Food, Glorious Food
Food made with love and served to our friends and family tastes especially delicious. Someday soon we will appreciate the joy and scrumptiousness of a communal table. In the meantime, keep the faith…and life balance…easier to do with a cookie in each hand.
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Enjoy baking with master bakers Jeffrey Hamelman & Gesine Bullock-Prado in the King Arthur Isolation Baking Show series. If you are feeling ambitious and want to try the recipes, you can find more info on the
King Arthur Baking’s YouTube channel.
VT Master Angler not only catches the rainbow trout, but also cooks it up with Chef Dave Groenewold.
Try making something unusual this year, Napa Kimchi fermented veggies with New England Cooks chef Coppola.
John Sayles, CEO of the VT Foodbank, talks about helping our neighbors through deep & wide food insecurities.
Mr. Vincent reads about the harrowingly delicious adventure of Hugo the tiny mouse at the
mouse picnic.
“A party without cake is just a meeting.”
– Julia Child, author & public television celebrity chef
Fresh, Crisp & Enchanting
A satisfying meal and a great yarn from an experienced storyteller is a delightful combination. Want to capture their tale in order to hear their story again?

You can. Your smart phone can be turned easily into an audio recorder. Some Android devices even come with audio recording apps pre-installed. If not, the app store gives you a variety of recorders for very little denaro.

Once you have a recoding app on your phone, figure out where the phone’s mic is. Schooch up near the speaker, point the mic at them without obstructing the mic, and press “record.” A tall tale on a cold winter’s night is a warm treat indeed.
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