Upcoming Events

CIA Information Session

DATE: 02/07/24



Hosted by The University of California (USC), CIA Representatives will provide information regarding the CIA and the variety of career and paid internship opportunities available. The presentation will include details about application processes and suggestions for making yourself competitive for employment, including tips for writing cover letters and resumes, and preparing for an interview with CIA. Undergraduates and graduates of all academic disciplines are encouraged to attend.

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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SF-86 Workshop

DATE: 02/09/24

TIME: 12-1:30PM (ET)


Learn the ins and outs of the SF-86 in this workshop. This session on security clearances and the SF-86 will help answer your questions about the sometimes mysterious, painful process for getting a clearance!

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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Tableau Data Analysis Workshop

DATE: 02/09/24

TIME: 3-5PM (ET)


Do you want to explore how Tableau can change the way you analyze data? Then this is the session for you! Real world skills that can be applied to all sorts of careers! Follow along with our speaker as you launch Tableau and begin answering questions for the first time.

This session covers:

  • Connecting to data

  • Working with categorical, geographic and time-series data

  • How to build a functional and impactful dashboard that answers all of your questions

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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IC Fundamentals

DATE: 02/14/24



Do you want to learn more about the world of intelligence and national security? Join our session to hone critical analytical skills and gain an upper-hand in applying to internships, jobs, and other opportunities in the national security field. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the IC CAE program as well as numerous professional, academic, and research opportunities at their disposal.

(Open to BMCC and CCNY students ONLY)

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Delivering Quality Intelligence Products on Controversial Topics

DATE: 02/15/24


LOCATION: Rutgers - New Brunswick

How do you navigate sensitive and controversial topics in a professional setting?

Join Rutgers lecturer Dean Baratta and learn how to deliver quality intelligence products on such topics.

Intelligence analysis often involves work on topics that are emotionally sensitive or politically controversial. Navigating those challenges, both as a professional AND as a human being can be difficult even for seasoned analysts. In this talk we'll discuss some ways to approach these issues in ways that support your mission, maintain credibility and coherence within your team, and allow you to stay emotionally healthy.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, and NJCU, and Rutgers faculty and students only)

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IC Contractor Panel

DATE: 02/23/24



 Are you interested in working in the field of national security, but aren't sure what your options are?

Speak with Rutgers alumni currently employed as contractors to learn more about the role of contractors in national security, internship and job opportunities, and career paths.

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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Tell Me How This Ends: Structured Analytic Techniques 

NEW DATE: 04/05/24


LOCATION: Rutgers - New Brunswick, specific location TBD

Do you wish you knew how major events like the Russia-Ukraine war would end? Do you find it hard to sift through headlines and understand where a situation is heading? With structured analytic techniques (SAT), you can understand what truly matters in a situation and better understand the possible range of futures that could occur. Take charge of sharpening your understanding with the SAT workshop, where we will look at the current Russia-Ukraine war through the lens of scenario generation and develop indicators that will help us better understand reality.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students ONLY)

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Internship and Job Opportunities

Summer 2024 IC CAE Research Fellowships

CCIS partners with numerous academic and federal institutions to provide research opportunities for students within the Rutgers Consortium. These opportunities serve to fulfill the research requirement in the CIS minor as well as individual research and professional development interests.

Summer 2024 applications are now open!

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

(Open to Rutgers, BMCC, CCNY, and NJCU students ONLY)

The following programs are accepting applications:

  • Environmental Investigation Agency
  • NC Labs at Rutgers
  • National Intelligence University
  • United States Coast Guard - Sector New York

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US Department of State Paid Student Internship Program

Fall 2024

The US Department of State aims to provide student interns with opportunities both educationally and professionally substantive in nature. The purpose of the program is to provide students with insight into the work of US foreign policy and the administration of the US Department of State, and its diplomatic facilities around the world and domestically. Specific duties and responsibilities vary according to the domestic office.

Generally, interns may:

  • Participate in meetings with senior-level US Government or foreign government officials.

  • Draft, edit, and/or contribute to cables, reports, communications, talking points, and/or other materials used by policymakers in furthering US foreign policy objectives.

  • Support events, including international and/or multilateral meetings and conferences.

  • Engage directly with US audiences in helping to explain the work of the US Department of State or foreign audiences in helping to promote US foreign policy and improve understanding of US culture and society.

Deadline: 02/09/24

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Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

Hotline Program Analyst

Responsibilities include:

  • Serves as a Hotline Program Analyst assigned to the IC IG Hotline Program.

  • Answers incoming phones calls to the IC IG Hotline by speaking clearly, distinctly, and with a friendly, courteous tone.

  • Respond to all incoming hotline complaints and makes recommendations to the Hotline Program Manager regarding next appropriate steps.

  • As directed, coordinates, compiles, and organizes all essential information and materials to assist the Hotline Program Manager in the execution of daily mission objectives.

  • Prepares accurate written correspondence to record in-person intakes, routine administrative forms, referral memoranda to ODNI Components and other Federal agencies, and complainant acknowledgment, when appropriate.

  • Follow-up with complainants regarding their submissions to include coordinating and conducting intake interviews as necessary to clarify or obtain additional information associated with the alleged complaint.

  • Maintains accurate and timely records of all activity and other supporting documentation.

  • Coordinates with other ODNI components and/or IC elements regarding alleged complaints when necessary.

Deadline: 02/15/24

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Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) Program Internships

The VSFS program is an unpaid, unclassified virtual internship for students currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. VSFS Internships will run from late-August 2024/early-September 2024 through May 2025. Depending on the school, VSFS interns may be eligible to earn course credit. In addition to their skills and experiences gained through the internship, VSFS interns may have networking and unclassified, virtual professional development experiences during the course of their internship. 

View Eligibility Requirements

Drive Strategic Communications for the Intelligence Community VSFS Internship

This opportunity gives students the chance to do what all of those producers wish they could – tell the IC story from the inside. We are seeking creative, dynamic and forward-thinking individuals to help drive strategic positioning with a wide range of agencies and partners across both government and industry.

Interns will help pave the way in promoting trust between intelligence officers and the public. They will assist talented individuals and national security experts share their authentic voice, handle tough questions and promote the diversity of the IC. Students will prioritize themes and initiatives that drive appropriate messaging to niche audiences.

Deadline: 02/29/24

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Intelligence Diplomacy Unleashed: Counterterrorism Open Source Research VSFS Internship

VSFS Interns will engage in open-source research to help the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) better understand the counterterrorism situation, issues, and priorities within the countries of Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom as well as, international organizations like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

For each assigned country, VSFS interns will also describe the national intelligence and security apparatus within the country and contextualize the mission(s), responsibility(s), and to the extent possible, capabilities of the country’s services focused on counterterrorism.

Deadline: 02/29/24

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Hume Center Summer Internship Program

Summer 2024

The Virginia Tech Hume Center is pleased to announce the Summer Internship Program for summer 2024! The internship program will allow students to work with researchers in either Blacksburg or Arlington, VA. Interns will perform novel research as a team member on existing projects with real-world stakeholders and use cases. They will receive individual mentorship from experienced, technical researchers while sharing a summer research experience with a diverse cohort of students. Their work will directly contribute to the national security and domestic prosperity of the nation.

Positions will be offered to both undergraduate and graduate students for a 10-week internship (May-July 2024). Interns will be paid hourly at a rate commensurate with location, experience, and academic level.

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