friemoth.
Central Office staff members Amber Goodright, Allene Tartaglia, Shelly Borowski, Brian Buetel, and James Simbro.
Our Central Office provides tremendous support for this show and we owe lots of thanks to our Executive Director Allene Tartaglia and staff members Shelly Borawski, & Brian Buetel. Our Marketing Director, Desiree Bobby, coordinated all the show publicity which brought in all those spectators and she was assisted by Mike Altschul. We had more vendors than last year and that was due to the efforts of Kristin Nowell who was assisted by Carolyn Jimenez. 
Mary Kolencik and Linda Peterson were the primary volunteers responsible for the benching which is not an easy task with so many entries. There were numerous other volunteers who helped make this show the success it was and while I am not listing their names here, please know your efforts were appreciated. Of course, we want to acknowledge our major show sponsor, Royal Canin.  

My final thanks go to the many exhibitors who traveled from around the world to join us. Without their cats, there would have been no cat show in Cleveland this past weekend. Congratulations to all the winners! There will be articles with lots of photos in an upcoming issue of Cat Talk as well as in the next Yearbook. In the meantime, enjoy the many show photos and comments posted on Facebook.
We have a three-year contract with the IX-Center in Cleveland for this show. This was our second of the three years. Earlier this month, the CFA Executive Board voted to extend our contract with this hall for an additional three years which means we will be holding our show in this venue for at least six years. 

For those who want to see this show move to a more Western location in the USA, the Board voted to hold a second annual show with the second one located further West. Pam Moser has agreed to chair a committee to develop a proposal for the board’s consideration which will include a potential location, date, and other ideas. Feel free to contact Pam if you have ideas to share.
Congratulations to CFA International Show Top Winners!
from left to right: Chris Wang with first runner-up Teddy-Cat Antony of R-Mint Cat; Andrea Boren, Allen Shi, and Cyndi Bird (and CFA President Mark Hannon) with second runner-up GC Chelsea Rose Raspberry Tart; Pattama Weeranon and Chate Ruengruglikit with best in show winner GC Pinkpawpal Cassiopeia.
Teal Show

Best Longhair Kitten
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic Female
Breeder: Lynn A Cooke
Owner: Lynn - Michael Cooke

Best Shorthair Kitten
Cream Tabby and White Scottish Fold Longhair Male
Breeder: Marilee Griswold
Owner: Tina-Joan Patrone

Best Longhair Cat in Championship
Brown Patched Tabby & White Persian-Cal/Bi-Color Female
Breeder/Owner: Weeranon, Pattama

Best Shorthair Cat in Championship
Brown Spotted Tabby & White Selkirk Rex-Shorthair Male
Breeder: Laura Jo Barber
Owner: Shelly Frank

Best Longhair Cat in Premiership
Calico Persian-Cal/Bi-Color Female
Breeder: Munir Ghattas
Owner: Michael Piziali & Ritch Tindall 

Best Shorthair Cat in Premiership
Brown Tabby American SH Male
Breeder: Dawn-Michael Skupin
Owner: Pam-Brian Moser/Dawn-Michael Skupin 
Purple Show

Best Longhair Kitten
Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat Female
Breeder/Owner: Linda-Tim Murphy

Best Shorthair Kitten
Blue British Shorthair Male
Breeder: Bei Xue Wang
Owner: Yiru Wang - Bei Xue Wang

Best Longhair Cat in Championship
Copper-Eyed White Persian Solid Male
Breeder/Owner: Sherri Humphreys

Best Shorthair Cat in Championship
Blue British Shorthair Male
Breeder: Cynthia Byrd - Andrea Bohren
Owner: Cynthia Byrd-Andrea Bohren-Wenwei Shi

Best Longhair Cat in Premiership
Red Mackerel Tabby Persian Male
Breeder: Blake Mayes-Dennis Adler
Owner: Felicia Walker

Best Shorthair Cat in Premiership
Green-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair Male
Breeder: Linda Ahrens-Heather Copple
Owner: E Honey-L Ahrens-G & L Sorokin
Best HHP
Owner: Donna Zimmerman
Best Veteran
Himalayan Persian
Breeder: Christine Arnold
Owner: Katrina Ojaste
Best Agility Cat
Own: Peter & Elizabeth Deal   
Meet the Central Office Staff
Jen Brahler
Geri Fellerman

Jen joined the team at CFA in early July of this year – one of Central Office’s true newbies. She really enjoys her position working in eCat registrations. Learning about genetics (colors, etc.), has been one of the high points of her job.
Prior to joining Central Office, Jen worked at Elder Beerman department stores as a manager which helped her sharpen her people skills. She attended the University of Akron where she studied social work.
When Jen leaves for the evening, she goes home to her husband and two college aged children. She also lives with three rescue cats who provide hours of enjoyment. She enjoys hiking and reading in her spare time. Jen has yet to visit her first cat show but is looking forward to attending one. Attending the International, either this year or in the future is on her list.

