October 2021 Highlights
I am happy to report that the month of October had been busy with class visits and teachings. On October 28, 2021, CCI Indonesia held a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) with three participants (pic on right). All participants are from the Balabatu class and from the same church, namely the Pentecostal church in Indonesia, at Saluranu, Mamasa. One of the participants Jepri Mei Anto, said that "discipleship now is only an activity to share knowledge, an open discipleship in a relationship like Jesus exemplified". In the future, he "wants to make discipleship like what was obtained in the workshop using the very simple and systematic CCI curriculum". Jepri also said that "teamwork is needed in conducting discipleship" and that he will work with CCI Indonesia to make this happen. He is in line with CCI Indonesia because he has the same vision. Since Christmas is near, he will start a new class in January 2022.

I am grateful for being able to do a fellowship with lecturers and study participants in Sumarorong and its surroundings. This fellowship has been determined by them to be carried out every month. We also really hope that in the future there can be a retreat for the teachers.
Fellowship with teachers and participants of classes from Sumarorong, Sasakan, Ratedaonan and Malabo
On October 31, 202, I was invited to deliver a biblical message at the Indonesia Bethel Church at Tondo Salu, Mesawa, as well as convey to the ministers at the church that there was an orientation that afternoon to introduce the CCI curriculum. Praise God the orientation to 11 participants went well and 5 people from the local church decided to take the CCI class. In this orientation, there was a participant from Batanguru and he was very excited and invited CCI Indonesia to start in their local church (the Church of Victory Iman Indonesia).
Thankful for your prayers and support,
Frids Lumba
CCI Indonesia National Director
Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Grateful that a teacher training workshop was held in Balabatu Mamasa.
  • Pray for plans to start new classes in Tondo Salu Mesawa and Batanguru West Sulawesi.
  • Pray for the need of new teachers for CCI Indonesia.
  • Pray for the safety of my travels because I often go quite a distance by motorbike. The trips take 8-10 hours of travel.
  • With the increasing number of teachers in West Sulawesi, CCI Indonesia needs a qualified person to become a coordinator in that area. Pray that God will bring up the right person for that responsibility.
  • Pray that the board of CCI Indonesia, teachers and learning participants will be protected from Covid19. 
  • Pray for the plan to open a new class in southwest Sumba.
  • Pray that God will rise up the right people who can be a part of the CCI Indonesia team.
  • Pray for plans to start CCI Ministry in the other provinces on the island of Sulawesi: Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Gorontalo. Pray for partners and key people in these provinces, who have a vision to train and multiply leaders, so that we can work together to make that vision a reality.
  • Pray that there will be partners or people who work together to use the CCI curriculum to equip the workers in their communities in Indonesia.
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