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June Aircraft of the Month

The Berkut

Pilot and builder: Dick Rutan

Pappy’s Dozen

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to ask Dick Rutan the questions of Pappy’s Dozen (see below), but his obituary (also below) tells the story much better than only twelve answers could. Dick left us on May 3rd surrounded by family and friends at Kootenai Hospital, leaving a severe void at KCOE.

War hero, test pilot, outspoken supporter of general aviation, mentor to many, and an all-around great guy, Dick not only volunteered at the Bird Aviation Museum and served on the Coeur d’ Alene Airport Advisory Board, but he also donated his beloved Berkut to the museum. Painted in a patriotic livery, the Berkut is fittingly June’s Plane of the Month and proudly hangs from the museum’s ceiling. Derived from the Rutan Long EZ and fitted with a Lycoming 540, the Berkut could climb at 2000 feet-per-minute, boasted a top speed nearing 300 knots, a ceiling of 29,500-feet, and featured fully retractable landing gear. Plane and Pilot Magazine called the Berkut “the epitome of the (Rutan-type) design evolution.”

Dick Rutan

July 2, 1938 – May 3, 2024

Remembering an Extraordinary Pilot

and Person

From the Coeur d’ Alene Press, May 19, 2024: 

Legendary pilot Dick Rutan, whose round-the-world flight made history in 1986, slipped the surly bonds of Earth on May 3, 2024, in Coeur dAlene, Idaho. His beloved wife, Kris, was at his side as he passed.

Raised in Dinuba, Calif., Dick fostered dreams of joining the Air Force and flying fighter jets from an early age. He earned his pilot wings and drivers license on the same day — his 16th birthday. 

Three years later, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Rutan flew 325 combat missions in Vietnam, 105 of those as a member of the Misty” squadron, a high risk, classified Air Force unit.

Dick retired from the Air Force in 1978, having served two decades, earning 16 Air Medals, five Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

After retirement, he worked as a test pilot for the Mojave aerospace company founded by his brother, Burt. There, Dick flew research and development flights of both military and civilian experimental aircraft.

He set world speed and distance records in the airplane he built with his own hands — the Long-EZ.

Dick founded Voyager Aircraft, Inc. in 1981 to meet a challenge presented by his brother — be the first to fly around the world nonstop, non-refueled. The grassroots effort drew hundreds of volunteers worldwide to support the endeavor.

On Dec. 14, 1986, the Voyager took off on its historic flight. Nine days later, Dick set the storm-battered Voyager down at Edwards Air Force Base to achieve Aviations Last, First Milestone.”

Dick Rutan, co-pilot Jeana Yeager, Burt Rutan and their team of volunteers were awarded the Collier Trophy — the highest honor in American aviation, and the Presidential Citizens Medal presented by President Ronald Reagan. The Voyager now hangs in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Dick continued to live by his motto, Adventure is the essence of life.” He tested rocket-powered aircraft, attempted to become the first person to fly nonstop around the world in a balloon, ran for Congress, and built an igloo at the North Pole after his airplane broke through the polar ice.

Dick was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2002 and became an Eagle at the Gathering of Eagles in 2003. He published The Next Five Minutes,” a memoir, in 2019.

Dicks greatest pride was his family, whom he loved, his fellowship with other Veterans, the youngsters he inspired, and the legions of people who supported his endeavors as he lived his exceptional life of adventure.

Lt. Col. Richard Dick” Glenn Rutan will be buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

Survivors include his wife of 25 years, Kris Rutan; two daughters, Holly Hogan and Jill Rutan-Hoffman; two stepdaughters, Shannon Ford and Kelly Roth; sister Nell; brother Burt; eight grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.

Celebration of life and tribute events:

  • June 15: A celebration of life will be held for family and friends at CenterPlace Regional Event Center in Spokane Valley.

  • June 15: Mojave Air & Spaceport, Rutan Airfield, Mojave, California

  • June 29: StanCraft Jet Center, 3300 Aviation Way, Hayden, ID

  • EAA Air Venture 2024, Oshkosh, Wis., to be announced.

In lieu of flowers, please consider purchasing a library edition 

of “The Next Five Minutes.” dickrutan.com.

Aircraft/Pilot of the Month

To make a submission, just answer 12 questions. If you don't own an aircraft, just answer the first eight. Send us your answers, a photo of you, or one of you and the aircraft you fly/own. Show off your plane and help people get to know you!

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“Pappy’s Dozen”

  1. How did you get into flying?
  2. What are your ratings?
  3. What type of flying do you enjoy?
  4. What’s a favorite flying story?
  5. What are your flying plans for the future?
  6. If you could have any plane ever produced, and the budget to operate it, what’s your choice?
  7. Have you ever had a scary experience as a pilot?
  8. Favorite flying destination out of KCOE?
  9. What’s the history of your airplane?
  10. What improvements have you done to your airplane?
  11. What are the best things about your plane?
  12. What are the limitations of your plane?