CFA Judging Program
Melanie Morgan
CFA Judging Program Chair
Updates from the Board meeting:  

Changes in status: None
Nearly all of our judges who are currently moving through the Program advanced in June. They are continuing to train and judge and do us all proud every time they get behind the table. Truly an exciting group of new judges on the horizon.   
Guest Judging Policy changes:
CFA Judges may not guest judge in Mainland China unless it is for a Fun Show that utilizes CFA judges exclusively and is sponsored by a CFA member club.

Judging Program Rule Changes: None

Update to the Alternative Application Process Phase one: Focus groups to get input from exhibitors and judges scheduled for Friday October 11 at the Cleveland Marriot.  Expected effective date still on target for May 1, 2020
CFA Clerking Program
Dan Beaudry
CFA Clerking Committee Chair

The Clerking Committee congratulates CFA on yet another spectacular International Show in Cleveland. This show CAN NOT happen without the hard work and dedication of well over two dozen licensed clerks; congratulations and thank you to each and every one of you who played a critical role of ring clerking and master clerking. Special shout-out to "the voices behind the curtain" on the announcing team; loved working with such a great group of guys and gals!
For those who ask "Why should I bother to get my clerking license?", please see the above! Being a part of making one of CFA's premier events a reality is a great honor, and only licensed clerks are eligible to work at the International. So get out there and do your assists and solos, attend a school, and get your license! Questions, concerns, and inquiries are always welcome:

Tip Of The Month: Open For Business!!  Clerks are STRONGLY encouraged to open the cages of cats who have been called to the ring. This common courtesy is greatly appreciated by all exhibitors, especially those with larger or more active breeds. Having the cage door unlatched when the exhibitor arrives can eliminate unnecessary stress for both the arriving and neighboring cats, not to mention the exhibitors, and it takes very little effort on the part of the ring clerk. Please make this simple improvement part of your normal ring clerking routine. Thanks!
CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski
CFA Clubs Committee Chair

The following clubs were accepted at the October 5, 2019 CFA Board meeting:

1. China Peace & Love Club - International Division - Asia; Foshan, Guangdong, China
2. China Scenery Cat Fanciers’ Club - International Division - Asia; Guilin, Guangxi, China
3. Hong Kong Pirates Meow Club - International Division - Asia; Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong
4. Khao Manee Cat Club - Europe Region; Mas Saintes Puelles, France
5. Land Of The Sky Cat Fanciers - Southern Region; Old Fort, North Carolina, USA
6. New Era Feline Alliance - International Division - Asia; Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong
7. Regal Cat Fanciers Israel - RCFaI - International Division - AWA/CSA, Pardes-Hanna, Israel
Experimental Format Shows
Sharon Roy
CFA Experimental Show Formats Chair

An Experimental Format committee was established several years ago with the introduction of the Super Specialty shows.  Super Specialty shows no longer fall under this committee for approval.

We now are looking at and trying other formats. Most do not involve official scoring. The committee is open to most suggestions that will make a show interesting or educational for their exhibitors.

The committee has approved several “summit” judging shows. Originally a concept introduced by GEMS, the Egyptian Mau show, the summit has also been used by the Bengal and the Norwegian Forest Cat breed. Currently we have three more breeds scheduled to have a Summit, The Bengal, Aby/Somali and the Tonkinese. 

Basically in Summit judging, the AB judges at a show will judge all the entries of a breed at the same time. They will hang ribbons per CFA rules and then, depending on entries, up to a Top five among all the kittens, Championship and Premiership cats. In the case of the Egyptians and the Bengals, they are also providing a breed workshop on the Saturday evening of the show. This workshop may be attended by anyone interested, except the officiating Sunday judges.
We have a Florida club that has asked for a “litter” judging. They have chosen two judges on their slate to judge whole litters of kittens at the conclusion of Saturday judging. These kittens will be given verbal and written evaluations.

If your clubs would like to introduce either of these formats or have another idea they would like considered, please let me know.  
Tim Schreck
CFA IT Committee Chair
News from recent CFA Board meeting: The IT Committee and Central Office both requested to limit additional changes to existing programing until we have completed the moving of all programming from the old HP system to our new Cloud system. This transition may take through May of 2020 to complete, but we will be working diligently to get it done sooner if possible.
The request to allow multiple year breed council memberships will be included in the transition of Breed Council programing.
We will be quoting and designing the process to record Tiered Champion titles and have this scheduled as our first project after this transition is completed. 

Also on our agenda is investigating additional automation requests for the CFA entry clerk program as requested from the Annual.

