Getting It Done
Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to just get it done. “It” can be any number of things in your life that pull at you. Around now it may be getting your income tax filed or planning to do spring gardening. Exhausting just thinking about all the tasks. But we know that every task is easier if you are happy. So, today go out and find your happy...and happy belated vernal equinox, everyone!

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Dartmouth Rauner Special Collections holds so many delightful historical archives about which the equally delightful librarian Morgan Swan regals us.
Can’t get enough of Dartmouth Special Collections Education librarian Morgan Swan’s cool historical literary explanations.
This pre-covid Hartland library talk is about the chart topping Beatles album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
This three-part series takes a closer look at transgender issues in the Upper Valley. Part 1 Community Connections, Part 2 Community & Belonging, & Part 3 The Media are available on the CATV VOD library.
Cartoonist Mike Paige teaches us how to draw a comical lazy cat. Was feelin’ this one all winter!
“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught."
Winston Churchill
How Artsy
Have you ever seen the Classic Arts Showcase (CAS) which airs on CATV’s arts and education channel? CAS’s public service goal is to create new audiences to the arts. CAS airs ballet, symphonies, puppetry and other unusual arts performance clips drawn from public and private archives. CATV airs Classic Arts Showcase midnight to noon Monday through Friday on Comcast channel 1075, VTel channel 1169, and also simul-streamed in the “Broadcast Now” section of www.catv8.org.
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