August 2023 Newsletter

The Coeur d’Alene Airport Association (dba Coeur d'Alene Flyers)

is an Idaho nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting

the Coeur d’Alene Airport and General Aviation

Featured KCOE Aircraft of the Month

by LaDonna Beaumont

This is Gladys. She is a 1976 Cessna 172, powered by an O-320 Lycoming engine. She has 4 seats, 160 bhp and a useful load of about 800 pounds. Not only is she the perfect plane for me, but she has also changed my life in ways so powerful, I have a hard time believing it myself.


I was a late arrival to the aviation scene. I began flying lessons at age 47, when a friend suggested we learn together. I was suffering from battered self-esteem and recovering from a broken heart (at the hands of a pilot who wouldn’t take me flying).  I decided that taking myself flying would be perfect remedy. I had no idea how effective the strategy would be. 

As my excellent luck would have it, a family friend was looking for a buyer for his Skyhawk just after I soloed for the first time. I had not considered airplane ownership, but Don Pischner (only her second owner) convinced me to take the leap. Together with my brother-in-law (who had yet to begin lessons), I purchased the plane in December 2018.


I passed my check ride in August 2019, and have been flying joyfully ever since. With avionics upgrades, annual inspections, parts replacements and fuel prices, the endeavor has not been cheap, but it has been worth every cent.


I have flown Gladys from Tillamook, Oregon to First Flight Airport in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. From Moab, Utah to Mackinac Island, Michigan. She has been to 22 states (with a goal of 49!), landing at more than 60 airports. I have taken more than 150 passengers for rides, from age 3 to 91, hoping to share the joy flying brings to me. I also flew to a blind date, where I met my wonderful partner, (a pilot!) He takes me flying and is happy to fly right seat with me too!


I call the airplane Gladys in respectful honor of Gladys Buroker, late local aviatrix and great inspiration to many. To me she is more than an aircraft. She represents freedom, courage, joy, presence, gratitude, and the achievement of more than you think you are capable.  

If you'd like your aircraft featured in an upcoming issue, please send an email with a couple photos and a brief history about it.

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"In the Pattern"

by Mike Kincaid

Huckleberry Hangars, Unit one, isn’t known for renting or otherwise granting space. However, when the pilot flys in with a six pack of IPA on ice from a Leavenworth brewery, anything is possible. Sweetening the pot, Pilot Amy Hoover agreed to fly with my “adopted granddaughter,” Samatha Mott, who’s working on her Private Pilot certificate. For brewskis and some dual, I even helped push her Scout on amphibs into the hangar.

Not just any beer, an Icicle Hazy IPA really hit the spot on a hot summer evening after a hard day of seaplaning. And not just any Flight Instructor, Amy Hoover was named the 2022 National Flight Instructor of the Year and she is the only one I know personally who survived a mid-air collision. Amy’s skills got her on the ground with a severely damaged Citabria but the at-fault pilot didn’t survive (read the full story in her book). She has flown the Idaho backcountry for thirty-five years as a charter pilot and instructor, racking up thousands of hours in 80 different makes/models of GA aircraft, operating from short, high density altitude strips. Co-founder of McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars, Amy instructed out of McCall in the warm months for challenging backcountry flying techniques. Her real job is aviation professor at Central Washington University during the school year.

Amy — or Dr. Hoover to the Teaching Assistant who met her at the hangar for his first seaplane flight — has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology and a Ph.D. in Education. She has published approximately 25 articles in technical and aviation journals and magazines, including Pilot Getaways, and Power Cruising, and over a dozen scholarly publications and book chapters on aviation Human Factors and research methods, including papers for the International Journal of Aviation Psychology, Collegiate Aviation Review, and International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies (IJAAS). She has given more than 100 presentations on mountain and canyon flying to various organizations and forums throughout the U.S. Amy has been nominated by students for “Who’s Who in America’s Teachers” and is a past recipient of the National Residence Hall Association Outstanding Faculty Award. In 2011 she was selected for the “President’s Faculty of the Year” Award at Central Washington University. She was awarded the Marquis Who's Who "Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2018.

Amy has published several manuals on Mountain and Canyon Flying and is the primary author of the book Mountain, Canyon, and Backcountry Flying. She given more than 200 presentations to various organizations through the U.S. She started and operated the grant-funded CWU ACES Academy for girls to explore education and Careers in Aviation, Construction, Engineering, and Safety, in which more than 200 girls have participated. 


Wow, all those credentials, and fun to hang out and fly with as well! In addition to Sammie Mott and one of her college students, Amy took CDA Flyers and 99s member Anne Anderson for a seaplane flight on Lake Coeur d’ Alene, which Anne assessed as “a blast!”

Upcoming Events

Aug. 8: CDA Flyers meeting

5pm @ CDA Aviation

11101 N. Airport Dr.


Aug. 9: Airport Advisory Board

5pm @ Airport Office

10375 Sensor Ave., Hayden

Aug 15-20: Flying Legends of Victory Tour

Arlington, WA

(see flyer below)

Aug. 19: 17th Annual Wings Over Sandpoint Fly-in

Click Here for Details

Sept. 20: Sandpoint EAA Meeting

Potluck @5:30pm

Jan Lee, contact person

CDA Flyers Meeting Agenda


Kirk Lauer will provide an introduction of himself and his operation at CDA Aviation and Maintenance.