Again we thank you for understanding and cooperation as we work through these projects.
CFA Marketing
The CFA Marketing Team
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing
Kathy Black, Marketing Committee Chairperson
The CFA International Cat Show Presented by Royal Canin Was Indeed
The Greatest Cat Show on Earth
The 2019 CFA International Cat Show brought brought over 10,000 cat lovers together for a weekend of feline fun at the I-X Center in Cleveland on October 12th-13th.

Months of preparation and time commitment from Desiree and Mike came to fruition this weekend in Cleveland. Not only in numbers but in the education level of the public. Many people mentioned to me how respectful and knowledgeable the visitors were to both the exhibitors and the cats. The very large venue was full of so many exciting opportunities there was something for everyone.

Over 80 vendors showcased their cat-centric products, in the areas of art, furniture, clothing, accessories and design, for cats and their people, with many returning vendors exceeding sales from the year prior. Many completely selling out of merchandise.
Attendees loved watching the Savitsky Cats perform and the cat costume contest
While the exhibitors presented nearly 800 beautiful cats representing all corners of the globe to the 16 judges, our spectators explored new products for both themselves and their cats, met with some famous instagram cats, learned about pedigree cats and CFA, and cheered on the famous Savitsky acrobatic cats during their many performances. There was costume cat and people costume contests and agility. Scheduled tours around the showhall helped orient our visitors with the many happenings around the showhall. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped with the show.
Final numbers are still being tallied but as of 2pm on Sunday, over 125 kittens were adopted by our Northeast Ohio rescue and shelter partners!

Our preliminary numbers on revenue from the gate blew away the numbers from last year.
The show committee and volunteers are just beginning to decompress and we will have more details to share in next month’s newsletter!

In the meantime, enjoy the selfie-booth gallery!
Treasurer's Report
The Bottom Line
Keeping You Informed
Kathy Calhoun
CFA Treasurer
•       Registrations:  Both registration dollars from litters and individuals have increased when compared to the same period a year ago. In fact, litters have increased 4.9% and individuals have increased 7.1%. The overall increase was 6.3%
•       Publications:
  • Almanac: Net income was $452 compared to $1,949 prior year.
  • Yearbook: Net income was $5,738 compared to $10,707 prior year.
•       Central Office: Expense is at parity with last year. This category includes a $2,000 donation to the Winn Foundation for an educational event.
•       CFA Programs: The overall increase was almost $43,000. This was primarily due to donations of $10,000 each to the Winn Foundation and the CFA Foundation. In addition there was an increase in CFA Club Sponsorship of $35,000.
•       Corporate Expense : This category increased approximately $32,000 due to a reallocation of the Board Meeting and Board Meeting Travel expense from the Annual schedule to Corporate Expense.
•       CFA Annual & Awards Banquet – Syracuse : The event was a significant success well attended and enjoyed - one of the best!  That being said, the event cost CFA $28,747. These financials are as of October 6, 2019 and are preliminary. There are a few outstanding bills being negotiated. The financial improvement of this annual compared to the past few years is due to two significant changes. One being the reallocation of the Board Meeting and Board Meeting Travel expense being moved from the Annual schedule to Corporate Expense. The second being generous contributions from Nourse and Royal Canin and record-breaking award sponsorships. 
The Bottom Line
Net income for May 1 through August 31, 2019 was positive $3,585. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions at any time at . I look forward to hearing from you!
Cat Talk
February issue: We all have that special very first cat. The one that we had as a child, or perhaps later when we had a home of our own. Or perhaps found us, and we didn't realize that we needed a cat until then. We'd like to share those stories in our February issue, and Laurie Coughlan will be compiling them.

Please submit your story about your first cat to Laurie by December 1.
Teresa Keiger - Editor
Our October issue is here! In this issue, we look at what to do if your cat goes missing, with Melissa Hayden recounting her quest to recover Eclipse. We wrap up our series on "Nature vs. Nurture." The CFA Legislative Committee begins a series on breeder lows state by state..

We also look at the causes of and treatment for FLUTD. And our ongoing breed series looks at the Korat.

Remember that we would love to have your suggestions for upcoming articles. Some of our best pieces have come from our readers' ideas. And often, directly from our readers! We are always seeking article submissions. Want to share and idea or an article? Contact Teresa Keiger with details.

