With Arms Wide Open
Wow are we ever thankful this year! We're thankful for our community, our volunteers, our essential workers, our state and federal reps, bankers and accountants who've worked tirelessly to make sure that funding was secured and distributed to so many during this difficult time. We are thankful for the HACTC director, Hartford superintendent and school board for recognizing the value that CATV can bring to the kids' education and for giving CATV a new home. With heaping amounts of gratitude and arms wide open, we give you all a virtual hug.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
CATV is your voice, your media, your community.
Talented graphic illustrator David Macaulay unravels the complexities of science for us using his delightful illustrations.

An informative “How To” video that shows how to convert your bike into an electric bike.
Missing the enjoyment of a good art gallery opening? Hope to see you at AVA on the flip side! But until then, enjoy the area teen exhibit.
This systemic racism primer starts out a bit slow but provokes thoughtful discussion.
Discussion about incest, an ugly problem that has room to thrive during the pandemic.
"A lack of transparency results in distrust and a
deep sense of insecurity."
Dalai Lama
A World In Green 
CATV’s holiday present to the community is a large green screen (16'w x 8.5'h) which our elves are busy constructing. ETA January 2021.

Hmmm…don’t think it will fit under the Christmas tree…but it will bring lots of joy to the good girls and boys.
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