July 2023 Newsletter

The Coeur d’Alene Airport Association is an Idaho nonprofit organization

dedicated to promoting the Coeur d’Alene Airport and General Aviation

Featured KCOE Aircraft of the Month

by Dene P. Jones

After having been retired from the FAA for several years, I decided I needed a project of some sort that would give me something to do and keep me busy for a while.


I figured a kit airplane would keep me interested and would take up a year or two to complete. Little did I know! 


I purchased the aircraft kit from Zenith Aircraft in Missouri and received it in approximately July of 2006. I had decided to build the airplane at my home in the basement. 

I spent a bit of time with the old measuring tape making sure that I would be able to get the individual assemblies out of there before I started building. That worked out well and I wound up with 2.25 inches to spare in order to get the fuselage out of the basement after removing a couple of doors. It was either that or I would wind up with a really neat French door from my basement to the outside. Wife would probably not have approved! Must give her credit here: she never once complained about all of the drilling, pounding, riveting, and cussing noise from the basement. Patience personified! 

This was before Zenith started making all of their parts pre-drilled for ease of workload, precision fitting, and assembly of parts. Every hole in the airplane had to be located, marked, drilled, and de-burred by hand before assembly. Obviously, there were many, many, many of them and it was a very time consuming process. In fact, my first perception of the plans and instructions from Zenith was, "empty the parts from the box and trim or throw away anything that doesn't look like an airplane".  I eventually got over that feeling when I realized that the plans and instructions were apparently written by people from another country.  


The actual construction of the airplane was slowed considerably by the need for me to decide on things I wanted in the airplane, such as engine, propeller, instrumentation, electronics, lighting, etc. I settled on the Jabiru 3300 for the engine. It looked like it would supply what I needed except for the electrical output necessary to satisfy the electrical demand for the electronics I wished to install. Jabiru of Australia was able to provide an aftermarket alternator installation that would solve that problem with a 40 amp output kit. I installed that and it works just fine for what I need. 


As to the time required to complete this project: about 13 years!! I learned something about the old addage, "life gets in the way". What with loss of a family member without a will, chasing his financial situations all over the country and through the courts, hip replacement surgery, moving houses and selling one, pure laziness, etc, etc, a one year project expanded to 13. Aircraft is now complete and undergoing the flight testing process. (When I get around to it) Has about 15 hours on it out of the 40 required and is doing fine.

Dene Jones

If you'd like your aircraft featured in an upcoming issue, please send an email with a couple photos and a brief history about it.

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"In the Pattern"

by Steve Anderson

Our organization has a membership that encompasses a wide range of backgrounds. It is my desire to solicit input from as many members as possible. If you are willing to share your aviation related thoughts and experiences in this column, for the betterment and interest of our community here at KCOE, please contact Cynthia Marlette at: cynthia.marlette@gmail.com.

With three active flight schools, four runway options, a Forest Service tanker base, active transient jet activity and nearly 300 resident aircraft (including 30 jets and multi-engine aircraft) KCOE is a busy place. A busy airport without a control tower translates to many opportunities for deadly airspace conflict. The county is currently studying the need for a control tower at KCOE. In the interim, it is up to all who use this airspace to be extra diligent… and patient… to avoid serious consequences.

As a reminder; the CTAF at KCOE is shared by several of our neighbors. St. Maries, Kellogg and Pullman are also on 122.800. Watch and listen for traffic and make radio calls as necessary for separation, but avoid lengthy or unnecessary calls, especially when well outside of the airport traffic area and when on taxiways with no potential for conflicting ground traffic. Keep your scan going outside of the plane for other traffic. ADSB is a useful tool, but not all aircraft flying in or near Coeur d’Alene are required to have ADSB out and are therefore invisible on your screen.

Especially when on recreational flights, yielding to students and business traffic will make your flight more enjoyable and will generally only extend your time in the air by a matter of minutes. Be courteous, be safe and I hope to see you at KCOE.

F-35's Grace the Skies over Coeur d'Alene

An estimated 1000-3000 spectators witnessed the visit by these four spectacular aircraft.

Photo by Mike Kincaid

Photo by Mike Kincaid

Photo by Jesse Woffinden

Photo by Mike Kincaid


Video by Bobby Marlette

A Float Plane Adventure in 360

seaplane video

Video by Mike Kincaid

Mike demonstrates the capabilities of his Insta360 camera mounted on the wing of his Super Cub. The video is accompanied with a piano performance of "Waterfall" by passenger Cynthia Marlette.

