March 2024 Newsletter

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the Coeur d’Alene Airport and General Aviation

Aircraft of the Month

Piper Warrior II N22061

My Journey in the Skies: Pursuing Aviation with Passion and Perseverance

by Kody Youso

In the vast expanse of the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho skies, where dreams take flight and aspirations soar, my journey continues as a deeply personal quest fueled by passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to the world of aviation.


It all began with a single dream: to defy gravity and soar among the clouds as a pilot. From the halls of high school, where I yearned to become a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, to the moment a recruiter shattered my aspirations, citing my height as a barrier, my journey has been marked by setbacks and challenges.


But my dreams refused to be grounded. For years, I navigated through jobs that failed to ignite my passion, longing for a career that would allow me to pursue my dream of aviation. And then, in 2018, I took the first bold step towards my aspirations, pursuing my private pilot license and my career in aviation and never looked back. In 2022, my parents made a pivotal investment in my dream by purchasing a Piper Warrior II airplane, enabling me to build flight hours and further my journey in aviation.


With the guidance of my friend Mark Vehlewald, an A&P/IA, we embarked on the ambitious task of rebuilding the engine on my Warrior. Together, we poured our expertise and determination into the project, ensuring that the aircraft not only flew but soared with newfound vitality and strength.


With my wife, Katelyn, by my side, we relocated to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where opportunities in aviation beckoned. It was a decision fueled by passion and a relentless desire to turn my childhood dream into a reality.


As the years passed, my journey in aviation took on a multifaceted dimension. From achieving my commercial certificate and instrument rating to mastering high-performance aircraft and tailwheel endorsements, I relentlessly continue to pursue excellence in the skies.


As I work towards fulfilling my aviation dream, I pursued my Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification, which I will earn in October 2024. With this new qualification, coupled with my flight experience, I am poised to deepen my understanding of aircraft mechanics and operations, further enhancing my capabilities as a pilot and aircraft owner.


But my journey doesn’t stop there. As a new father, I am eager to share my passion for aviation with my son and other future aviators. I envision passing on my love for flying by mentoring and inspiring the next generation of pilots.


Currently, with 500 hours of flight time under my belt, my experience and expertise are evident with every takeoff and landing. Each hour spent in the cockpit has been a lesson in discipline, decision-making, and adaptability—lessons that have shaped me into the skilled aviator I am today.


And as I look towards the future, my dreams soar even higher. I dream of flying larger aircraft, engaging in agricultural operations, or even joining the ranks of the Bureau of Land Management to combat wildfires from the skies.


In the end, my journey in aviation is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering support of loved ones. It's a journey marked by setbacks and challenges, but also by moments of triumph and exhilaration. And as I continue to pursue the skies, one flight at a time, my odyssey serves as an inspiration to all who dare to chase their dreams and reach for the stars.

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FAA Urges Pilots to Rely on Traditional Navigation Amid Rising GPS Spoofing Threats

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is cautioning pilots about the increasing threat of GPS spoofing, advising them to familiarize themselves with traditional navigational tools. GPS spoofing, a sophisticated form of interference, involves broadcasting false navigation signals to disrupt aircraft’s navigation systems, leading to potential off-course flights and endangering safety.

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  • Register your 406 beacon and review yearly
  • Have current emergency contacts
  • Monitor 121.5 for distress and false alarms

Fundraiser for COE Pilot and Family

Calling all pilots, lovers of aviation and children, and all of you good folks out there:

Longtime local pilot, ground instructor, and CD’A Association Member Gretchen Roth suffered an unimaginable loss recently when her daughter, Cassie, suddenly passed away.

Gretchen is now faced with the overwhelming mission of becoming the sole caregiver to her two grandsons, demanding finding suitable housing and providing financial and emotional support to these fine young boys (the older one is already flying).

Let’s do all we can to support our friend and her family by contributing to the GoFundMe campaign:

Fundraiser Link


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Upcoming Meetings

Coeur d'Alene Airport Association

Tuesday, March 12

5pm @ Hagadone Jetcenter

Airport Advisory Board Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, March 13

5pm @ Airport Office

10375 Sensor Ave., Hayden

CDAAA Meeting Agenda 3/12/2024

Call to order

Visitors .

Pledge of allegiance

Approval of minutes Motion

Treasures report: Elsbeth

Guest speaker: Dale Gibboney Candidate for KC commissioner

Presidents Report

  • Scholarships and how to administer them?
  • Our growing airport.
  • Hat for sale!


  • By FAA Robert Ticknor to Dan Gase for 50 years of safe flying.
  • Mike Kincaid: Will talk about right tear drops into a left downwind; talk about safe traffic patterns at CDA airport; USFS and Corporate effects on GA movements of traffic.