Need to get your (or a friend's) subscription started? Subscribe here or get a digital edition via Magzter or the Kindle Newsstand.
CFA Program News
CFA Feline Foundation
Karen Lawrence
The CFA Foundation was delighted to participate in the CFA International Show on October 12-13 in Cleveland. Kudos to the CFA Team that put this show together – fabulous job, resulting in a well-run show and a tremendous gate.
Pam DelaBar and I manned the CFA Foundation booth, and were more than pleased with the number of people who visited to learn about the history of cats and the cat fancy. Our booth featured a photographic history of the Burmese breed, as well as numerous artifacts and unique cat items that both exhibitors and spectators found to be of interest.
Carmen Johnson-Lawrence - Committee Chair

WOW! What an amazing CFA International Show that just finished up in Cleveland, OH! Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it such a successful event!
CFA Youth never disappoint, and I’m am so proud of all they did this past weekend! We had seven youth present covering four regions of CFA.
Heather Wilde from the North Atlantic Region enjoyed showing her HHP and participating in the costume contests each day! Matilda Starbuck from the Northwest Region helped out with stewarding on Saturday and hospitality on Sunday. In addition she helped in showing the family Chartreux. Great Lakes Region youth included Gavin and Audrey Akers who kept busy both days as ring stewards, while Edward Goatseay manned the phones in the announcers “office”. Lastly, Aaron Smith and Abby Vaughan from the Southern Region showed their Rex breeds, Aaron with Devon’s and Abby with Cornish.

Our youth are looking forward to upcoming shows in the next month to continue their activities.

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education Program, you may contact Carmen at carmenlawrence.yfep@gmail; or reach out directly to your Regional Coordinator!
  • North Atlantic Region – Lynda Smith or Sandra Polcaro
  • Northwest Region – Sande Kay
  • Gulf Shore Region – Anne Paul
  • Great Lakes Region – Lorna Friemoth or Bethany Colilla
  • Southwest Region – Kelsey Friemoth
  • Midwest Region – Emily Conaway or Jill Sullivan
  • Southern Region – Chandler Bussey or Karen Thomas

You can also visit our website at and check out our Facebook page
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
 Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison

New Hampshire: Pet Vendor Update
Eureka, CA: Limits, Cattery Licensing, and Irresponsible Pet Owner

New Hampshire

Legislators determined to regulate more cat breeders as pet vendors without final passage of an individual bill by the Legislature succeeded when Governor Sununu signed the proposed budget bill, House Bill 4, on September 26, 2019. As with H. B. 2, the unsuccessful budget bill before it (see the July 2019 What’s Hot), lawmakers included provisions expanding the definition of Pet Vendor, deleting the definition of commercial kennel that is superseded by the Pet Vendor revision, expanding the health certificate requirements for Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets, and creating a cost of care reimbursement fund for local governments prosecuting animal cruelty cases. Previously New Hampshire hobby cat breeders were not subject to licensing; now, they are included by threshold in the newly revised Pet Vendor definition and will need to evaluate their breeding program practices accordingly. Section 297 of H.B. 4 redefines Pet Vendor as anyone who “transfers 25 or more dogs, 25 or more cats, 30 or more ferrets, or 50 or more birds customarily used as household pets, with or without a fee or donation required, and whether or not a physical facility is owned by the licensee in New Hampshire, between July 1 and June 30 of each year.” Pet Vendor also includes transferors of other live animals as described in the rules promulgated by the Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food. 

Eureka, CA

The City Council for this rural port city in northern California, of approximately 27,000 people, is considering replacing their decades-old animal ordinance with one far more complex. The proposed ordinance includes new pet limits, new cattery licenses, and a new concept in animal ordinances – the irresponsible owner designation.

Currently there is a limit of three dogs to any lot, building, structure, or premises absent a kennel license. The draft ordinance would add a limit of three cats to any premises with the fourth cat triggering the requirement to obtain a cattery license. Both catteries and kennels would be subject to inspections. The Animal Control Officer, in this case a single person, is authorized to revoke the license if the premises are not maintained in a sanitary and proper manner. To the extent that violations are in the eye of the officer, applicable standards may vary with changes in personnel. The cattery threshold could also cause problems for community cat caregivers as any cat over four months of age that are kept, harbored or maintained on the premises would be included in the count. At least cats are exempted from the at-large provision for domestic animals, which would further compound the problem. 

In addition, there are limits on pot-bellied pigs, miniature goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and small mammals, including a combined limit of six dogs, cats, pigs, and goats, as well as license requirements to own a potbelly pig or miniature goat. 

Also proposed is a new irresponsible owner provision. This is a separate offense predicated on a conglomeration of specific offenses already designed to penalize irresponsible owners. A single dog attack may trigger the application of this section, or it may take several violations of minor offenses (i.e. animal at-large) to invoke it. Violations of any offense in the animal ordinance could result in a violation of this provision. The irresponsible owner penalty is unrelated to the other offenses and adds a new, harsher penalty to ordinance. This provision appears to be a watered-down version of the irresponsible owner law enacted in San Marcos, CA , in 2018. Although the irresponsible pet owner section may initially seem like a good idea to deal with some scofflaws as a preventive tool, it penalizes infractions of varying severity equally. In the proposed Eureka ordinance the first two violations would be subject to fines. In addition to a fine, third time violators would be unable to obtain any City license or permit to own, harbor, or maintain any animal within the City for a period of five years. 

