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Summer 2023

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Celebrate Pollinator Week!

Join us for an open-garden day.

Pollinators are small and their work is all but invisible, but they’re the engines behind much of our food supply, not to mention the health and beauty of our gardens. Over the past several decades, their population has been declining, and now more than ever, they need our help.

The week of June 19 to 25 is national Pollinator Week, and on Saturday, June 24, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., the Putnam Pollinator Pathway will host an open garden at the South Education and Demonstration Garden (SEDGe) to show what you can do to protect and nurture bees, butterflies and other pollinators. There will be a tour of the garden, along with suggestions and advice on how you can create your own pollinator-friendly garden.

The event is free, and registration is not required. It will be held rain or shine; if it’s not raining, the garden is sunny so bring your sunglasses and hats. The bees can’t say thanks, but as the landscape architect Elizabeth Lawrence once wrote, “The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.”

SEDGe is located at 1 Geneva Road, Brewster, NY. For more information, go to the Putnam Pollinator Pathway webpage or call 845-278-6738.

Spotted Lanternfly in Putnam?

Reports are coming in from gardeners that this pest has reached Putnam. While not yet confirmed it seems likely, as they were in Westchester last year and have been moving northward.

You can help by reporting your spotted lanterfly suspects, with these 3 steps.

  1. Take a photo of the insect or eggs
  2. Collect a sample and place it in a container in the freezer or in a jar with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer
  3. Contact the SLF responders

Photo Rebekah D. Wallace

Read more about this insect.

More Bad News?

Beech Leaf Disease

Sorry we can't be more uplifting on this one. Beech Leaf Disease is a devastating new disease of native and ornamental beech trees. The actual cause of disease is not fully understood but a nematode is involved. This disease seems to kill beech trees in a few short years, and the concern is that it may be spread easily. If you suspect beech leaf disease please report it through NYS DEC's Beech Leaf Disease Website.

Photo Yonghao Li, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station,

How about some good news?

Perennial Plant Association named Rudbeckia 'American Gold Rush' plant of the year.

This compact version of the popular perennial black-eyed susan, is less susceptible to leaf spot, a disease that can defoliate Rudbeckia species. Plant breeding is a long, slow process, but one that can yield a plant which is more robust. That means fewer interventions, such as fertilizers and pesticides.

From the breeder Brent Horvath "It started as an open pollinated seedling among several other related seedlings but quickly distinguished itself with clean disease free foliage, a naturally compact and rounded habit and beautiful presentation in a container over an extended bloom period."

Photo Intrinsic Perennial Gardens

Learn more about this perennial.

Upcoming Events

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County is excited to partner with Putnam County to host The Putnam County Country Fest & 4-H Showcase. This event will feature a variety of exciting activities for the whole family including artisan vendors, food trucks, games & inflatables for the kids and even a car show.

Adopt a duck at the "Duck Derby!" (These aren't real ducks, so it's all the fun of a duck race without the responsibility of owning a duck.) The prize is a 50" Samsung smart TV!

Traditional 4-H Fair favorites will also be showcased during the event including animal demonstrations, hands-on 4-H STEM activities, magic & creepy critters, horse & dog shows, Master Gardener Volunteer demonstrations and exhibits, home-made 4-H milkshakes & lemonade, face painting & more! We hope you will join us for some old-fashioned family fun with a new twist! 


Fest Details Here

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