The California Coalition for Youth Training Curriculum
The California Coalition for Youth provides a variety of trainings for organizations and staff that work with youth. Each training is highly interactive, can be condensed or expanded upon based on individual need, and is led by our team of talented instructors. Feel free to contact program manager, Bianca Christian at, for more information.

Cultural Awareness Training 

Training to increase cultural awareness within one’s work. This training will introduce the participant into what anti-racism is and how to model it in work with their community, what culture is and how it can affect understanding of those we serve, as well as understanding of how bias can affect our work. Additionally, there is discussion about privilege, and how everyone experiences it. (Runtime: 2 Hours)

Youth Engagement Training

Engagement is an important part of providing support to youth in the community. This training will seek to strengthen your understanding of how to engage and empower youth, build better relationships with those you serve in the community, and become a youth ally. (Runtime: 3 Hours)

Communication with Youth In Crisis

Increase your understanding of how to work with and communicate with youth in crisis. There will be conversation about how crisis situations and stress affect the brain and body. Training will also help participants not give as much advice to youth and focus more on becoming a champion for youth going through crisis. (Runtime: 3 Hours)