Upcoming Events

Information and Q/A session with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

DATE: 02/01/24


LOCATION: Rutgers - New Brunswick

Interested in learning about defense intelligence? Join us for an informative session with the Defense Intelligence Agency and gain an upper-hand in understanding the workings of the agency on defense military concepts.


Due to DIA requirements, registrants MUST be U.S. citizens to attend this event.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students only)

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SF-86 Workshop

DATE: 02/09/24

TIME: 12-1:30PM (ET)


Learn the ins and outs of the SF-86 in this workshop. This session on security clearances and the SF-86 will help answer your questions about the sometimes mysterious, painful process for getting a clearance!

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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Tableau Data Analysis Workshop

DATE: 02/09/24

TIME: 3-5PM (ET)


Do you want to explore how Tableau can change the way you analyze data? Then this is the session for you! Real world skills that can be applied to all sorts of careers! Follow along with our speaker as you launch Tableau and begin answering questions for the first time.

This session covers:

  • Connecting to data

  • Working with categorical, geographic and time-series data

  • How to build a functional and impactful dashboard that answers all of your questions

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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IC Fundamentals

DATE: 02/14/24



Do you want to learn more about the world of intelligence and national security? Join our session to hone critical analytical skills and gain an upper-hand in applying to internships, jobs, and other opportunities in the national security field. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the IC CAE program as well as numerous professional, academic, and research opportunities at their disposal.

(Open to BMCC and CCNY students ONLY)

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Delivering Quality Intelligence Products on Controversial Topics

DATE: 02/15/24


LOCATION: Rutgers - New Brunswick

How do you navigate sensitive and controversial topics in a professional setting?

Join Rutgers lecturer Dean Baratta and learn how to deliver quality intelligence products on such topics.

Intelligence analysis often involves work on topics that are emotionally sensitive or politically controversial. Navigating those challenges, both as a professional AND as a human being can be difficult even for seasoned analysts. In this talk we'll discuss some ways to approach these issues in ways that support your mission, maintain credibility and coherence within your team, and allow you to stay emotionally healthy.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, and NJCU, and Rutgers students only)

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IC Contractor Panel

DATE: 02/23/24



 Are you interested in working in the field of national security, but aren't sure what your options are?

Speak with Rutgers alumni currently employed as contractors to learn more about the role of contractors in national security, internship and job opportunities, and career paths.

(Open to all current and legacy IC CAE school students)

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Tell Me How This Ends: Structured Analytic Techniques 

DATE: 03/29/24


LOCATION: Rutgers - New Brunswick, specific location TBD

Do you wish you knew how major events like the Russia-Ukraine war would end? Do you find it hard to sift through headlines and understand where a situation is heading? With structured analytic techniques (SAT), you can understand what truly matters in a situation and better understand the possible range of futures that could occur. Take charge of sharpening your understanding with the SAT workshop, where we will look at the current Russia-Ukraine war through the lens of scenario generation and develop indicators that will help us better understand reality.

(Open to BMCC, CCNY, NJCU, and Rutgers students ONLY)

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Internship and Job Opportunities

Summer 2024 IC CAE Research Fellowships

CCIS partners with numerous academic and federal institutions to provide research opportunities for students within the Rutgers Consortium. These opportunities serve to fulfill the research requirement in the CIS minor as well as individual research and professional development interests.

Summer 2024 applications are now open!

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

(Open to Rutgers, BMCC, CCNY, and NJCU students ONLY)

NC Labs at Rutgers

The NC Lab at Rutgers provides an immersive training program in which students are prepared to participate as active members of a multidisciplinary research team. Students of varying backgrounds, from literature, to psychology, to mathematics and computer science, learn by observing, integrating, and modeling the latest cutting-edge techniques and skills essential for deriving intelligence from open sources.

National Intelligence University

Selected students will work under the mentorship of NIU faculty with expertise and backgrounds in intelligence, military, and foreign policy. This program will provide an opportunity for students to support groundbreaking research to advance U.S. intelligence processes and foreign policy efforts. The number of fellowships is limited and students will be matched with various NIU centers based on their knowledge and skills.

United States Coast Guard - Sector New York

Students participating in the fellowship will work with lead researchers and experts on real world issues related to the intelligence community. Research fellows will also broaden academic and professional ties by working with academics and IC professionals. Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Environmental Investigation Agency

Students participating in the fellowship will work with lead researchers and experts on real world issues such as transnational wildlife crime, global marine ecosystems, and climate change. Research fellows will also broaden academic and professional ties by working with academics and subject matter experts. Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Apply To All Opportunities Here

National Security Agency (NSA)

Signals Analyst Development Program

The NSA/CSS Signals Analysis Development Program (SADP) is a three-year development program of intensive, structured, formal training courses and diverse work assignments designed to produce professional signals analysts.

Signals Analysts analyze signals from various sources including: foreign communications, radar, and other electronic systems. The selected individual will apply their base-knowledge in mathematics, computer engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, or physics to exploit advanced signals data to aid Department of Defense initiatives to protect U.S. forces around the globe.

The selected individual will work in a dynamic environment with duties that may include the following:

  • Identify and analyze waveforms in different domains (e.g., weapon or aircraft systems, communications systems)

  • Identify and analyze bit streams (e.g., multiplexers, error correction, voice and video compression, instrumentation systems)

  • Identify and analyze protocols (e.g., link layer, network layer, application layer)

Deadline: 02/14/24

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Science Technology and Weapons Analyst

Science, Technology, and Weapons Analysts analyze foreign weapons development and proliferation, cyber warfare, emerging technologies, and foreign intentions and capabilities.

Duties of a Science, Technology, and Weapons (STW) Analyst at CIA:

  • Apply scientific and technical expertise to analyze foreign weapons development, weapons proliferation, cyber warfare, and emerging technologies. 

  • Evaluate the threat that a weapon or technology might present to U.S. interests.

  • Communicate findings to policy and operational decision makers via a broad range of written intelligence products and verbal presentations.

Deadline: 09/30/2024

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

STEM/Arts Undergraduate Internship/Co-op

As a STEM/Arts undergraduate student for CIA, you will work on teams alongside our full-time officers in an R&D or quick-turnaround environment on any number of different programs to further mission through software/hardware development, custom engineering, analysis of technologies, and/or the integration of art-focused skills in a technical field.


  • Two 90-day tours are preferred; however, one 90-day tour is the minimum requirement

  • Attending school on a full-time basis before/following this student tour

  • Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Ability to function effectively in a fast-paced, mission-focused environment with multiple competing priorities

  • Organizational and planning skills

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Ability to meet the minimum requirements for joining CIA, including U.S. citizenship and a background investigation

Deadline: 09/30/2024

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