Winter 2020 Newsletter
President's Message
Dear Contract Cities Family, 
As we close 2020, let’s take time to reflect on the work we have done to tackle the challenges our communities faced, and the resilience we have shown in the face of those challenges. Together, we worked tirelessly to push Contract Cities forward and create innovative ways of engaging our membership. We focused on developing viable solutions and transformative strategies to support our members both through the current crises and to prepare for the road ahead for local governments.
At the beginning of my term as President, our Executive Board met to determine how we would best spend our time, energy, and resources this year in service to our members. We aimed to provide meaningful, educational resources and forums to increase our capacity as public servants and to meet the moment of the current public health crisis as well as the related economic uncertainties. In addition, we listened to the voices in our communities about public safety concerns and have developed a plan of action to address short and long-term goals for change. Most importantly, we wanted every person who engages with Contract Cities to know that we are here to support you and connect you to the resources you need most for your cities during this difficult time.
We successfully resumed all events through virtual platforms. Thanks to all who have participated in our Board of Directors Meetings, City Managers Meetings, Fall Educational Summit, and City Managers Summit. Our virtual events covered an array of topics, including COVID-19 recovery, Project Roomkey, liability insurance, and public safety. Our Board of Directors meetings featured notable guest speakers including LA County Assessor Jeffrey Prang, LAFD Fire Chief Daryl Osby, and representatives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD). (If you missed any sessions from our virtual events, please visit our YouTube channel for the latest!) I look forward to continuing discussions with you on how we can best collaborate to serve our member cities. 
We directly engaged with County leadership on key issues impacting our cities. In response to concerns about public safety costs, we met with the LA County Supervisors and LASD leadership to discuss creative solutions to costs for service. In regardsto concerns about the compounded crises of homelessness during a public health pandemic, we created a Project Roomkey Working Group comprised of City Managers to consider long-term strategies to house and support our residents experiencing homelessness. We engaged with the County and State about our priorities for CARES Act funding they received on our cities’ behalf and communicated our concerns about the impact of public health orders on our local economies. We recognize our advocacy on behalf of your cities has never been more important, and we will continue fighting for you to get the necessary resources and support. .
The health and safety of our communities have been our top priority. Through the creation of the Public Safety Working Group (PSWG), which is comprised of a wide representation of city managers and councilmembers, we are working to develop a set of recommendations aimed at improving public safety and reducing cities’ liability costs through systemic change. The PSWG hosted collaborative conversations with regional leaders including LA District Attorney George Gascón and Inglewood Mayor Jim Butts, among others, to help improve the partnership between cities and public safety agencies and identify areas where we can improve collaboration and strengthen community trust. Additionally, we worked closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to outline improvements to our public health response. As we face the implications of COVID-19, we will continue to advocate for relief for our cities, so we may all begin to recover. 
This year, we also created a Housing Subcommittee of the Legislative Committee, focused on developing a housing proposal that will provide meaningful help to create the housing we need and will be something our cities can be proud to introduce and support in the 2021-2022 Legislative Session. The Contract Cities’ Housing Proposal calls for the establishment of Regional Housing Trust Funds, where all local governments can participate and create new tools to fund affordable housing. We are still early in the process and will continue to share our progress as the proposal moves forward. I want to thank our Legislative Chair, Stacey Armato, and the Housing Subcommittee for their hard work with this endeavor.

As we forge ahead into 2021, I urge you to stay involved with the Contract Cities family through our monthly Board of Directors Meetings and City Managers Meetings. I also look forward to your participation in our Sacramento Legislative Tour held virtually in January and February. Your city's voice is crucial to our advocacy and programming.
Thank you for your participation and commitment to Contract Cities. I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday season. 

Yours in Service,
Lindsey P. Horvath
Executive Director's Message
2020 has been an extraordinary year for Contract Cities, bringing exceptional challenges to our work and our advocacy. State and local closures required our cities to be nimbler, providing more services with less funding. In the same vein, it has also made Contract Cities nimbler, shifting our programming and advocacy to virtual platforms. It has required us to tailor our advocacy toward specific issues, such as fiscal relief, public safety, housing, and homelessness. As we move forward on a path to recovery, Contract Cities staff continues to be available in support of our cities.
Over the past year, we collaborated with state and county partners to address local concerns over public health orders, Project Roomkey and Project Homekey, as well as the economic recovery. These efforts have allowed us to provide a critical voice in the decision-making process on policies that would affect cities. It has also afforded Contract Cities the ability to connect more easily and work more collaboratively with our members on a regular basis. We continue to tackle these important policies through our various working groups, including our Legislative Committee, Housing Subcommittee, City Managers Committee, and the Public Safety Working Group.
Our Contract Cities staff will continue to create valuable programming in the months ahead. In keeping with our 2020 traditions, the 2021 Sacramento Legislative Tour will take a virtual form for the first time. The event will feature prominent state legislators to discuss their objectives for the 2021-22 legislative session. We are optimistic that we will be able to hold our 2021 Annual Municipal Seminar in person and are closely monitoring vaccine availability and distribution as well as public health orders regarding public gatherings.
As we wrap up the year, I want to recognize and welcome returning and new members to the Contract Cities family. We thank you for your public service.
Lastly, I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season until we are able to meet again in person. Please take care of yourself and each other.
Best regards, 
Marcel Rodarte
Executive Director
Upcoming Virtual Events
2021 Legislative Platform
Please note, the platform below is pending approval from the Executive Board.
League of Women in Government Leadership Trailblazer Award
Congratulations to Malibu City Manager Reva Feldman for being named a finalist for the League of Women in Government Leadership Trailblazer Award! Reva is a strong advocate for local government, serving on various local government organizations, including the California Contract Cities Association Liability Trust Fund Oversight Committee, and previously served as Chair of the City Managers Committee. Contract Cities is proud to recognize the contributions of women leaders who have dedicated themselves to public service and the prosperity of our cities. Way to go, Reva!
Associate Member Spotlight
CCCA would like thank our Platinum and Gold Associate Members for their partnership and support of Contract Cities! Members provide services that improve the vitality of our cities.
To view the full list of associate members, visit our website.
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