Old business

New business



CdAAA Meeting Minutes Feb. 13, 2024

Call to Order: By Harry Craviotto at 5:00PM at Hagadone Hangar, KCOE


Present/Guests: See attached in Secretary’s Records

Minutes from December 2023 Meeting, as there was no January Meeting held. Motion to approve by Steve A., seconded by Jim W. Minutes Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance Ckg acct: $2,434.46 Balance Savings Acct: $5 036.14, as of 1/31/2024. All SoS/IRS filings done for 2023

Board Report/Old Business:

CdA Advisory Board:

Report by guest, Commissioner Leslie Duncan: new County Budget coming up in April/May. Question on “impact fees”: County would need 100% of the cities to agree---not there, yet. County budget wants to include monies for the Justice Dept. expansion to facilitate County court system: prosecutors, public defenders, etc. Also, KC needs its own Coroner’s Lab. Question regarding impact of illegal immigration on our locale: Leslie is not aware of this being a problem as yet. Might be in the more rural, farming areas, but haven’t been made aware of it, officially. She discussed the idea of having the Airport Advisory Board vet Airport Clients (that’s us). Also, she explained the difference between Airport Operations vs Airport Authority pros/cons.

Airport Tower: Discussion is in process to include means/methods for a tower in the Budget.

Other/Old Business:

Airport Manager Report:

  • Gaston indicates the Temporary Tower will be in place by May1 and will involve a more static foundation with Conex boxes/Modular Tower Cab, in conjunction with our Forrest Service partners. We have enough traffic (more than 4x what is required) to authorize a tower for KCOE. There is monies to put towards building the first phase with FAA assistance in the future. Also the possible use of 10K# landing fees to cover the tower operating costs. VOR will be removed March of this year. Will have an FAA Cert Check March 18 (approx.).
  • Working on air space study for the Grass Strip (actual turf runway parallel to 2-20.
  • Enhanced AWOS: Feds still arguing amongst themselves; need a Fed employee to operate (could use Border Patrol?). With Tower could have an ATIS and AWOS, but could be confusing.
  • Snow Removal: any problems this year? None that have been filed.
  • CdA Aviation/Maintenance will again host the upcoming Air Event for KCOE, static displays etc.
  • How can CdAAA help?

New Business:

  • Elsbeth would like to consider doing away with PO Box. More discussion by Board and bring back to members. Steve A addressed upcoming election of New Board members and that perhaps we could elect 7-9 members who would rotate the Chairmanship. Harry suggested current Board meet to finalize that idea and will present at the March meeting. Any CdAAA Association member may run for Board.
  • Should we keep our 501.c3 status or not? Again, Board meet and discuss pros/cons; bring back to membership. 

Good of Order:

Next Meeting: March 12, 2024, 5:00PM, Hagadone Hangar, KCOE

Adjournment: 6:35PM

Respectfully submitted,

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary CdAAA

Highlights of the January Airport Advisory Board Meeting

TWY B (Existing N) Pavement Maintenance Project (FY23): RPI will complete the final application of pavement markings in the spring of 2024.

COE South Pavements – Pavement Maintenance Project (FY24): Ardurra is preparing a scope of work draft for the FAA’s approval. It will include seal coating, crack sealing, and new striping. The FAA has agreed to fund the project for FY 2024 or FY 2025. We hope to be able to sealcoat in the fall of 2024 or spring of 2025.

Gaston went on to clarify that this project will be everything south of Runway 6/24; all of the Deltas, Runway 2/20, and both ramps. This will not include TWY Alpha as it is on a separate capital improvement project for total replacement.

  1. Asked about pavement costs Corrie stated that currently it is $1.6M for all the pavements. However, Ardurra plans to break the project into schedules based on priorities, areas needing it most down to those that can be put off longer. The purpose is to allow for the worst pavements to be taken care of first should budget costs come in high, and if they come in low, we may be able to do everything at once.
  2. Gaston added that it may be possible for the airport to partner with the FAA and take on the crack seal portion like we did last year on TWY N. It is less expensive to use our personnel and machines to do it and will reduce the project costs.
  3. Vice-Chair Anderson asks about the last wind study for Runway 02/20. If a wind study done during a Master Plan update finds that Runway 06/24 can accommodate then the FAA could choose not to fund Runway 02/20. Gaston felt the Airport has a pretty strong case because seasonal changes such that in the winter the winds favor use of Runway 02/20 over Runway 06/24. Mike Henkoski asked about the relationship between the wind study and the fire traffic on both runways. Gaston said with runways it comes down to the runway category that is based on length, width, etc.

Update of AAB subcommittee for the Airport Rules & Standards (Action): Mike stated that he had requested that Gaston take his notes and any other ones available and officially red-line the document with any changes made so far. Their goal is to complete the section having to do with the leasing rate adjustment process before April when it will be time for those to be reviewed again. It is too early to take Action on this item. Mike said he thought the intent has always been to review the document for recommended changes, and then present the red- lined document in its entirely to the AAB, then to legal and so on in the processes.

Larry would like to discuss ways to better utilize the land. Currently there is a lot of wasted space between hangars. Ross would like to weigh in on this as well, citing some of the requirements from the building department he has faced as a contractor which have unnecessarily/unfairly driven up building costs and the extraordinary measures he’s had to use in order to advocate for future tenants who will need to afford the rent in order to support the development.

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