New KCOE Airport Director Gaston Patterson to speak.

Old Business:

1. Review of the party for Gaston.

2. How’s that tower thing going? Tom and Steve have stories.

3. Gate access progress.

4. AWOS update.

5. User fees status.

6. Airport Director update.

7. Sub committees. 

8. Caps from Cabelas.

New Business:

1. Software discussion (Apricot?).

2. Benefits for members discussion.

 CdA Airport Association (dba CDA Flyers)

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2023

Call to Order: By Harry Craviotto at 5: 04 PM at Stancraft Jet Center, Aviation Way, KCOE 

Present/Guests: See attached in Secretary’s Files


Minutes from Previous Meeting:

Motion to approve by Steve Anderson, seconded by_Mike Kincaid. 

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance Ckg acct: $1517.00; Balance Savings Acct: $4191.30. 

Elsbeth reports that our PO Box needs an ownership update From Joan L. to a current member. Steve A. moved to remove the name of former owner, Joan Lewis, and replace with Elsbeth Roach. Anne A. seconded. Motion passed. Elsbeth will complete the required form and meeting minutes to verify with PO 

Board Report: 

President Harry C invited guest speaker, Lt Ellis from the Kootenai Cty Sheriff’s Dept. He spoke to us of the helicopter operation. He began with Spokane Cty Dept, but now have own operational unit for our local area funded by $1 million of private donations. First Helicopter (S.O.) in the State of Idaho. Operates here at KCOE, mostly Search/Rescue; very successful in the month and a half that they have been up and running. Can access the services through 911 dispatch; approved by Lt. Ellis. This is a two year to show the worth of the program. 

Please check for new frequencies for the KCOE Temp Tower operations under contract with TowerTech. Tower: 120.125/grd: 127.0 

CdA Advisory Board

meets Wed. July 12, 2023---agenda is mostly to report on assigned items from Commissioner Mattare. There will be an updated method for filing a complaint. Take on issues as they arise and get input from all (as many as possible) stakeholders. Some growing pains, but working through. 

Old Business: 

Logo Decision: Mike K suggested we use the KCOE Flyers logo. He has researched hats/shirts, etc. through Cabela’s and finds their prices to be very good. $8.00 for a ball cap with Logo. Shirts are also a good price. Elsbeth to see if our 501.c3 can accommodate a sales-tax exemption. Might work directly with Cabela’s warehouse for that and also free shipping if possible. 

Constant Contact: from June meeting, Joe R suggested using this company to track our newsletter. Cynthia has signed us up for a year ($124.80) and already reports some interesting data from member hits. 

Landing Fees have been slightly changed. 

The CPI used to calculate change of lease fees is different and may be dropped altogether. 

Scaling down the “snow palace” from $10million to as low as $1 million. 

DeCoupling 2/20: revamped but not finalized until 2028. (may only take 200’). 

Keypad Entry: Mike K reported that Phil indicated the udate is coming soon with keypad and dedicated pin #, although card will still be used. 

AWOS: The County is seriously looking into an AWOS with the ability to augment; Recognizing the SAFETY benefits. 

NEW Airport Director should be on board by July 23. Phil will still be helping out part-time. 

New Business: 

Farewell/Welcome Luncheon for Phil and Gaston. Steve A. Moved to hold a CdAAA sponsor a Luncheon of hot dogs/cupcakes, for July 29, 11 AM to 1 PM. Not to exceed $250. Seconded by Cynthia. Motion passes. Several enterprises ready to help sponsor this event. 

Cynthia M. moved to have Elsbeth R look into a Zelle link for membership fees. Would save time and bank visits. Anne A. seconded. Motion carried. Elsbeth will get that arranged. 

Mike K. moved that we charge for the hats/apparel; Steve L. seconded. Price(s) TBD. Motion passed but cannot go into effect until price/costs are determined. 

Good of Order: Murdo Cameron recognized as one of CdAAA’s founders back in 2007. Good to see you Murdo! Welcome to new member Keaton Brown. 

Great job on the Newsletter, Cynthia! Included an awesome flight video and beautiful piano accompaniment. 

Thanks again for the hospitality of Stancraft Jet Center. 

Next Meeting: When: August 8, 2023, 5PM Where: CdA Aviation and Maintenance (old Resort building). 11101 N Airport Dr, Hayden (KCOE). 

Adjournment: 6:25PM 

Respectfully submitted, 

Elsbeth Roach, Secretary/Treasurer 

CdAAA Board 

Highlights from the

Gaston Welcome/Phil Thank-you Lunch

Phil shares a few thoughts.

Larry Engert and Gaston visit at the welcome gathering.

KCOE Visiting Pilot Flyer

Mike Kincaid created this flyer with KCOE information to distribute to incoming, visiting pilots. It should be available for distribution after the temporary tower is gone.

Visit our website for more information about the airport.

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The purpose of the association is to preserve the Coeur d’Alene airport, improve community relations, foster bilateral communications between this association and airport operations, participate in planned growth, enhance flying safety and promote fellowship among pilots and aviation enthusiasts.