June 14-15

9 Sivan

Parashat Nasso

Thank you to everyone who helped make Shavuot such a beautiful Yom Tov!



8:04 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv (Sign Up Here/pending minyan)


8:58 am - Latest Time for Shema

10:14 am - Latest Time for Shacharit

9:15 am - Shacharit (social hall)

9:30 am - Youth Programming (board room) w/ Tiferet and special Tefillah/Education with R' Barry

10:50 am - Sermon by R' Emily

1:24 pm - Earliest Mincha

7:55 pm - Mincha followed by Shalosh Seudos (pending confirmation in the morning)

8:23 pm - Sunset

9:15 pm - Ma'ariv/Havdalah

Refuah Shlema

  • Rabbi Ephraim Berlinksy (Ephraim Gedaliah ben Chanah Raizel)
  • Emunah Bat Leah
  • Ariella Bat Sarah
  • Yosef Shalom Moreinnu
  • Baruch Yirmiyahu Ben Riva
  • Aharon Ya'kov ben Shayna
  • Jehudah ben Mazal
  • Ya'akov Shaul ben Sarah
  • Shir Amalia bat Ayelet
  • Avraham ben Tova


  • Naomi Schechter
  • Emmett Stein
  • Benjamin Bharier
  • Farrel Klein



  • Orli Mintz & Raphael ben Naim
  • Moshe Chaim & Rachelli Tova Beiser
  • Alan & Laura Krinsky
  • Stephanie Hague & Aryeh Pelcovits
  • Ezra & Varda Stieglitz

Save the Date - CBS Fall Retreat

The CBS Fall Retreat will be held this coming November 8-10 2024. Further details to follow

We're in the process of forming a committee to plan the Shabbaton/retreat this November! As our community has grown, we want to be mindful about including new voices on our committees. If you'd like to help plan what is bound to be one of the highlights of the year, e-mail Naomi at nsstein20@gmail.com.  

Judy's Kindness Kitchen: One of the premier charitable programs run out of CBS, we're looking to get the community much more involved.  Every week, hundreds of meals are prepared at the JCC for those experiencing homelessness, where they are then delivered and served at Crossroads RI.

There are plenty of open volunteer slots for food preparation on Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. (until about 9:00) at the JCC. We have an online sign-up list. For more information or any questions, email jkk.cbs@gmail.org 

To Sign Up for a One Hour Slot (Sundays 8-9 am), Click Here! 

CBS Security Update

We are seeking volunteers to be greeters at the door. This role combines warm welcomes, screening, and surveillance. Training will be provided - anyone can do this!

The way it typically works is that 2 people split each Shabbat morning into shifts (9-10:30 and 10:30-12).

Our goal is to have 20 trained volunteers, which roughly equates to one shift (90 minutes) every few months per volunteer. Our current volunteers are taking shifts every few weeks, which makes it difficult to participate in prayer services and attend to family commitments. The training only takes 60 minutes and is open to all adults.

Thank you to our current volunteers for their hard work!


Additionally, here are some immediate recommendations from the Alliance security team:

1. You may notice increased police presence around Jewish institutions - please thank them for their support.

2. Upon entering the building, please promptly move upstairs, keeping the area by the doors clear. Please do not linger by the doors, and please instruct children that the area by the doors needs to be ‘off limits’.

3. There are other elements being implemented that won't be discussed for security reasons - if you have specific ideas, please volunteer and ask questions during training.

4. See something, say something! Cliché, yet effective.

May we see a quick and lasting return to peace in our world.

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