There wasn't any fanfare or Press Releases when GM recently decided to end production of the Tech-2. They simply advised buyers that the Tech-2 was out of stock and no further production was planned. Just like that, one of the most successful and well designed hand held Factory Scan Tools came to an end! The good news is that both the Tech-2 and the CANdi Module can still be repaired! Simply call the CAS repair department or your CAS rep to initiate the repair.

CAS owns approximately 8 Tech-2 demo units that we will be selling off over the next few months at a discount. All CAS reps now only carry and sell GM's MDI-2 with the Tech-2 emulator program. If you are interested in this last chance to get an original OEM Tech-2, then call your CAS rep or the CAS offices ASAP!

Reach us at  1-877-263-4897 M-F 8:30am-5:30pm EST