The first reading of the ordinance was held on October 1, 2019. After receiving complaints from residents, including the lack of any grandfathering, the City Council decided to hold a study session to review the complaints before proceeding to a second reading. The study session will likely be held in November

Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:

1. City of Los Angeles Feral Cat Program Delayed Years by Bureaucracy, Now in Comment Period 9/16/2019
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Winn Foundation
Julie Legred - Executive Director, Winn Feline Foundation
National Veterinary Technician Week
National Veterinary Technician Week is October 13th – 19th, 2019. Winn wants to recognize and commend all veterinary technicians during this week especially for their passion, hard work and exceptional care they give to animals. They are truly the pets’/animals’ advocate and strive to provide the best patient care, client education and support possible every day.

If you would like to recognize a veterinary technician that has provided exceptional care for your cats, Winn suggests the Veterinary Technician Honor Roll. This program is offered at all times, but during this week, if a donation is made, they will be entered into a raffle for a potential to win one of Winn’s logo stethoscopes.

Winn Feline Foundation 2020
Call for Grant Proposals

Press release has just gone out for our 2020 Call for Grant Proposals. All information can be found on our website under the grants tab. Deadline is December 9th, 2019 with the reviews being done mid-March. 
Planned Giving
by George Eigenhauser

Charitable trusts can be an important part of estate planning for some taxpayers. With charitable remainder trusts you place assets into an irrevocable trust. The beneficiary (such as you and/or your spouse) receives income during the term of the trust. The term may be up to 20 years or for the life of a beneficiary. At the end of the trust the “remainder” is given to charity. There are several advantages to a charitable remainder trust. You or another beneficiary receive a cash stream during the trust term. You may receive a current income tax deduction when you fund the trust, based on a calculation of the value of the remainder given to charity. Placing highly appreciated assets into the trust may avoid capital gains tax. It may reduce your estate taxes at the end. Variations on this theme include charitable remainder annuity trusts, charitable remainder unitrusts, and pooled income trusts. On the other hand, charitable lead trusts give the charity income up front (in the “lead”) with the remainder back to non-charitable beneficiaries. This can produce a large, up-front income tax deduction. Please consult your estate planning professional to determine if a charitable trust is right for you.
Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium: PURRsuing FIP and WINNing
an interactive presentation and panel discussion concerning topics and updates on FIP will be held November 16th and 17th, 2019 at UC Davis.  
We have an outstanding line up of experts from around the world. Registration is now open, to Winn’s website for more information and to register for this exciting Symposium.
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933 
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director

I hope everyone in our Region who attended this year’s International Show, thoroughly enjoyed it! The International Show committee deserves lots of kudos for all their hard work to make this happen every year.

I will be having a brief regional meeting at the Liberty Trail/Nova Cat Fanciers show on Sunday October 27. Meeting will start at 8:25.  Thanks Karen Bishop and Jill Archibald for allowing the meeting at their show.

Speaking of this show, it is the last show in Region 1 until mid December.  Please try to support our Region 1 shows.
Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers held their show on October 5. Carolyn Jimenez has shared some of her photos from the show.
No mistaking that this show was in autumn as Gary Powell judges a Cornish Rex.
Jeri Zottoli with Krista Schmitt
Face painting was popular
Lots of activitiy in the Agility Ring too!
Warren Burt and his Birman Pearl
Matt Baker
Region 2
Terri Zittel - Region 2 Secretary 

Seattle Cat Club put on a wonderful one day six ring show on September 28th in Longview, WA. It was noisy as we hadn’t had a show since the Regional show at the end of June. Exhibitors were catching up with each other.

On a sad note, our Jean Olson, fell and cracked her knee cap at the end of the show. She will need surgery to mend the knee. All our thoughts and best wishes go out to Jean and her family. We want her back with us really soon.

On the agenda for October is the Emerald Cat Club show on October 19 & 20, 2019 in St. Helens, OR. This annual show is really a lot of fun in a very picturesque location. The show hall is shaped as a hexagon and set in a fairground location.

Also in October on the 26th, the Golden Gate Cat Club will hold a one day, six ring show in Pleasanton, CA at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. The flyer and details can be located at on the show calendar.

November brings us the Utah Cat Fanciers two day show in Salt Lake City, UT. Again the flyer and details can be found on the regional show calendar.
December is the annual Lewis & Clark LH SP Cat Club show in Portland, OR. This is a very popular show so if you are planning to attend, you should secure your flights and hotel rooms. It is a hotel show at the DoubleTree in Portland. Again, you know where to look. 

am including a picture from the Seattle Cat Club show. This is Neil Quigley judging GP, RW, GPD Kimo’s Lucky in the Veteran Class. In case you can’t tell, Lucky is a white Cornish Rex bred by Bonnie James and owned by Kendall Mar and me. Also in the picture is the red hair of our Veteran class founder, Linda Osburn
Region 3
Leesa Altschul, Regional Secretary

