May 4th ,2016

Secretary General Ag. T. Wankin with ICT Business Competitors
CANTO Seeks to Change Girls' Views on ICT

"You have two essential powers - the power within and the power of ICT. Use the power within to develop your attitudes and discipline, your dreams and aspirations, and use the power of ICT to help you realize these dreams. You are living in exciting times and if you invest time and work in developing these two powers you will create magic in your life..."  Mrs. Teresa Wankin, Acting Secretary General of CANTO delivered these powerful and impactful words in her address to over 130 young ladies at the Bishop Centenary College in Trinidad & Tobago; April 28th, 2016.
These words set the stage for the International Annual Girls in ICT Day celebrations observed annually on the 4th Thursday in April. The initiative is backed by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) member states to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the burgeoning field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). The theme for 2016 was: "Expanding Horizons Changing Attitudes".

CANTO team (Center) flanked by Huawei reps.
CANTO Visits Huawei T&T

The Chairman of CANTO, Mr. Julian Wilkins and Acting Secretary General Teresa Wankin met with the General Manager of Huawei Technologies  Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.,  Mr. Jason Deng and team on Wednesday 27th April , 2016.

The visit sought to strengthen the relationship between CANTO and Huawei   Headline Sponsor of CANTO 2016 in Puerto Rico.

Huawei  committed to work with CANTO on the CSR initiative - Product Take-Back and Recycling Partnership and the Girls in ICT Day Forum. The two projects will have a positive impact on both CANTO and Huawei's corporate social image in Trinidad and Tobago.

Update: Huawei sponsored two Huawei smart phones to the second place winners  of the Girls in ICT Business Competition. 

CANTO Meets With CEO of IGovTT

T he Chairman  of CANTO , Mr. Julian Wilkins and Secretary General  Teresa Wankin touched based with CEO Trevor Libert and Sheryann Singh, Communications Manager of iGovTT. The meeting held at the iGovTT Office on the 27th of April aimed to strengthen the relationship between CANTO and iGovTT and  to  apprise iGovTT of the  ongoing projects at CANTO. The two  current projects which IGovTT pledged to  review are the Girls in ICT 2016 and the CSR CANTO Take-Back and Recycling Partnership .

CANTO  continues to  visit its stakeholder and members  to strengthen ties and  foster partnership in order to build the ICT ecosystem in the region.

Update: iGovTT sponsored over 100 flash-drives to the students of Bishop Centenary College  at the Girls in ICT Forum.

The Girls in ICT Forum, Exhibition and ICT Business Competition were made possible by the following partners and sponsors: FLOW, TSTT (Blink -Bmobile), Huawei, University of Trinidad &Tobago (UTT), Pure Events Ltd., Nestle, Bermudez, Premier Party Rentals, Double X Workshop, Office Authority, Very Exciting Things, Soroptimist International POS, iGovTT, KCL Capital Market Brokers Ltd. And Microsoft Trinidad &Tobago

CANTO 32nd AGM Scores 82%

CANTO's 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM)  held in Haiti was attended by 93 delegates. The candid comments were greatly appreciated and will help us to improve the quality of our next Annual General Meeting. CANTO received an overall  satisfaction  rate of 82.4%

CANTO Product Take-Back and Recycling Partnership

The Partnership is an initiative of the CANTO Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Working Committee, which has identified and highlighted the issue of the improper management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (known as WEEE or e-wastes globally) as a critical one for the Caribbean region over the past two (2) years. It is to this end that the CANTO CSR Committee has produced two (2) Guidance Documents in order to promote the environmentally sound management (ESM) of e-waste among the CANTO membership and within the Caribbean:
  • Best Practices for the Environmentally Sound Management of Mobile Handsets and Equipment
  • Best Practices for the Establishment of Take-back Systems for Mobile Handsets
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From Left Hon. Maxie Cuffie- Min of Public Administration;Teresa Wankin,Secretary General and Chairman Julian Wilkins of CANTO
Cuffie Gets Courtesy Call from Telecomms Trade Body
BY: Loop News
11:10, April 28, 2016
On Wednesday, April 27, the Chairman of CANTO Julian Wilkins and Teresa Wankin, Secretary-General (Ag.) paid a courtesy call on Minister of Public Administration and Communications
Maxie Cuffie at his NALIS Building, Port of Spain office.
CANTO is the leading telecommunications trade organisation in the Caribbean recognised internationally for its leadership in the industry. CANTO's objective is to establish a forum through which Caribbean Telecommunication Organisations may exchange information and expertise pertaining to the telecommunications field, generate inputs for orderly growth of the sectors, formulate policy and consider matters of mutual interest to its members.
Apart from the main topic of telecommunications and information and communications technology, the disposal of e-waste, the upcoming Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition (CANTO 2016) and the Ministry's commemoration of the annual Girls in ICT Day 2016, were discussed.

Tricia Balthazar Service Dev. Manager of CANTO
ICT Collaboration Forum 
The CTU hosted the first Caribbean ICT Collaboration Forum on February 18-19th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Trinidad & Tobago. ICT stakeholders were brought together to develop collaborative mechanisms to promote comprehensive planning and execution of ICT projects with the potential for regional impact. 
CANTO's Service Development Manager  presented on the Broadband Infrastructure Inventory and Public Awareness in the Caribbean (BIIPAC) Project. The objectives of this project are to support the design of national broadband strategies in the Caribbean region and to identify the regional aspects that need to be incorporated into these strategies in order to promote regional coordination.
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