April 6, 2024


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  • CSU Crops Testing Program Encourages Producers to Submit Hybrid Requests
  • CCPC Supports Radical Corn Value Chain Challenge
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  • NCGA Leader Warns International Trade Commission Against Placing Duties on Imports of Key Herbicide
  • Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education

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The Colorado Corn Promotion Council is funded from the checkoff collected on bushels of corn grown and sold in Colorado. It engages in research,communication/outreach, issues and engagement,and market development efforts to improve the profitability of Colorado’s corn industry. 

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NCGA Leader Warns International Trade Commission Against Placing Duties on Imports of Key Herbicide

Saying growers need reliable access to essential farming tools, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President Harold Wolle warned the U.S. International Trade Commission today of the consequences for America’s farmers if the agency grants a petition to levy tariffs on imported 2,4-D, an often-used herbicide that has been on the market for decades.


“The scenario under consideration has the potential to limit imports of an important product, raise its price, and create a supply shortage, all while raising the cost of production in an already tight market,” Wolle said. “Farmers are price takers, not makers in selling our commodities, and closely managing our production costs is crucial to our success. Thus, tariffs on these products would create an even more difficult economic scenario for me, my family, and the farmers I represent.”


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CSU Crops Testing Program Encourages Producers to Submit Hybrid Requests

The CSU Crops Testing Program strives to provide meaningful hybrid comparisons for farmers. With that in mind, please reach out to Sally Jones-Diamond by April 12th if you want to request a specific hybrid to be tested at any of our trial sites in 2024. She can be reached at sally.jones@colostate.edu or 970-214-4611 (text or call).

CCPC Supports Radical Corn Value Chain Challenge

Radicle Growth, a company-building platform investing in early-stage agriculture and food technologies, is delighted to announce, “The Radicle Corn Value Chain Challenge sponsored by US Corn Farmers.” The Challenge sets out to invest a minimum of US $1.5M in start-up and growth companies from around the world whose innovative technologies and business models create new uses for corn and long-term sustainable demand for corn production. These companies are expected to be developing new uses of corn that result in replacements for fossil fuel-derived materials with plant-derived materials such as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), drop-in chemicals and plastics, compostable materials, and as yet unidentified products and product categories that could be new areas for corn-derived products to be used.

“Amidst the burgeoning expansion of the corn industry nationwide, projections anticipate a rise in surplus corn carryout. The Radicle Corn Value Chain Challenge presents an opportunity to pioneer inventive applications for this surplus, potentially opening up novel revenue avenues for corn farmers,” stated Matt Mulch, President of the Colorado Corn Promotion Council and a seasoned farmer hailing from Burlington, Colorado. “Through a commitment to innovation and fostering demand, we can safeguard the sustained profitability of American corn producers while bolstering the nation’s economic prosperity. The CCPC is proud to support this challenge.”


Know Before You Grow

Protecting your access to the products you need to grow a successful crop is top priority for NCGA. One way you can contribute: take a moment to be sure you’re using crop protection tools safely and responsibly. Get tips for this planting season and other resources from Growing Matters.

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Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education

Mountain West Pesticide Education & Safety Training (PEST) is happy to announce pesticide applicator recertification workshops around Colorado this upcoming training season. All of these workshops provide ALL seven required core credits. The workshops are open to both private and commercial applicators as well as applicator technicians. If you are a commercial applicator and need category credits, please contact MWPEST.

Workshops are posted at http://www.mountainwestpest.com/continuing-education.html


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  • April 30: CCPC Survey Due

Who is the Colorado Corn Council?

The Colorado Corn Promotion Council (CCPC) oversees how Colorado's corn check-off dollars (one penny per bushel of grain corn produced in Colorado) are invested in research, market development, outreach and other various endeavors.

Learn more about the work of our organization at www.coloradocorn.com.

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