September 2023 Newsletter

The Coeur d’Alene Airport Association (aka Coeur d'Alene Flyers)

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Featured KCOE Aircraft of the Month

by Steve Anderson

N815W is a Vans RV12 Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA). I have not named it and will leave that to the next lucky owner.


The RV12 is a two place side by side, low wing, fixed gear model with a ground adjustable prop and a liquid cooled Rotax 912 ULS engine with a 100 HP maximum rating. The plane itself can be purchased either as a kit (mine) or as a factory built model. The kit plane is labeled an ELSA and the factory version an SLSA.

A few things that may be of interest related to the RV12 are as follows: The canopy tips up and forward. It is controlled via pilot and co-pilot control sticks, pilot and co-pilot rudders and brakes, and manual flaps (flaperons). There is no carburetor mixture control and there is no carburetor heat. On start-up it requires the operation of a choke when cold. The flap and aileron control surfaces are combined as flaperons. The entire horizontal stabilizer operates as the elevator (stabilator). The wings are “easily” removable, this requires that the pitot tube be located in the center of the prop spinner. It is designed to operate with either 100LL or Mogas with a minimum octane rating of 91, but it prefers the non-ethanol Mogas.  

Construction on one five Whiskey began in December of 2008 and it was certified as an airworthy amateur built plane on June 18, 2010 in Napa, California. I acquired it as the third owner on September 2nd, 2020 with a total of 444 hours showing on the tachometer. Since then I have averaged approximately 50 hours per year. My longest nonstop flight to date was from KCOE to KMAN (Nampa. Idaho). That flight took 2.5 hours and burned 13.8 gallons of fuel.

Light Sport aircraft have limitations on maximum altitude, maximum gross weight, maximum and minimum air speeds as well as other factors that a prospective owner should be aware of prior to purchasing. Although I have owned and co-owned a wide variety of certified aircraft over the past 40 years, I would have to say that the RV12 is a near perfect fit for my current missions ($100 hamburgers and short scenic flights at the beginning or end of the day in smooth air). 

My plane is equipped with a Dynon Flightdek D180 EFIS and a Dynon AP74 two axis autopilot driven by a Gamin Aera 760 GPS. It has a Garmin GTX 327 transponder with Echouat-adsb out and adsb in via the Garmin Aera 760 Bluetooth connection to a Garmin GDL 39. In addition to the glass cockpit, it has analog airspeed, altimeter and fuel pressure gauges.

The plane is simple and fun to fly, but I will take this opportunity to preach that, in flying there is no room for complacency. Stick with your pre-flight and checklist procedures (no matter how rudimentary) even if they are committed to memory and not paper. Your safety (and that of your passengers) depends on the safety envelope you create. 

Steve and Jenny Anderson, owners

If you'd like your aircraft featured in an upcoming issue, please send an email with at least two photos. One should be a photo of the aircraft, and one a photo of you with your aircraft. Include a brief history about it or explain what makes it special to you..

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"In the Pattern"

by Riley Staton

Hello All! I am 17 years old, and a recent addition to the CDA Flyers. I am based at both SFF and COE. I just recently passed my Private Pilot Checkride with Mr. Jim Fish in a Beechcraft Sport 150. I am employed full time at the Scanivalve Corporation for Mr. Addison Pemberton, who is in the midst of giving me my tailwheel in his super cub, and I am logging A&P hours with him as well, and I am proud to have him as a mentor. I am fluent in Latin, and partake in ancient studies, among other things. I am an avid archery hunter and horseman, Political Activist/Analyst, as well as an obsessive studier. My life motto is this: ‘I know I cannot ever know everything, but I surely intend to know Something about everything.’ I am going into my senior year of High School and I have quite the plan, so allow me to tell you!

Upon finishing my private, I dove into Tailwheel, Instrument, and am looking at Single Engine Sea with Mike Kincaid as well as No Limits Aviation, and High Performance with the Pembertons. My goal is to be a CFII by the time I graduate, and I am on track to do so. I am also extremely involved in the legal side of aviation. I work hard to advocate for keeping GA accessible to all in this day and age, especially by helping to limit DME and DPE prices ($1,000.00 base price for a checkride?!). I work to evaluate FAR’s, and write potentially codifiable regulations and proposals. I am a firm believer that everyone should have an opportunity to taste this world of flying that we all love, and strive to protect GA. I work very hard for the opportunities I have been given, and I am so grateful for an excellent community of aviators who help me along. Instrument was a big change from VFR work, and I am getting knee-deep into approaches, departure procedures, etc. but am still chugging away! I am attending University of Montana in 2024 for Political Science with an emphasis on Domestic Policy and a Minor in Economics, all the while I will be working in aviation to build flying and A&P hours and work up to the airlines (or perhaps firefighting if I can get a crop-dusting job first). I am heavily involved in multiple Aviation groups, and am always seeking more involvement in the world of flying.

