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Issue 2020-06                                                                      June 2020

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This  June 2020 newsletter highlights a number of current topics that we think are worth reporting on.
Please take a minute to read the below articles that may relate to the scan tools you presently own.
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Articles in this issue    
  • CAS Celebrates 25 Years

  • 'BIG 25' Give Away

  • G-scan 3 released

  • CAS and COVDI

  • Tech Support Article
CAS celebrates 25 years in operation!
It's hard to believe but 2020 marks the 25th year in business for CAS.

Wow, how things have changed from 1996 to today! When CAS started we were selling the "latest technology" in repair information, electronic estimating and shop management systems to automotive repair shops. The 'hot lick' set-up back then was DVD based information for a product called Mitchell 'On Demand'. It was replacing the books. We offered it with a desk top PC, twin 5 disc CD players and a 24 pin impact printer. You could also purchase a 'CAS' diagnostic terminal for scoping and running an engine through a series of diagnostic tests. And then you would hard wire network the whole package together.

CAS didn't initially sell scan tools until we were 'pressured' into it a few years after our start. The then national sales manager for Vetronix approached us. We started selling the GM Tech-1A and then the Tech-2 plus the Vetronix built Mastertech. In those days the Mastertech was the OEM factory tool for Honda/Acura, Toyota/Lexus, Isuzu, KIA and Suzuki. Back then just one subscription renewal updated all the tools. And, nothing 'timed out' if you didn't renew. Too bad it's not that way today as shops would save a ton of money on scan tools!

CAS was really just 3-4 people initially and three of them are still here today. Myself (John Jenkins) as well as Brian Dugay based out of Connecticut and Jeff Lemay based out of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

To celebrate our 25th year and to reward our customers for sticking with us all these years we are introducing a BIG 25 Anniversary Awards contest. See the below story line for the details on how you could win $25,000 in diagnostic equipment!
TECH-1A the original
GM scan tool

The Vetronix Mastertech was
the factory tool for 7 OEM's
Two of the original CAS reps! Jeff Lemay on the left and Brian Dugay on the right. Amazingly, neither of these guys have aged a bit in the 20+ years they have been with CAS! But, boy are they knowledgeable!
Win $25,000 in Diagnostic Equipment !
Click the above picture to down load the 'Big 25 Awards' flyer.

You do not have to enter to win. Simply place an order with CAS anytime in 2020 to qualify.

Winners will be announced during the year as checks are awarded to the winning shops.
To celebrate our 25th year in business CAS is giving away 25 'Big 25 Awards'! Every retail customer that makes a purchase in 2020 is eligible to win. And someone will win a $25,000 award. Here are the contest details:

Each calendar month in 2020, we will pick 2 orders that were entered into our system out of all orders processed in that month. (We had our resident Excel 'techno freak' create a program that randomly selects the orders to keep it fair!) CAS will then send that shop owner a check that is equal to 25% of the purchase price as a way to say thanks! We won't count shipping or tax in the rebate calculation. So, by year end there will be 24 lucky shop owners that will win a 'Big 25 Awards' rebate check. There is no limit to the dollar amount that can be awarded.

After we close the 2020 year out, in January 2021, we will randomly select one name out of all customer purchases in 2020. That shop will receive a $25,000 voucher redeemable for $25,000 in diagnostic equipment, subscription renewals, repairs, parts or any other items we currently offer for sale. Spend it all at once, or spend it over time. Every buyer has an equal chance of winning and yes you can win more than once during the year.
Gscan- 3 Announcement

A NEW ADDITION to the GScan family of tools was recently released; the G- s can 3 !

If you missed AAPEX 2019 last November then you missed the initial release of the G- s can 3. E-ZDS has developed this new scan tool, based on the same scan tool coverage as the GScan-1 and GScan-2, the G-scan 3 provides similar car line coverage from MY 1996 forward in an Android based platform.

One of the unique features with the G- s can 3 is the Tablet hardware this tool is delivered on. With a very large 10.4", very bright touch screen this new tool is very comfortable to navigate around while under hood or sitting in a vehicle.

From a scan tool perspective, the ' G- s can 3' provides the user with a host of functions including; 'All Systems Scan', 'DTC readouts with full name explanations', 'Data Stream Display', 'Auto Ranging Data Graphing' and 'Actuation Tests' as well as multiple 'Special Functions' capabilities. While G-scan 3 covers Domestic, Asian and European it is also the most complete scan tool solution for shops wishing to service Hyundai/KIA vehicles but don't want to spend the $9,000 required to gain access to these two tools. (Yes CAS carries these H/K OEM tools also)

If you want more on-line information including brochures, specs and videos on the newest G-scan, click the below link which will take you to the CAS 'OEM tools' web site section on G- s can 3. Link to G-scan 3

The G- s can 3 is priced at a very reasonable $3,495 which includes a 1 year software subscription and 1 year hardware warranty. Any CAS customer that has a CAS supplied G-scan 1 (or even the G-scan 2) can receive a trade up discount allowance off the $3,495 price. Ask us to put that on a low interest 'Baker's Dozen' lease and that's only $291/per month for 12 months even without a trade-up allowance ! NOTE: The 'Trade-up' promotion expires once our stock of GS3 Trade-Up kits as gone.

If you wish to speak with a CAS rep, or possibly see an in-shop demo, just give us a call at 877-263-4897 or call your local CAS rep directly. All CAS field reps have G- s can 3 units in their demonstration inventory!
G- s can Tab
connects to your laptop via Class 1 Bluetooth
G- s can 3
A new model that's an Android based tablet design
G- s can 2
The handheld version with an optional 5 trace scope
CAS and COVID 2019
Automotive Repair Shops and those businesses serving the 'Transportation Industry' are considered 'essential services' and as such it is suggested they stay open during the Covid crisis. CAS certainly fits that bill, especially when you consider we provide technical support, programming services and scan tool subscription monitoring and renewals. We have however made changes to keep our people safe while working.

The Insides Sales group currently works from home, while our office staff works staggered days to minimize personal contact and practice safe distancing. Tech Support is isolated from the other folks in the office.

Even the CAS field reps have made changes to their routines as they are encouraged to wear face masks and gloves when appropriate during day to day activities. That's Howard Sanders, our Detroit based rep in the picture above.The use of our Live-On-Line remote access software enables both field sale and tech support jump on a shops laptop if there are suspected issues or assistance is needed. Who thought his service would become so useful during a pandemic? If you are need of any form of assistance, call your CAS rep or CAS Tech Support, we're help to help during these trying times! 1-877-263-4897
Tech Topic: Subscription renewals x 13,000
This issue's Tech Topic i nvolves the subscription renewals process. Currently there are over 13,000 subscription renewals we process for our customers each year. Quite often the renewal process requires we speak with someone at the shop. Sometimes this call is just to provide the shop with a new authorization code. Other times, we are calling to gain access to the laptop the software runs on or to get the latest password the shop has assigned to the account .
Sometimes when we call, the person we need to speak with is not available and a message is left to call us back. Everyone gets busy and sometimes we never hear back from the shop. Ultimately what happens far too often is days later one of the techs turns on the scan tool app only to find out they are expired! So, the phones light up with 'panic' calls to get the apps running as there is a car in bays that needs the expired tool. Probably not the best way to 'run a railroad' as the saying goes. So, please call us back ASAP when you see a message that CAS Tech Support called. We are just trying to keep all your apps running! Thanks in advance for your past and future help!