January 2024 Newsletter

The Coeur d’Alene Airport Association (in association with The Flyers)

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the Coeur d’Alene Airport and General Aviation

Aircraft of the Month

Navy N3N-3

By Mike Kinkaid

"Really easy." Addison Pemberton is the only one I know who would calmly summarize a project to return an airplane that hadn't flown since 1945 to the air in better condition and more beautiful than it was ever meant to be. But then Addison is the guy who converted a load of scrap salvaged from a ridge in Oregon to what is the most gorgeous vintage airplane I've ever had the pleasure of flying in—a totally remanufactured version of Boeing's first commercial succss. Addison retrieved the twisted, rusty litter of a 1928 B-40-C that had crashed on a mountain 80 years before and loaded it into the back of a pickup truck. With the help of 62 volunteers and 188,000 hours of labor over eight years, that "litter" metamorphized into the only airworthy '40 in the world and the oldest Boeing airplane still flying. GO TO MAGAZINE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

If you'd like your aircraft featured in an upcoming issue, please send an email with at least two photos. One should be a photo of the aircraft, and one a photo of you, with or without your aircraft. Include a brief history about it or explain what makes it special to you..

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In 2007, perhaps the most unique airline in American history took flight: Pet Airways. What began as an idea when a couple was deciding how to fly their dog surprisingly turned into a full-fledged hard product.


The concept was simple: an airline filled only with pets, who receive first-class treatment, regular bathroom breaks, and around-the-clock care. The cheapest prices started around $150 but rose quickly depending on animal size and total distance flown.


Airport Noise Town Hall:

Will Commercial Service Come to CDA Airport?

From Harry Craviatto

President of CDAAA

First I would like to comment on the title of this posting.

It sounds like we have a big problem with noise complaints at the CDA Airport,

Do we have a problem with noise complaints?

The CDAAA January meeting has been cancelled and I suggest that all members attend this meeting as presented and bring all the positive news and facts that you to


Coeur d’Alene airport has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years.

This is an open meeting so we should have as much time to speak as we need.

I suggest we all come early to meet and talk about our concerns and what you

would like to present.

I talked with Bruce Mattare this morning and he indicated the title was to get

more residents interest into what we are doing at the airport.

I also talked with Gaston today and he told me a few days ago a 737 landed at

9:30 at night and took off at 10:30 and not one call came in.

In a first of its kind Town Hall, Commissioner Bruce Mattare, Airport Director Gaston Patterson and the Chairman of the Airport Advisory Board Brian Cleary will discuss the future of our local airport and how it will affect your community.

Join us on January 9, 2024, at 6 PM for a lively discussion and get answers to the following questions:

  • Why the airport needs a tower now – and how it can actually reduce noise for surrounding residents
  • Whether our airport should maintain its current Part 139 Certification for commercial service and what it means for your taxes
  • Should we ever compete with Spokane International Airport and under what circumstances
  • Does it make sense for United, Delta or Southwest to ever come to Coeur d’Alene airport
  • How the airport can engage the community more
  • What role the airport plays with employment and helping to make the community resilient to economic downturns
  • And much more

Seating is limited and the event will be video recorded if you cannot make it. We look forward to seeing you there.

Join us on 1/09/24 at 6 PM.

County Administration Building (Room 1 A & B)

451 N Government Way


Upcoming Meetings

Airport Noise Town Hall

Tuesday, January 9


County Administration Building (Room 1 A & B)

451 N Government Way


CDA Airport Association Monthly Meeting


Instead, please attend the Town Hall meeting referenced above.

Meet in the hall prior to the meeting to discuss any concerns.

Airport Advisory Board Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, January 10

5pm @ Airport Office

10375 Sensor Ave., Hayden

CdA Airport Association

Meeting Minutes

Dec. 12, 2023

Meeting Called to Order by President Harry C. at 5:00PM, with the Pledge of Allegiance, at the Conference Room provided by Stancraft Jet Center, KCOE.

Those in Attendance: See attached sign-in.

Minutes of last meeting: Motion to approve by William Chapman. Seconded by Frank O. Minutes approved. Treasurers Report: Checking $2240.51 Savings $5411.84. Harry entertained a motion to approve reimbursement of $78.81 for pizza to Elsbeth R, seconded by Steve A. Motion approved.

Guest Speaker: Our scheduled guest speaker for tonight is Evan Seitz, Aviation Broker and hangered here at KCOE where he is available to offer Buyer Agent Services and Hangar Sales. He gave a very informative talk, explaining what to look for in a plane and the ins/outs of closing a sale along with all the paperwork involved. His 5 Top Things that Everyone should know list was valuable: do market value comparisons, check logbooks are up-to- date, maintenance involved for your plane, a Title Check to ensure there are no liens on the plane and get good documentation and purchase agreement on FAA approved forms. Beware of scams: prepay agreements, false appraisals, back-to-back sales and check out the reputation of the Broker. Evan can be reached at seitzaviation@gmail.com or 425-478-7163.

Airport Report: Gaston Patterson reported:

  • A Control Tower is being looked at for next year; Fire Service and the KCOE will work together with County.
  • All taxiways and runways will be resurfaced and painted this year.
  • Gate Codes: no individual numbers, but each hangar owner will be given a single code to give to those using the hangar; or you can take the driving test and get access to all gates.
  • AWOS is now in the hands of the FAA and Local FSDO is also involved. No report for tonight.

Old Business:

  • Logo hat sales: Hats are here and for sale at $20. Mike K was reimbursed $455 for purchase/shipping.
  • Perhaps could present a CdAAA Logo Cap to donors? More discussion.
  • Scholarship sponsored by CdAAA: LaDonna B looking into this project but was not available for report or discussion. Elsbeth has access to templates for Scholarships. A committee would need to be involved in setting up/approving recipients, in general organizations. We might consider removing the CdAAA plans to use the Savings account, established for a Public Viewing Pavilion, and put the monies towards the Scholarship Program. This would require a vote. Board or Membership? Because it involves donations rather than Membership Dues, it could be resolved by the Board; more discussion needed.

New Business:

* Nominations for 2024 Board: Please consider putting in your name. Usually only a commitment of 1-2 meetings a month. Really not that bad. Try it, you’ll like it! Steve A suggested rotating within the Board Members for duties of Chair (President) Vice Chair (Membership) Secretary and Treasurer. Also, it was suggested to fix the number of Board members at seven. Let’s contact our Stakeholders and invite them to meetings; find out what they want to know about KCOE; some may want to come and speak.

Good of Order: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Thanks to Evan Seitz for his talk this evening. Thanks to those who brought Toys for Tots, and Thanks to Stancraft Jet Center and Staff for the use of their beautiful Conference Room. As always, Thanks to Gaston Patterson, for his leadership and transparency regarding problems facing KCOE and how we can work together to fix same. Thanks also, to our many donors. Harry mentioned you in our Newsletter, but if we have left out anyone, please contact Elsbeth at 760-963-0615


Next meeting: January 9, 2024, 5PM, at the Hagadone Hangar, KCOE, Guest Speaker, Jim Walsh.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:17pm

Respectfully submitted,

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary/Treasurer CdAAA Board

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