Now that you know some things about me I wanted to make a few quick comments. Primarily, I have an understanding that my generation is struggling, from cell phones to the failure of public education, we are struggling. It is easy to give up on this generation, and it is hard to work to get them on the right track. I am an anomaly, and I know that; I have ambitions and I work my butt off for them, which is not on par for most 17 year olds, so I would ask that you help me to change the tide of progression that so vastly harms my fellow youth. I am extremely involved in youth outreach through multiple venues, some of those organizations are Young Life (a youth Christian association), Turning Point USA (an organization designed to educate youth on American Constitutionalism and the foundations of our Government), 4H, various pilots associations, and more. I have accrued over 1,000 community service hours in the last 2 years, and live to serve.

I invite you to contact me so we can brainstorm ways to help my generation learn the values of hard work and what it can yield. Additionally, I am seeking hours, and rental rates kill me! I am willing to work in trade for hours, and am pretty handy. I also provide aircraft detailing services for payment or in trade for hours. Please feel free to reach out to me! Whether just to talk or if you have an opportunity I can work for, I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Vēritas et Vīrtus

Riley J. Staton

(509) 953-4089

GPS outages are real

Upcoming Events

Sept. 3: Prosser Fly-in & Airport Appreciation Day

Pancake breakfast with friends at this annual event

8am @ EAA 1466 Chapter House

Prosser, WA

Contact: RJ Blahut

(509) 391-0766

Sept. 13: CDA Flyers (Airport Association) meeting

5pm @ Hagadone Jetcenter

10975 N Airport Rd.


Sept. 14: Airport Advisory Board

5pm @ Airport Office

10375 Sensor Ave., Hayden

Sept. 20: Sandpoint EAA Meeting

Potluck @5:30pm

Jan Lee, contact person

CdA Airport Association (aka CDA Flyers)

Meeting Minutes

Aug. 8, 2023

Call to Order: By Harry Cravioto at 5:00 PM at CdA Aviation/Maintenance, KCOE 

Present/Guests: See attached from Secretary’s records 

Minutes from Previous Meeting: Approved on a motion by Steve A , seconded by Jim W.  

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance Ckg acct: $1087.53. Balance Savings Acct: $4410.80.           

Board Report/Old Business:

Harry introduced CdA Aviation/Maintenance owner/operator, Kirk Lauer who gave us some interesting information about his facility and flight school.  If you are looking for flight training check out the experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFI, CFII, & MEI). The 2 new Tecnam (P2008) training planes accord CdA Aviation the title of independent repair Center for the Rotax engine and also a Vans Warranty national center.  CdA Aviation/MO staffs 3.5 AIs and offer Heli M/O as well. CdA Aviation/MO does not offer fuel. the airport It is a big investment since KCOE is shy of the necessary gallons (92000) before it breaks even. 

Old Business:  

Mike K. reported on AWOS:  possible new agreement for AWOS augmentation; "Gaston is onboard with the return to augmentation on the AWOS and he says the airport staff will be taking the needed weather observation training to meet FAA requirements.”

More FUN things to do: Fly-ins, camp-outs, air displays like the F-35s.

CdA Advisory Board:

User fees: Some modification was done with the method of determining the rates. The rates have been lowered for over 10,000# and vintage planes are exempt.

Software to discuss with the Adv Board regarding an Airport Camera. CdA M/O has a system, BLINK, with audio and is waterproof. The system is rather inexpensive ($100) to monitor and can use internet access, but must feed to a central location. There are already about 22 cameras around the airport.

Learned of Air Max (inexpensive) and another, InterMax is also good. Just need a space that gets the unit high enough and in a central location. Since normal Security monitoring is very expensive, perhaps Gaston would be willing to get that done(?). A good source of information would be M Henkowski.

New Business:

Bike Usage available: we can have a bike shed built and already have sponsors for donated bikes

Hospitality Car available: Too much liability; County will not allow. So how can we still make that happen, like other, smaller airports do?

Caps and Shirts with KCOE logo: great price through Cabelas: $10/cap, $21/shirt.

Benefits to Members?  Ideas:

Joe R., at Stancraft, said he will work on the possibility of again providing discounts to Association members for self-serve fuel.

Allow members to Advertise their business in our Newsletter, etc.

Shane said he will give discounts to members for aircraft maintenance at No Limits and Kirk said he would work on a discount equal to the block rate on a per hour basis for members.

Coming Events:

Bird Museum:  Monday August 14, 5PM… Open House/Social with live music by Carol (visiting DPE), playing the famous Beaver Song. Steve A moved to provide pizza/beer. Cynthia seconded. Motion passed.

Elsbeth announced that WPA is sponsoring a GEG tower tour on Aug 16th, 1300. Can only accommodate 12 persons, so sign up quickly. 

Harry has left-over meats/buns from the July 29th BBQ to sell after the meeting adjourns today.


Good of Order: Thanks to Kirk L and the CdA Aviation/Maintenance crew for their hospitality. The conference room is great and so were the cookies and coffee!

Next Meeting:  September 12, Hagadone Hangar, 5PM

Adjournment: 5:51 PM       

Respectfully submitted by, 

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary, CdAAA Board

Flyers members can now post items for sale in our newsletter. Send a description, photo, email address, phone #, and price to:

5 each Tempest oil filters #AA48110-2 

$31.00 ea.

Call Harry 208-659-2662

1 set of Cessna 185 covers and 2 wing tips.


Call Jim 480-894-1286

Flyer Hats and Other Cool Logo Merch For Sale




Come to the next meeting and see what is available.

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