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Issue 2020-01                                                                          January 2020

Welcome to this month's 'CAS Connections' newsletter!
This  January 2020 newsletter highlights a number of current topics that we think are worth reporting on.
Please take a minute to read the below articles that may relate to the scan tools you presently own.
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Articles in this issue    
  • Gscan developments

  • Windows 7 Support ends

  • Gscan product update

  • Ford price increase

  • Tech Support surveys
E-ZDS ends updates for G-scan1 while CAS continues G-scan2 upgrade program
It's been almost 10 years since the introduction of the GScan-1 and we are now approaching the end of available software updates. E-ZDS recently announced the reasoning and their 'phase out' plans for the GScan-1. As the software development for the GScan family of tools has continued, the memory requirements to contain the software has also continued to increase. Unfortunately, the GScan-1 memory is hitting the wall on it's ability to hold all the releases.

Additionally, E-ZDS (The GScan developer) states that there are hardware limitations with the GScan-1 being able to perform some of the advanced functions being introduced.

The phase out plans allowed for GScan-1 customers to continue to buy 1 year subscription renewals through the end of 2018. Effective January 1, 2019 renewals were not offered. Normal software releases continued through all of 2019. However, there were no further Hyundai/KIA releases and any new model lines were not available to be added to GScan-1.

E-ZDS and CAS have arranged an attractive upgrade-up program for GScan-1 owners to upgrade their GScan-1 to a GScan-2. Priced at less than two times the cost of a software renewal, customers can exchange their GScan-1 for a new GScan-2 which includes a one year warranty and one year subscription!

It should also be noted that repairs for the GScan-1 will continue for a number of years.

CAS customers wishing to take advantage of this upgrade offer should contact their local CAS rep or call the CAS offices at  1-877-263-4897.
We are open M-F 8:30am-5:30pm EST !
Software releases coming
to an end January 1, 2020
A stopwatch or timer with the words Time is Running Out to warn you that the clock is ticking and the deadline or finish point is near and you should hurry or speed up to complete the game or job
Available as an upgrade through a special program offering from CAS and E-ZDS
WINDOWS 7 - Support ends this month
Microsoft announced in 2019 the "end of support" for Windows 7. The official deadline is January 14, 2020. So how will this affect you and what do you do if you are using any laptop based scan tools with a Win7 operating system?

You have three choices at this point:
  1. Do nothing! If you choose to not update your laptop you will no longer be receiving any security updates from Microsoft. Which means its now 'open season' on your PC for hackers, viruses and malware. Additionally, most OEM's have already announced they will not provide technical assistance to anyone using Windows 7 with their applications. Nor will they guarantee usability of their future releases when loaded into a Win 7 O/S.
  2. Upgrade your operation system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This option is not available to everyone as a lot of the hardware that is out there running on Win7 is not robust enough to effectively run a Win10 O/S.
  3. Replace your hardware (aka: Laptop) with a new model built for running Windows 10.

CAS can provide you with either option 2 or 3, depending on your present hardware versions. Call us today to meet the 1-14-2020 deadline!
'TAB' Introduced
A NEW ADDITION to the GScan family of tools was recently released; the G- s can Tab !

As part of an overall strategy to offer the GScan tooling to the many shops using a laptop PC as their scan tool platform, E-ZDS has developed this new scan tool. Based on the same scan tool software as the GScan-1 and GScan-2, the 'TAB' provides similar car line coverage from MY 1996 forward.

One of the unique features with the G- s can Tab is the wireless Bluetooth enabled interface it uses which is a Class 1 Bluetooth device. Many Bluetooth devices today are Class 2, giving them a useful range of approximately 30 feet. (Think of wireless headsets). While Class 1 Bluetooth devices have a theoretical range of 300 feet and a practical range of 90 feet. This assumes the host laptop's Bluetooth hardware is also Class 1.

From a scan tool perspective, the 'TAB' provides the user with a host of functions including; 'All Systems Scan', 'DTC readouts with full name explanations', 'Data Stream Display', 'Auto Ranging Data Graphing' and 'Actuation Tests' as well as multiple 'Special Functions' capabilities. Click this link for a view of 'The G-scanTab Quick Reference Guide' . Being Windows based also allows for easy printouts when shops need Pre or Post Scan results documented.

If you want more on-line information regarding the G-scan Tab, click this link which will take you to the GIT web site: https://g-scan.gitauto.com:6510/eng/product/list3.asp.

The G-scan Tab is priced at $2,495 and there is a CAS 'Laptop Loyalty' program discount available. Any CAS customer that has a CAS supplied PC can receive a $250 discount off the $2,495 price. Ask us to put that on a low interest 'Baker's Dozen' lease and that's only $191/per month for 12 months! NOTE: The 'Laptop Loyalty' promotion expires March 30th, 2020.

If you wish to speak with a CAS rep, or possibly see an in-shop demo, just give us a call at 877-263-4897 or call your local CAS rep directly. All CAS field reps have G-scan Tab units in their demonstration inventory!
G- s can Tab connects to 
PC via Class 1 Bluetooth enabled DLC connector
G- s can Tab
a Windows PC version
of the GScan-2
G- s can Tab can be loaded on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 Laptop
$250 OFF
If your shop owns a CAS supplied laptop be sure to mention this promotion when speaking with your CAS rep !
FORD Raises IDS subscription pricing
Another price increase from the OEMs!

' Death and Taxes' are often mentioned as the only sure things in life, however I might want to add a third. " Subscription renewal cost increases".

Effective January 6th, Ford has increased the cost of their IDS subscription from $849 to $900. Although this is not a major price increase (Like FCA's earlier price changes or GM's SPS subscription changes) it is an increase in the overall cost of doing business.

The Good News is that if you are currently under a CAS TAS Balanced Billing program and there is an IDS subscription renewal pending , you will be charged the lower $849 renewal fee. At last check it looked like there were over 100 shops in this situation. That figures out to $5,000. in savings to the group!

So, when your CAS Rep next calls you to renew your TAS with Balanced Billing program, remember that one of the benefits of this exclusive CAS program is the price protection provided on all your subscriptions renewed through CAS!
Tech Topic: Customer feedback results !
CAS Tech Support / Repair Department is available M-F 8:30AM - 5:00PM
This issue's Tech Topic is about self improvement! CAS had started a weekly customer survey on how to improve the CAS Tech Support operation. This program was initiated in 2019. We thought that we were doing a good job, but it was felt a weekly survey to the CAS customers who called in would give us a perspective on what our customers think.

So, after months of sending out weekly surveys we are seeing some very encouraging results. On a scale of 1-10 the CAS Tech support is averaging 9.8 out of 10 points! We plan on continuing sending out surveys in 2020, hoping for lots of feedback and possibly some good ideas on how we can further improve.
If you receive one of our e-mail survey requests, we would hope you fill it out. The survey takes less than a minute and there are only 6 questions. Plus an area where you can include any comments you want to add. Your survey feedback will allow the CAS Tech Support operation to serve you better. Thanks in advance for your past and future help!