What have we been up too?

Community Collaborations Volunteers have been working hard these past few months in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Mississippi!

In the months of December, January, February alone our teams have completed over 2,172 volunteer hours!

Below are some testimonies and pictures from our current projects!
Hurricane Harvey Winter Break

Participating schools:
Tennessee Wesleyan university, University of Cincinnati, Georgia Institute of Technology, North Central Texas College, University of California Santa Barbara, Western Michigan University, University of Delaware, Saint Anselm College, Sacred Heart University, Prince George'sCommunity College, Elon University, University of Michigan, University of Redlands

Total Number of Volunteers: 274

Total Volunteer Hours: 1644
“Community Collaborations made it simple and easy to serve those who needed help the most. They worked all of our site logistics and collaborated so all of our work tools and equipment were ready when we got there. Our lodging and meals were very accommodating and we owe CCI a huge thank you to helping us do what we all need to be doing anyway, serving those in need”

-Tod Humbert, Tennessee Wesleyan
Tennessee Wesleyan completed a floor to ceiling gut on a local home affected by the flooding in Beaumont, Texas. All of the homeowners belongings still remained in the home when the team arrived.
The Tennessee Wesleyan team also worked on a floor gutting project for a home that had about 4 ft of water come up from the floor at the time of the flood.
Participating schools:
City of NY at Brooklyn College, Cornell College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Durango Interact

Total Number of Volunteers: 42

Total Volunteer Hours: 336
" While many of their fellow students relaxed with their families during the winter break, a group of seven honors students and four administrators or staff from Rochester Institute of Technology volunteered to spend a week in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, helping clear debris, distribute needed supplies in neighborhoods and clean a Boys and Girls club there."

RIT Associate Counsel Evan Thompson helps clear a path with Kerri Bondi, assistant director of RIT’s Honors Program, at a nature preserve in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico during the winter break.
Participating schools:
University of Cincinnati, Western Michigan University, Hamilton College

Total Number of Volunteers: 32

Total Volunteer Hours: 192
Western Michigan, Hamilton College, and the University of Cincinnati worked in Jacksonville for their winter breaks. CCI's volunteer teams primarily did Hurricane Irma flood recovery involving mucking and gutting as well as downed tree debris removal. 

They also worked with the Humane Society, Presbyterian Social Ministries free clothing distribution, served breakfast at the local soup kitchen, did a beach clean up at Fort Matanzas National Monument, and worked with Groundwork Jacksonville on an inner city Rails to Trails path.
Biloxi, Mississippi
Environmental and Human Services Projects
Participating schools:
Ohio State University

Total Number of Volunteers: 50

Total Volunteer Hours: 350