Foot of the Rockies and Maine Coon Cat Club, Colorado, had a great show September 28 & 29. Donna Waskiewicz and her team did a superb job organizing and running the show. 
Who doesn’t want to visit the beautiful Rockies? The show had a great gate thanks to the Facebook advertising. The stuffed animal contest was a huge success and a big draw for the exhibitors and spectators, too. There were 19 participants! Brian Pearson judged this event. He did a superb job showing off the stuffed animals including the owner’s stories about their special stuffed animal to the huge crowd. Exhibitors and spectators all enjoyed the fun!  
They had 4 New Bees with a total of 8 cats entered. The New Bees had individual show mentors and had a great time learning how to show. We hope to see them back at more shows, soon!.
The club had a great raffle which was also another hit with exhibitors. The Cat Doctor, from Loveland, CO, was there to answer any vet related questions. Her Sphinx enjoyed staying in one of Donna’s handmade beds all day long

The rescue group, Mother Giah, was there to help adopt out some of their special rescue cats. You don’t want to miss the next Colorado show in the beautiful Rockies.
It’s time to enter the Gulf Shore Region Fundraiser show in Mesquite, TX. It’s on the weekend of October 26th & 27th at Hampton Inn & Suites. It’s a hotel show and what a convenient treat! There is going to be a spooktacular raffle table. So many individuals and regional clubs are donating incredible raffle items for this show. You will want to plan on bringing extra cash, checks, and credit cards for this raffle as there is going to be some huge items you will want to win! Don’t forget to bring your favorite pet costume(s) for the Saturday and Sunday cat costume contests. There will be great prizes handed out! Enter now! 
As we all start to look forward to the holidays, consider supporting the Region 3 2021 Annual Fund by purchasing your Turkey from our friends at Honey Baked. Just think - all you need to do is provide the green bean casserole and your turkey is already cooked and ready to carve! Click on the link below and it will take you to the fundraising page. 
Hot Off The Press!
Gulf Shore Region 2021 Annual T-Shirts. As one of the fundraisers for the 2021 Annual, we will be selling T-shirts with our Annual theme on the front. The logo will be in full color on a quality navy T-shirt. Shirts are only $20 for S, M, L, XL, 2X and 3X. The next show they will be available at is the GSR Fundraiser Show, October 26 and 27. We are not able to ship them.

To reserve your size, place your order via PayPal (send money via “Friends and Family” option) to (or you can pay at the show.) List your size and quantity in the PayPal comment section. Get yours before they are all gone! 
WE NEED YOU! if you have any fundraising ideas and/or wish to serve on a committee for ideas for the 2021 Annual, please contact Traci Whittenberg (our Annual Chair).

Upcoming Shows
  • October 26-27: TX, Mesquite. Gulf Shore Region Fundraiser. 

  • November 9: TX, Seguin. Alamo City Cat Club. 

  • December 21: TX, Mesquite. Show and Tell CC
Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

The Great Lakes Region Fundraising Committee is busy producing the 2020 CATS OF CFA CATENDAR which will be available late summer. The proceeds from the sale of the Catendar and other fundraisers helps offset expenses for things such as hospitality, entertainment, etc at the CFA Annual. 

GLR is having a raffle for 2 pieces of Waterford Crystal for our 2022 Annual. Tickets are $5 each and we will sell only 200 tickets. Winner announced after the sale of 200. 

The 2022 CFA Annual will be held in Louisville, KY and the Great Lakes Region is looking forward to many of you joining us for this event!!
Upcoming Shows



Show Report

The International Cat show was held in Cleveland, Ohio again this past year. It was a gathering place for friends from all over the world who share this great hobby. With the help of everyone involved the show had a tremendous entry, huge gate, wonderful vendors, several rescue groups who were able to find homes for many cats and the famous Savitsky Cats put on several shows throughout the weekend. The Great Lakes Region would like to thank everyone who volunteered to help promote this special event for CFA and make it a spectacular weekend.
Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director
Well, this last month has gone by so fast, so much has happened with the October Board meeting and then the International Show. The month is half over already!
One thing that was discussed at the board meeting was having another International show. The trouble with a second one was that we would have to block out another weekend, and many clubs could be affected. Then, the weekend before and after could also had objections, with good reason. 
My idea was to have it the same weekend on the west coast. We would still have two shows, just one in the Eastern US (such as Cleveland), and the other one on the West coast (such as Pasadena). We already have two shows, we would just put them on different ends of the country. 
We could do as well, or better, in spectators, and get even more in entries. More local people could show, and getting to the west coast is easier for those of us on the middle to western side of the United States.
Catcon in Pasadena this last year got over 16,400 spectators and they adopt over 159 cats. They have established a following we in CFA could tap into.
Now, this would take some help with clubs in the area, but with the help of Central Office, and the many successful clubs we have, this could be doable This is just an idea but one worth thinking about. 
On a sad note we lost two exhibitors this last month.  
Michele Clark of Anoka Burmese was recently lost. Patty Jacobberger wrote a nice piece posted on her Facebook page
Dale Gilbert, passed also, a long time member of San Diego cat Fanciers. He bred Tonks and Orientals. They both will be missed. 
Remember, we have the Superstition Cat show this weekend and entries are still opened until Tuesday night. Information here
We have the Abyssinian Breeders International show on November 2, 2019 check it out here

