June & July 2021 Highlights
The situation in Indonesia related to Covid has been up and down, even being the second country in Asia - after India, which has the most Covid patients. The death rate has increased so that this July the government forbade us to gather. Classes in West Sulawesi have told me that until the end of July they could not gather to study, so we motivated the participants to study independently.
I am personally very grateful for what God has done in CCI Indonesia, even though the situation with Covid is still going on. We had time to do 2 seminars on God's Financial Principles (GFP). However, because outbreaks increased the Indonesian government-imposed restrictions on community activities. So, for most of July, there were no learning activities in the classes, workshops and seminars. I was sad and disappointed with this situation, especially when I heard that some of our students and teachers are infected with the virus. But the gospel of JOHN 15:2 is a comfort to me. He cleans every branch that bears fruit, so that it bears more fruit.
I believe that in the future, CCI Indonesia will bear more fruit. We thank God that some students are still studying and we hope that 16 other classes will return to study soon as well.
Pray for us in Indonesia to get through this difficult situation.

Frids Lumba
CCI Indonesia National Director
Praise God for three new classes: One at Makassar, south Sulawesi, one at Malabo, west Sulawesi and another at Kowako, west Sumba.
Praise God even in a pandemic situation, the God's Financial Principles (GFP) seminar was able to be held and was attended by 9 participants from 5 different churches.
God's Financial Principles with 9 participants

"My name is Ferdinal, I am a pastor at the Tabernacle Church in Lemo. Some time ago I submitted a proposal for the construction of my church to the government. But there are government employees who are very corrupt. He guaranteed that my proposal would be accepted on one condition - that the money from the proposal was 60% for him and 40% for me. But I had to sign that I accepted 100%. I also agreed because I wanted to get the 40%, but in the financial seminar I attended, I realized that it was a sin. I didn't keep my integrity as a pastor. I am committed to not do that again."
Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Grateful that even though in the midst of the corona pandemic by God's grace we were able to hold a GFP seminar with 9 participants plus 4 listeners from 5 different churches.
  • Grateful that 2 study classes in Makassar were able to complete course 1 and will continue on to course number 2 and two classes in Mamasa started book 3.
  • Grateful that this month there are 3 new learning classes, namely 1 class in West Sumba, 1 class in South Sulawesi and 1 class in West Sulawesi with a total of 9 participants. There is also one more teacher for the Leaders class at Mamasa.
  • Pray that because of the spread of corona, Indonesia is the second country in Asia with the number of Covid-19 sufferers after India. This made the government issue an order to do a lock down.
  • Pray for plans to hold Teachers training Workshop (TTW) in Mamasa as there are several teachers planning to start a new class.
  • Praise for a successful seminar on the Principles of God's Finances in Sasakan and Katirandusan in June 2021.
  • Pray that God will rise up the right people who can be part of the CCI Indonesia team.
  • Pray for plans to start the CCI Ministry in the other provinces on the island of Sulawesi: Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Gorontalo. Pray for partners and key people in these provinces, who have a vision to train and multiply leaders, so that we can work together to make that vision a reality.
  • Pray that there will be partners or people who work together to use the CCI curriculum to equip the workers in their communities in Indonesia.
  • Pray for my family especially my son Justice who has finished elementary school and is about to enter junior high school. Pray for the administrative costs of registration at the school.
  • Pray for CCI Indonesia Board and staff.
  • Pray that teachers and study participants who were affected by covid immediately recover.
  • Pray for the Indonesian people because the death rate due to Covid is very high and ranks first in the world. Hospitals are unable to accommodate infected patients because they have exceeded capacity.
  • Pray that the board of CCI Indonesia, teachers and learning participants will be protected from Covid19. 
  • Pray for plans to hold Teachers training Workshop (TTW) in Mamasa as there are several teachers planning to start a new class.
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