Coeur d'Alene Aviation and Maintenance

Air Event & Fly-in 2024

June 29 • 10am-4pm

Coeur d'Alene Airport

New Irrigation System at Cavanaugh Bay

Cavanaugh Bay homeowner, Idaho Aviation Association member, and RAF supporter Steve Pryor reports that thanks to well organized teamwork, an irrigation installation was completed at Cavanaugh Bay, 66S the weekend of May 4-5. Improvements at the park-like airport have been provided by Idaho Aeronautics, Idaho Aviation Association and the RAF. A substantial amount of volunteer work has been, and continues to be provided by the homeowners, in Pryor’s words, “to help this airstrip to be the best it can be,” and the results are impressive. READ MORE

Upcoming Meetings

Coeur d'Alene Airport Association

Tuesday, June 11

5pm @ CDA Aviation and Maintenance

11101 N Airport Dr, Hayden

Airport Advisory Board

Wednesday, June 12

5pm @ Kootenai County Airport Offices

10375 Sensor Avenue

Hayden, ID

The Most Fatal Cause of 

Aviation Accidents

You might think that the most dangerous or fatal cause behind aviation accidents would be weather or mechanical-related events. However, this is not the case.

Today, we will discuss the concept of spatial disorientation, the most fatal cause of aviation accidents.


US lawmakers strike deal to boost aviation safety, will not raise pilot retirement age

WASHINGTON, April 29 (Reuters) - U.S. House and Senate negotiators said early Monday they had reached a deal to boost air traffic controller staffing and boost funding to avert runway close-call incidents, but will not increase the airline pilot retirement age to 67 from 65.

The U.S. House of Representatives in July voted 351-69 on a sweeping bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that would also raise the mandatory pilot retirement age to 67 but the Senate Commerce Committee had voted in February to reject the retirement age increase. International rules would have prevented airline pilots older than 65 from flying in most countries outside the United States.


Density Altitude: What It Is, And How It Affects Your Performance

Density altitude is a measure of how 'thick' the air is, and it's based on three factors: atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

The technical definition of density altitude is "pressure altitude, adjusted for non-standard temperature." What that really means is on hot days, the air is much 'thinner', or less dense, than it is on cold days.

Why does that matter? It's a big factor in your airplane's performance, because when the air surrounding your plane is less dense, it means your wings, propeller, and engine will have a lot less performance, and it will take you more time to get airborne during takeoff.


CdAAA Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2024

Call to Order: By Harry Craviotto at 5:00 PM at Hagadone Hangar, KCOE

Present/Guests: See attached in Secretary’s Records

Minutes from February Meeting: Motion to approve by Jim W., seconded by Steve A. Minutes Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance Ckg acct: $2,634.46 Balance Savings Acct: $5,201.99, as of 4/30/2024.

Board Report/Old Business:

CdA Advisory Board: Everyone agrees meeting went very well.

Other/Old Business:

Airport Manager Report: Gaston could not attend this evening, but Mike K. reported that the Tower is working

well, but there are still a number of close calls. Remember to check the NOTAMS for Airport advisories/change in frequencies.

Kirk Lauer of CdA Aviation/Maintenance addressed the planning for the upcoming Air Event at KCOE, static

displays etc. There will be a $5.00 admission fee/ person. How can CdAAA help? Let CdAAA know if you are

willing to help out at the Air Event. Aircraft for static displays must be in place and secured by 9:30 AM on 6/29.

Nominations for Board Members: Jim Walsh, John Powell, Steve Anderson, Keaton Brown, Frank O’Connell, Elsbeth Roach, Harry Craviotto. Nominations closed without change. Steve A moved to approve as a “white ballot”; Elsbeth R seconded. Nominees for 2024 CdAAA Board members is approved.

New Business:

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark Manteufell, Senior Aeromedical Examiner, addressed our options when approaching the Flight Medicals for Pilots., involving some changes to be aware of and, of course, the Basic Med. Lots of good info and if you have questions/concerns, Dr Manteufell is available; please call his office right here at KCOE.
  • Guest Speaker: Helicopter pilot, Thomas McPherson gave a very interesting talk on his experience as a commercial pilot with 23,000 hours and winner of the FAA Wright Brothers award (50 years of safe flying)! He encouraged us all to “be a mentor” for safe flying…eyes outside (rather than relying so much on electronics), thorough pre-flights, and know your limitations! All good advice for us.
  • Scholarships: Elsbeth has completed an application form for the Board to address. We’d like to keep it simple, but also in compliance with non-profit regs. Every little bit helps!
  • Challenge Air for Kids fly day will be June 15 at KSFF Felts Field, Spokane. If you can volunteer to fly a kid (even for a few hours), or if you can see your way to giving a donation for this wonderful program, please contact Elsbeth Roach or go to Challenge Air for Kids and Friends at givekidswings@challengeair.org. Thank you!
  • CdAAA caps for sale, $20: help the Association raise some funds so we can sponsor more fun events/scholarships.
  • Would still like to arrange some fun fly-outs. Better weather is coming, and time to get in the air!

Good of Order: Many Thanks to Jim W and Hagadone folks for their hospitality.

Also, thanks to Dr. Manteuffel and Thomas McPherson, for their very interesting and pertinent talks.

Dick Rutan Celebration of Life at Bird Museum, June 8, 2024. More information TBA.

Next Meeting: When: June 11, 2024, 5:00PM, at CdA Aviation/Maintenance Center, KCOE

Adjournment: With no further business or discussion: 6:20 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Elsbeth Roach

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary


CDAA Meeting agenda for

June 11, 2024


Remembering all who gave their lives to keep our country free

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