Until next time, keep showing!
Region 6
Mary Auth - Regional Director
While we have not had many shows in the region since the last newsletter, we certainly had some action – primarily the Minnesota State Fair. More than 20,000 people visited the CFA/Twin Cities Cat Fanciers/Saintly City Cat Club booth/tent. The tent was manned every day with cats and owners who traveled from as far away as Wisconsin to show off their cats to the public. CFA participated with financial support and especially with literature to share. When it came time for the Twin Cities show in late September, nearly half of the spectators mentioned that they heard about the cat show at the State Fair.

The Twin Cities show held in Crystal boasted a gate three times than what they had in the past. The raffle – as usual – was awesome. And the theme engaging: “It’s Party Time” with the judges’ rings decorated as various parties: birthday party, tailgate party, tea party and one other. Let’s see if anybody can tell me what the fourth party was. This was the first time the club had gone to a two-day, back-to-back show. Another first, and one that shows ingenuity in the face of cage challenges, was that the show was a “cageless” show with exhibitors required to bring their own benching cages. A few were available, but since the upper Midwest is limited on who they have for cage service, this was a creative solution.

Photos from Twin City Cat Fanciers Show in Crystal Minnesota on September 28-29
The stuffed animal contest is always popular with the spectators and exhibitors. Mary Auth judged the competition of 17 entries.

Regional Director, Mary Auth, came in early to help set up the show hall. She is breaking down boxes for the many food and treat samples that were donated.

Mo Sieving took a lot of time showing off kittens to spectators, giving them time to pet the kitten.

John Adelhoch really enjoyed the “tea party” in his ring and played along by donning a hat for a final.

Upcoming shows to be included next month are The Lucky Tomcat/Tiger’s Lair Cat Fanciers show in Springfield, Illinois on October 19-20; the Indy Cat Club in Danville, Indiana on October 26-27; Mo-Kan Cat Club in Lenexa, Kansas on November 2. 

Region 7
The region had several great shows last month (New Vision and Freestate Feline Fanciers), but we were also very focused on the CFA International Show. It was great to see so many Southern Region faces in the show hall, and they were everywhere - behind the judging rings, behind the scenes, and of course showing their cats to perfection. 
Karen Lane and Donna Trussler welcomed every single spectator who walked through the door, handing them the Ambassador Cats calendar and coloring book. Jacqui Bennett and Teresa Keiger were presenting our CFA breeds in the Education Ring. Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell was all over the show hall with Rich Nolte and a videographer shooting footage for later use. Hidden back behind the curtains were Cheryl Coleman as one of the Master Clerks, and Rob Miller as one of the announcers. Dave Peet managed the show service.

Congratulations to Michael Piziali & Ritch Tindall for having Highest Scoring Longhair Cat in Premiership in the Teal Show, and to Pete and Beth Deal for having Best Agility Cat!

above: Karen Lane
Cyndi Lewis and Leslie Carr
Jacqui Bennett in the Education Ring
Laura Barber (below
Other Southern Region finalists were Michele Lukic (3rd Best Shorthair in Premiership - Purple Show), Cyndi Lewis (Second Best Longhair Cat in Premiership - Teal Show), Laura Barber (breeder of Best Shorthair Cat in Championship - Teal Show), and Marilee Griswold (breeder of Best Shorthair Kitten - Teal Show. 
Upcoming Shows

  • November 2-3 - Cotton States Cat Club - Duluth, GA
  • November 9-10 - Capital Cat Fanciers - Gaithersburg, MD
  • November 17 - New Vision Cat Club - Orlando, FL
Region 9
Michael Schleissner, Regional Director
Second in-conjunction show in Belgium

Cat-H-Art  held their second in conjunction show with the WCF club organization Féline Belge last month. It was a very special moment for all the exhibitors from both organizations. WCF exhibitors were very excited to discover the CFA way of judging and handling cats. Amazing judges from Thailand, South Africa, Poland, Russia and United States showed the different of judging.
With more than 40 NewBees ( new exhibitors ) and a growing number of returning exhibitors from other association, this show starts being famous among the local cat fancy. Belgium is a very active scene with more than 10 independent cat registries and shows nearly every week sponsored by different associations.
It was a tough competition with amazing cats flying from Russia, Spain, Poland and many other countries in all classes, with more than 150 entries at this time of the year, and 4 Super Specialties rings for Kittens and Championship classes, this show is keeping its promises of success for all the winners!

