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Issue 2020-11                                                                     November 2020

Welcome to this month's 'CAS Connections' newsletter!
This November 2020 newsletter highlights a number of current topics that we think are worth reporting on.
Please take a minute to read the below articles that may relate to the scan tools you presently own.
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Articles in this issue   
  • Targets for IDS users.

  • 'BIG 25' Winners!

  • Secure Gateway Release

  • Gscan Trade Up

  • Tech Support Article
Attention FORD IDS owners !
If you have purchased a Ford IDS package, then you are a shop owner that knows having the right tools for the job are key to getting vehicle services completed and doing so profitably. But, are you aware that Ford uses a set of floor mats to complete the 360 degree view camera calibration with the IDS? Without these mats any 360 degree camera calibrations cannot be completed even with an IDS hooked up. The good news is that unlike a number of Asian car lines, this is the only ADAS camera optical target required to allow for the servicing all Ford vehicles equipped with the 360 degree camera view option.
Ford's 360 Degree Camera Calibration Mats are shipped in two hard plastic storage tubes. The mats can be rolled out when needed and then rolled back up and stored in these same tubes when not in use.

CAS has these targets and tubes in stock and ready to ship. Call your CAS rep to place an order today while they are currently available!
BIG 25 Winners Keep Winning !
Click the above picture to down load the 'Big 25 Awards' flyer.

You do not have to enter to win. Simply place an order with CAS anytime in 2020 to qualify.

Winners will be announced during the year as checks are awarded to the winning shops.
To celebrate our 25th year in business CAS has been giving away 25 'Big 25 Awards'! Every retail customer that makes a purchase in 2020 is eligible to win. And someone will win a $25,000 award. Here are the contest details:

Each calendar month in 2020, we are picking 2 orders that were entered into our system out of all orders processed in that month. (We had our resident Excel 'techno freak' Tom Lovely create a program that randomly selects the orders to keep it fair!) CAS will then send that shop owner a check that is equal to 25% of the purchase price as a way to say thanks! We won't count shipping or tax in the rebate calculation. So, by year end there will be 24 lucky shop owners that will win a 'Big 25 Awards' rebate check. There is no limit to the dollar amount that can be awarded.

After we close the 2020 year out, in January 2021, we will randomly select one name out of all customer purchases in 2020. That shop will receive a $25,000 voucher redeemable for $25,000 in diagnostic equipment, subscription renewals, repairs, parts or any other items we currently offer for sale. Spend it all at once, or spend it over time. Every buyer has an equal chance of winning and yes you can win more than once during the year.
Here are some of the Big 25 Winners
It's not too late - You can be a winner too - Call your CAS Rep!
Jim Basal
Basal Transmissions
Glastonbury, CT.
100% rebate for a recent
On-Site Scan Tool Rental supported by his CAS Rep Brian Dugay
Church and Sons
Burton, Michigan
$1,000+ Rebate on
subscription renewals for their GM, Ford and FCA
factory scan tools
Grand Rapids Motorcar
Grand Rapids, Michigan
$1,500+ Rebate on multiple scan tools subscriptions
John Grusnick
Great Lakes Auto
Repair Services
Pontiac, Michigan
$493 Rebate on his new Panasonic CF-54 Toughbook laptop. Supported by local CAS Rep Howard Sanders
Pro Tech Automotive Solutions
Lewisville, Texas
25% rebate on their recent Gscan-3 subscription renewal. CAS Rep John Gue
Greg Pysh
Tech Center Auto Electric
Warren, Michigan
$900+ Rebate on Big Three OEM Scan Tools (GM-Ford-FCA) renewals supported by his local CAS Rep Howard Sanders
Gscan and FCA Secure Gateway Access

A NEW ADDITION to the GScan family of tools was recently released; the G-scan 3 !

If you missed AAPEX 2019 last November then you missed the initial release of the G-scan 3. E-ZDS has developed this new scan tool, based on the same scan tool coverage as the GScan-1 and GScan-2, the G-scan 3 provides similar car line coverage from MY 1996 forward in an Android based platform.

One of the unique features with the G-scan 3 is the Tablet hardware this tool is delivered on. With a very large 10.4", very bright touch screen this new tool is comfortable to navigate around while under hood or sitting in a vehicle.

From a scan tool perspective, the 'G-scan 3' provides the user with a host of functions including; 'All Systems Scan', 'DTC readouts with full name explanations', 'Data Stream Display', 'Auto Ranging Data Graphing' and 'Actuation Tests' as well as multiple 'Special Functions' capabilities. While G-scan 3 covers Domestic, Asian and European it is also the most complete scan tool solution for shops wishing to service Hyundai/KIA vehicles but don't want to spend the $9,000 required to gain access to these two factory tools. (Yes CAS carries these H/K OEM tools also)

If you want more on-line information including brochures, specs and videos on the newest G-scan, click the below link which will take you to the CAS 'OEM tools' web site section on G-scan 3. Link to G-scan 3

If you wish to speak with a CAS rep, or possibly see an in-shop demo, just give us a call at 877-263-4897 or call your local CAS rep directly. All CAS field reps have G-scan 3 units in their demonstration inventory!
G-scan Tab
connects to your laptop via Class 1 Bluetooth
G-scan 3
A new model that's an Android based tablet design
G-scan 2
The handheld version with an optional 5 trace scope
Gscan Trade Up Program Ending !
E-ZDS and GIT have been offering a trade up program for Gscan-1 owners to trade-up to the latest Gscan tool, the Gscan-3. Gscan-1 was retired appx. one year ago due to hardware limitations that prevented further development. To help GS1 owners to update their scan tool, there has been a trade up offer running during all of 2020. This program is scheduled to end on December 31st, 2020.

As an additional incentive, CAS customers who are ordering their annual software renewals can add the GS1-GS3 Trade Up package on the same order and then put the whole order on a Balanced Billing payment plan. This will then give the shop 10 equal monthly payments with no interest charges! Gscan-3 is the only aftermarket scan too that provides access to both the FCA secure gateway vehicles and Hyundai/Kia and Genesis secured systems. So, act now before year's end to take advantage of this offer ! Contact CAS @ 1-877-263-4897 or e-mail sales@oemtools.com
Tech Topic: Our Most Frequent Support Call ?
This issue's Tech Topic involves one of the most frequent issues causing a call into CAS Tech Support. We are at just over 14,000 calls logged, so we know of what we speak. One of the most common calls involves the Chrysler wiTech MicroPod-2 not powering up. The situation occurs when a tech plugs the MicroPod into the vehicle's DLC port and the LED lights (there are 3) on the Pod stay dark. First impression is the pod is defective and a call is made to CAS Tech Support for help and a loaner MicroPod. That's where we say the first thing is to run what we call
a 'quick test' to confirm it's really the pod. What test is that? It's simple, try plugging the Pod into another vehicle! What, you don't have another Chrysler? That's fine because we want the pod plugged into ANY vehicle to test the lights. Our experience shows that 99% of the time the problem is not the pod but it's the actual vehicle. So, if the Pod lights up on another vehicle, you know you have a power issue on the DLC plug and not the MicroPod.

Still, techs may wonder what those lights are saying when they do light up. [CLICK HERE] to download a document that explains the various LED combinations possible. In the mean time, call CAS Tech Support if you ran this 'quick test' and still don't see the light!