Upcoming Events

July CdAAA Meeting


Stancraft Jet Center, 3300 Aviation Way, Hayden, ID


07/11/23 5:00pm - 07/11/23 6:00pm US/Eastern
The regular monthly meeting of the Coeur d'Alene Airport Association. Come and learn about happenings at the airport and meet new people!
I'll Be There!
I Can't Make It

Meeting Agenda

  • Guest speaker: Lt. Ellis from Kc Aviation
  • Make a final decision on logos and design
  • More discussion on scholarships
  • New membership drive? Each member present ask one friend to join

July 1: Radials N' Rivers

Fly-in 2023

See poster below

July 11: CdAAA meeting

5pm @ Stancraft Jet Center

Don’t forget to visit the Hardwood Café

for refreshments.

July 12: Airport Advisory Board

5pm @ Airport Office

10375 Sensor Ave., Hayden

 CdA Airport Association

Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2023

Call to Order: By President Harry Craviotto at 5: 06 PM at Stancraft Jet Center, Aviation Way, KCOE 

Present/Guests: See List in Secretary Files 

Minutes from Previous Meeting: Motion to approve by Steve A, seconded by Frank O. 

Treasurer’s Report: Balance Ckg acct: $1574.56. Balance Savings Acct: $4000.82. 

Board Report/Old Business: 

Harry’s Guest Speaker from last meeting visited to announce that he did move on to National level competition and took First Place in his division. If interested in offering support please contact him at rockpilerookies@gmail.com 

Joe R. (Stancraft Jet Center) gave a brief report about the operations at Stancraft Jet Services; the fuel, user fees, US Customs services and all the responsibilities of keeping the Stancraft runways clear and safe. Stancraft is also considering switching to 122.85 frequency so as not to interrupt the general radio communications for the rest of the airport.


CdA Advisory Board: 

Monthly meeting of CdA Airport Advisory Board will be Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 5PM. Two items will be on the agenda: lease rates and the lease application process to discuss, as well. Based on CPI which has to do with Health Care??? Why are we using CPI? Land lease adjustments: keep the same lease until the lease is up and then it will be adjusted. New hangars? No more development areas at KCOE; no infrastructure. 


Have given the AWOS suggestions and are being considered. Mike K gave information to the Adv Board and the KBoCC for their consideration. Frank added that Phil is still working on it. FAA is also considering going back to the augmented AWOS. Steve A. added that the Adv Board did strongly recommend the augmented AWOS. 

Temporary Tower scheduled to be in place by end of June. Forest Service needs two vendors to set-up the tower, July 1? When the tower comes in, then the County would be taking over the AWOS: maybe putting in a new unit. Check Notams before you fly.


New Business: 

  • Harry suggested the need to open up the Rules/Standards to be looked at for updates/changes. Will be on display on the website. 
  • Jess presented 3 of her logo designs and Harry had one from Bobby Marlette
  • F35 to visit KCOE on June 17, 1300-1400. Static display only. CdA Aviation/Maintenance to also host Life Flight and County Sheriff’s helicopter on static display. 
  • Accident on 2/20 on Sunday June 11. Also 3 near-miss incidents. Need a new AWOS system. 
  • Looking to put “CdAAA member” signs on hangars. Member pride and assistance to new lease holders. 
  • Jessica showed a video on her intro amphib flight. Very fun. 
  • Closure of 6/24 as soon as August 
  • Scholarship from CdAAA proposed by Shane R (No Limits) John H and Elsbeth Interested in coming up with criteria: education, flight instruction, new ratings, etc. Youth? Or any new pilot? 
  • Fly-ins/Fly-outs: LWS July 1, “Radials N Rivers” Breakfast and warbirds on display. Maybe a $10 donation. 
  • Boundary County (65S) pancake Breakfast last Saturday of each month, May – Sept. 
  • Deer Park (DEW) BBQ fly-in on the 4th Saturday, July/August 1100-1300. 
  • Tanglefoot Seaplane Base, Mike Kincaid for information 
  • Chewela, (1S9) Sat., July 8. 

Good of Order:

Thanks to Joe R. and Jamie K. for the generous hosting at the Stancraft Jet Center venue tonight.


Next Meeting:

When July 11th Where: Stancraft Jet Center. Don’t forget to visit the Hardwood Café for refreshments.



Meeting Adjourned at 6:11PM


Respectfully Submitted,  

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary/Treasurer 

CdAAA Board 

Visit our website for more information about the airport.


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The purpose of the association is to preserve the Coeur d’Alene airport, improve community relations, foster bilateral communications between this association and airport operations, participate in planned growth, enhance flying safety and promote fellowship among pilots and aviation enthusiasts.