The People Expressing Their Will
While your vote is your most tangible connection to the idea of democratic govt, public access media is your tool to better understand both direct & representative local govt. By airing town & selectboard meetings, debates, and opinion shows,
CATV gives democracy the space to flourish.
Your vote is empowering and personal. So is your CATV.
CATV is your voice, your media, your community.
On Tues, Nov. 3, Democracy Now! an independent news show hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman & Juan González will air a 3-hour election night special, 9 pm - midnight on CATV (Comcast channel 1085, VTel channel 1170, streamed on catv8.org, ROKU & AppleTV.)
DN!'s election special will cover results from the presidential, congressional & state races, ballot initiatives, & will feature perspectives from activists, analysts & grassroots leaders.

Now in their 8th year, hosts George Harvey, an energy blogger, & engineer Tom Finnel report weekly on the latest energy news.
Montshire Health Research: Local public health experts examine how Covid has impacted global & local govt efforts.
Enjoy this inspirational short video series of stories that range from Grandma Moses to colonial smallpox vaccinator Dr. Boylston.
The anti-British colonial politics come to life in this interesting lecture by History Prof. Susan Ouellette.
"Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people."
US President Abraham Lincoln
You’ll never find a better sparring partner than adversity. -Golda Meir
Right now adversity is throwing some tough punches--an exhausting workout for us. The upside is that we’re building resiliency muscles. Try to shed your worries. Be kind to one another, and to yourselves. See your abundance. CATV is in your corner as your local communication platform--timely, locally-focused, collective, reliable. CATV's new tel: 802.359.4705
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