October 13, 2021
Upcoming CARMA Events in October
Oct. 15 - Webcast Lecture by Dr. Samantha Anderson (Power Analysis with Regression Models)
Oct. 15 - Topic Interest Group Launch: Building Our Community
Oct. 29 - Webcast Lecture by Dr. Timothy Pollock (Writing about Methods and Results)
Oct. 29 - PhD Prep Series
Nov. 12 - Webcast Lecture by Dr. Lillian Eby (Funding at NIH: Topics, Processes, Research Methods)
Webcast Lecture:
Fri Oct 15, 12:00 - 1:30 ET
Power Analysis with Regression Models

Dr. Samantha Anderson from Arizona State University will present CARMA's second Webcast Lecture of the 2021-22 academic year. Zoom Webinar Link will be available under "Active Meetings" in the CARMA User Area.

This presentation will center on planning the appropriate sample size for studies using linear regression analyses. Just as researcher goals and intentions can vary across studies, different approaches to sample size planning have been developed to help design studies that will be successful at reaching these goals. I will begin with some background on sample size and statistical power in the behavioral sciences and how power has an impact on the field. Then, given that deciding upon an appropriate value for the effect size can be especially challenging when sample size planning for regression, I will describe two approaches to sample size planning for desired statistical power...

Webcast Lecture:
Fri Oct 29, 12:00 - 1:30 ET
Writing about Methods and Results

Dr. Timothy Pollock from The University of Tennessee will present CARMA's third Webcast Lecture of 2021-22 academic year. Zoom Webinar Link will be available under "Active Meetings" in the CARMA User Area.

Tim is the Haslam Chair in Business and Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Management Department of the University of Tennessee – Knoxville Haslam College of Business. Prior to joining Haslam, he held faculty positions at Penn State University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Broadly defined, his research focuses on the social construction of value in uncertain and ambiguous circumstances, particularly the contexts of corporate governance, executive compensation, and entrepreneurial market environments, with a focus on the initial public offerings (IPO) market...
Our CARMA Team is excited to welcome over 135 universities worldwide to our Institutional Premium and Basic Membership Programs. We have a great line-up of events scheduled, and we will be updating you monthly via our CARMA Messenger. Please note several important changes you will benefit from in the upcoming year:

1. We now have improved access to CARMA live events using Zoom for faculty and students at all Premium Member schools. Recordings of the lectures will be available in the Video Library for Premium and Basic Institutional Members.

2. We now offer an expanded set of Topic Interest Groups (TIG) for members. Our TIGs will meet regularly, also with live, individual viewing access using Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings. The Topic Areas for 2021-2022 include Structural Equation Methods (SEM), Multilevel Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Advanced Regression Analysis, Open Science and Replication Research, Big Data, and Languages, Packages & Tools. Our first TIG meeting is on October 15th. Recordings of the Topic Interest Groups will be available in the Video Library for Premium and Basic Institutional Members.

3. We now offer RMEP-PhD Prep Series for our members. The CARMA RMEP-PhD Prep Series 2021-2022 is available only to students and faculty who are associated with organizations that are CARMA Institutional Premium or Basic Members. The RMEP-PhD Prep Series consists of seven live online events that focus on developing research methods knowledge and skills needed for success as a doctoral student and faculty member. Different sessions will focus on topics related to the specific needs of early, middle, and late-stage doctoral students.

4. We now offer an expanded set of Live and Online Short Courses for several global regions, with sessions being planned for November, January, April, May, and June. Members can attend any session regardless of their location, and a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative courses will be available (see information below). Members will receive a 50% discount.

5. We revised the Research Methods Education Program by adding a new PhD Prep Series and new digital badges.

We welcome your feedback about our new and traditional programs, please let us know how we can better serve your needs related to research methods education. Good luck with all you are doing, be safe, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

Dr. Larry Williams, CARMA Director on behalf of the CARMA Team:
Ezgi Dogan, Assistant Director
Mamata Anil Parab, Data Analytics Coordinator
Anna Cobbs, Marketing/Member Relations Coordinator
Andie Giles, Marketing/Member Relations Coordinator
Improved Access to Live Events:

Only Institutional Premium Members, DSDP Members, and PhD Program Affiliate Program Members will have Live Access using the Zoom link found under "Active Meetings" in the CARMA User Area. Recordings will be available in CARMA Video Library after the events.

Note: Preregistration Not Required

To access the CARMA Live Events please follow the steps below:
  • Go to your User Area on the CARMA Homepage.
  • Once you login, in the middle, you will see the section “Active Meetings”.
  • There you will find the access link with the title, date, and time of the upcoming event ONE HOUR before the event under this section.
  • Click the "Join" button on the right side.
  • If you have any problems, contact us at carma@ttu.edu.

CARMA Calendar:

CARMA now offers a CARMA Calendar where you can find upcoming events with details for each one. Additionally, you can export all events into Google Calendar or ICAL Export. From the CARMA Calendar screen, you can export all events through the "+ Export Events" button at the bottom of the page, or you can click on individual events and export them on their details page through the "+ Google Calendar" or "+ ICAL Exports" buttons.

To access the CARMA Calendar please follow the steps below:
  • Go to your User Area on the CARMA Homepage.
  • Once you login, click "Events" on the top row.
  • There, under "Events", you will click the "Master Schedule" tab.
  • If you have any problems, contact us at carma@ttu.edu.

CARMA Short Courses are now offered live and online through the CARMA Virtual Global Classroom using Zoom. A total of 40 courses were offered last year targeting global regional areas of North America, Australia, South America, Europe, and Asia. For 2021-22, an expanded set of Live Online Short Courses will be offered.  
CARMA's next set of Live Online Short Courses is in January 2022 (4th-7th) sponsored by the University of South Carolina:

  1. “Introduction to R and Data Analysis” – Dr. Tonidandel, UNCC
  2. “Introduction to Multilevel Analysis with R” – Dr. Bliese, University of South Carolina
  3.  “Introduction to SEM with LAVAAN” – Dr. Vandenberg, University of Georgia
  4. “Statistical Analysis of Text with R” – Dr. Stanton, Syracuse University
  5. “Advanced Data Analysis with R” – Dr. DeSimone, The University of Alabama
  6. “Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in R” – Dr. O’Boyle, Indiana University
  7. “Introduction to Python for Research”– Dr. Kiley, Oklahoma State University
  8. “Model Evaluation with Your Data: Intermediate SEM” – Dr. Williams, Texas Tech University
  9. “Advanced Qualitative Methods for Micro-Management Research” – Dr. Hollensbe, University of Cincinnati
  10. “Mixed Methods and Qualitative Comparative Analysis”– Dr. Greckhamer, Louisiana State University

Registration is open, members receive a 50% discount, and the early, advanced registration discount is available until November 1st.