Narbonne, the famous ancient Roman city welcomed its first CFA show on September 21, 2019 held by the  Jardin des Korats .This show again attracted NewBees but also mostly a lot of new local exhibitors coming back one or two shows and still discovering our show system.The combination of the warm and educating assistance from the show committee and a growing interest from local breeders for our association makes the success of this sustainable show production supported by the CFA itself with various programs.
The miscellaneous breeds were nicely presented with several Lykois and Khao Manees entered for the audience and the judges to examine. France is an exciting country with more and more dedication to the pure breed cats with the National LOOF Association registering 40 000 individual cats last year.
Iris Zinck judging a Lykoi
Kit Fung judging a Khao Manee
Michael Schleissner judging (left) and a very full show hall in Narbonne (above)
Breeding cats can be professional in France and is fully recognized by the government with high requirements for sanitary, vet and well being of cats regulations. A recent agreement between CFA and LOOF will start by several shows helping the local exhibitors to try our system. Many shows are already in the pipeline in several French regions. And the first in conjunction show will be held in December near Toulon.
Interest for creating new clubs should soon bring new entities in our Region 9 from all the French speaking countries as part of the new global growth of Europe this season.

On October 5th 2019,  Cat-H-Art  held a new Clerking School in France with a few attendees from Spain and France of course. With the assistance of Shirley Michaud-Dent at Central Office and Dan Beaudry and Teresa Keiger, the club has been able to set a bilingual version of CFA material and this happy group spent 6 hours investigating the duty of a Clerk in a CFA shows.
Let's wish this school will be followed by some others in the future as many French breeders and exhibitors are showing a growing interest for the CFA shows happening more often in France actually
Europe show season is one of the most promising this year and remembers some of us the time when we have been accepted as a Region. We had already some positive signs of growth with higher counts in the last shows and a nearly full planning of shows until the end of the season.

The autumn season will start in Moscow with the traditional Chatte Noir event of 6 rings last weekend of October. First weekend of November is the traditional date for Cleopella Cat Club of Estonia in Tallin, Estonia. Their beautiful venue and the constant efforts from this strong team makes this show special for all exhibitors.

The following weekend will the traditional date of Rolandus Cat Club in Ukraine. It’s always the decisive time for all campaigners and it should not be missed.

This year, two more local shows will happen on this articular weekend. Cat Fanciers of Finland and  Jardin Des Korat clubs hold two 3 ring shows. This will attract mostly local exhibitors and can go on promoting CFA cats in Finland and France.

The weekend of November 16-17 CFA exhibitors will be welcomed in Bologna, Italy by the 44 Gatti Cat Club and their second show along with a huge Pet Fair.

Not to forget one of the hugest shows planned on the last whole weekend of November by Club Felino Espanol in Madrid, Spain with 10 rings to celebrate the maybe most active CFA country actually in Europe.

The very last weekend in November, on the 30th, CFA is coming back to Germany with an enthusiastic group of fans in Munich, Germany for this one day show licensed by UK Cat Fanciers.
If you want to visit Europe, you can enjoy a whole trip around just following CFA shows each weekend!

More shows are coming in December in Russia, France and Belgium! Here is the full list:

  • October 27th Moscow, Russia by Chatte Noir Club
  • November 2nd-3rd, Tallinn, Estonia by Cleopella Cat Club
  • November 9-10, Kiev, Ukraine, by Rolandus Cat Club
  • November 9-10, Albi, France by Jardin des Korats
  • November 10, Kerava, Finland by Cat Fanciers of Finland
  • November 16-17, Bologna, Italy by 44 Gatti Cat Club
  • November 23-24, Madrid, Spain by Club Felino Espanol
International Divison
Dick Kallemyer
The International Division was very successful at the CFA International Show! The Best of the Best was a Thailand cat, PINKPAWPAL CASSIOPEIA, brown patched tabby & white Bi-color Persian, owned and breed by Pattama Weeranon. The 2nd best cat was a kitten from China, TEDDY-CAT ANTONY OF R-MINT CAT, blue British Shorthair, bred by Bei Xue Wang, owned by Yiru Wang and Bei Xue Wang. China ID rep, Allan Shi, is a co-owner of the 3rd best cat, CHELSEA ROSE RASPBERRY TART.

Next year’s banquet will be held in Macau in the last half of August, date still to be determined.
CFA judge Chloe Chung and the Khao Manee breed winners at the Siam Blue-Eyed Cat Fanciers show in Bangkok on September 17, 2019.
Highest scoring kitten and highest scoring Indonesia kitten winner with show committee, CFA judges Amanda Cheng and Rod U’ren and guest judge Cheryl U’ren.
Judges and attendees, Cat Advocates & Troupers Society, Seremban, Malaysia on September 9, 2019

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