Message from Your CAMA President

There is Strength in Numbers

I think we can all agree that our lives are starting to feel normal again. Our association has held two live events this year and although participation was lower than usual, the overall vibes were positive and most of us felt that we are back on the road to business as usual.

Our latest in-person event which was our annual trade show in September was held in a totally different format than in previous years. This year our show co-located with the annual Convenience U CARWACS shows. There is a lot of crossover amongst all three industries, and I believe that the shared concept brought significant value to both our operators and suppliers that attended this year. It also provided stakeholders with an opportunity of being involved in a much larger event.  Everyone that we have spoken to is in agreement that this is a concept that should be pursued for future events.

Tickets for the awesome prize draws that were put together to help replenish CAMA’s financial resources are still available. The deadline to purchase these tickets is November 30th, so don’t hesitate and buy now. CAMA needs your support and the odds of winning are great. More information on the draw, prizes and purchase information can be found in this newsletter and our website.

Fall is a busy time for everyone and the struggle with labour shortages as well as product shortages has added another level of stress to everyone’s life. Just hang in there and remain optimistic as it will improve, it always has in the past. We are a strong and resilient Industry and we must support each other and grow together. The saying “there is strength in numbers” has never rang more truly. 

As always, please reach out and support our advertising suppliers as they are the backbone of our association. On another note, we always need to grow the membership in our association for the benefit of everyone. If you know of an operator or supplier that would be a good fit for membership then please promote our association to them and have them contact our office

On a closing note, take care and we hope to see you at our next event.

Jim Jackson
CAMA President
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