July 2021 Highlights
On July 8, 2021 a western Laos church had a seminar for the church leaders in which the National Director was invited to teach about the servants of God with 16 participants. The National Director also had a chance to promote the CCI ministry:
The National Director teaching seminar in western Laos
Faces blurred and locations changed to protect identities
Since the pandemic of Covid19 and the country being locked down for almost 4 months, we have not had the chance to meet in the church regularly. So we decided to meet with some church people and some pastors to have fellowship.
CCI Laos National Director
Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Please pray for God’s healing upon our country from the Coronavirus.

  • Pray for the alumni who graduated from our program to overcome their fears and begin new classes.

  • Please pray for the class in Savannkhet Province; that it will re-opened on the second week of August.

  • Pray for the new class in Vientiane to open again.

  • Pray that Pastor S will start the new class soon.

  • Pastor Si closed the class again because of pandemic being worse in that area. Pray for those affected by the virus.

  • Pray for the personal needs of many people who struggle for daily food and paying their bills. Many have no work and no income. We are trying to help with some relief efforts for this fellow believers. PERHAPS, YOU WOULD MAKE A SPECIAL DONATION TO HELP WITH RELIEF EFFORTS FOR THESE PEOPLE. WE WILL BE WISE STEWARDS WITH YOUR LOVING GIFTS. “CLICK HERE”.

Your prayer and giving is worthy for the Kingdom.  
God bless you all.
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