Due to your overwhelming response, all rooms under our block at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel sold out very quickly even though we had a very large inventory reserved compared to last year.  We have negotiated some other options for your accommodations which are outlined below. These overflow hotels will become available on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 12:00 Noon EST.  Members will receive a direct e-mail at that time and the information will also be available on the Conference website.


Why You Should Not Wait to Book Your Accommodations?

CAMA has the maximum number of rooms at the Fairmont Banff Springs that we are permitted and our block is SOLD OUT. While cancellations do happen especially closer to the Conference, the expectation of getting a room even on a wait list is not realistic as it is high season in Banff, so you should not wait to book a room at one of the overflow hotels. Waiting until the last minute will result in limited availability at any hotel in Banff and not at any of the negotiated rates.


Why are the Rates at the Overflow Hotels Not the Same as the Fairmont Banff Springs?

As you are aware, we negotiated an incredible rate at the Banff Springs several years ago, and although these overflow hotels are higher in price, they are still reasonable in the Banff market and much lower than if you were booking on your own outside of the blocks. Rates are based on supply and demand and June is a peak time for hotels in the tourism industry.


What Overflow Hotels are Available?

CAMA has negotiated a room block rate of $399.00 per night (plus a mandatory $9.00 per night Group Surcharge) at the Rimrock Resort Hotel for CAMA delegates, as well as a discounted rate of 20% off at other hotels all located in the Banff National Park that are owned by the Banff Lodging Company.


Will there be a Shuttle Bus Service from Overflow Hotels to the Fairmont?

A shuttle bus service will be provided from the Rimrock to the Fairmont during peak times of the Conference. For those delegates staying at the Banff Lodging Hotels there will be direct routes to the Fairmont using the Roam Transit Service as their guests ride for free (except for the Rocky Mountain Resort which is outside the Town boundary).


What happens to your non-refundable deposit if you book at the Rimrock Hotel and are able to secure a room at the Fairmont? The non-refundable deposit at the Rimrock Hotel is forfeited and will not be refunded. 




In the journey of any organization, milestones serve as markers of progress, achievements, and the unwavering commitment of its members. Today, we gather to celebrate a significant achievement that marks our collective dedication and growth - the attainment of 750 members. It's a momentous occasion for our community, and it wouldn't have been possible without the support, passion, and contributions of every single member.

From the very beginning, our organization has been built on the principles of collaboration, support, and the belief that together, we can achieve great things. Over fifty years ago, we started with just a few members who shared a common goal, and we've now grown into a vibrant community of 750 individuals, each with their unique strengths and aspirations.

The attainment of 750 members is more than a numerical achievement; it's a symbol of unity, growth, and the unwavering dedication of our community. As we look back on our journey and look forward to the road ahead, we can be proud of what we've achieved together. With 750 members, our possibilities are limitless, and our future is bright. We celebrate this milestone not just as an endpoint but as a step in an ongoing journey of collective progress and success. Here's to 750 members, and to the countless milestones yet to come!

Please pass along our membership information to any of your colleagues or staff. New members receive 50% off for the first year and since we are half way through our fiscal year the membership is also valid until March 31, 2025.

Just two weeks remain before the Intelligent Cities Summit: focusing on enhancing cities of all sizes through technology, bringing decision-makers, experts and tech providers together.

Explore topics like smart buildings, data, and technology's role in city development. Delve into future city dynamics, privacy concerns, and the impact of remote work on urban life. 

Join us to exchange ideas, network, and meet municipal leaders and global experts on October 24 - 25, 2023, at The Boulevard Club in Toronto. Register now using CAMA2023 for a 25% discount on tickets. Discover why 9 out of 10 attendees endorse the Intelligent Cities Summit today!

Kerry Van Ham, Administrative Services Manager, Town of Taber, AB

Michael Moore, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Creston, BC

Jennifer Boyd, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Berwick, NS

Steve Shypowskyj, Director of Public Works, City of Port Colborne, ON

Gary Sawatzky, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Acme, AB

Lana Antony, Municipal Clerk, Town of Coaldale, AB

Cheryl Finn, General Manager, City of London, ON

Kevin Gannon, Director of Community Services, Kneehill County, AB



CAMA's Human Resources Toolkit is designed to provide information regarding several different human resource topics with support through samples and links. Today's featured topic is Training upon Orientation.

An employee's first training should include a formal orientation of their role with the organization, their team and the department in which they work. Equipping employees with the information they need to be successful will help increase their confidence and ability for high performance. Comprehensive employee orientations can serve to alleviate misconceptions of the role and establish realistic expectations and positive relationships within the organization while introducing them to relevant policies and procedures. A strong orientation program can also help the employee feel more valued and contribute to the long-term retention of the employee.

Visit the Development & Training Chapter of the Human Resources Toolkit to learn more about the following topics: Training and Development Policies, Leadership Training, Business Operational Training, Continuous Improvement, Employee Engagement, Safety Training, Ongoing Professional Development and Training for Employees, Employee Recognition Program, Follow-up and Documentation and many other Helpful Resources.

The Toolkit can be found in the CAMA's Member's Section (Click the Toolkit Button).

Avoid Seeking Happiness at Work

Seeking happiness at work is not the end-goal. Rather, happiness will emerge if you seek a work life that is engaging and energizing.

By Dr. Frank Benest, ICMA

Read the Full Article Here.



Town of Caledon, ON

Population Between 20,001 and 100,000

Low Carbon Town Facility Major Construction Projects

In February 2022, Town Council adopted the update of its Corporate Green Building Standard to ensure new Town-owned buildings achieve energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions targets, and seeks to improve resiliency to climate impacts. The renovation of the Humber River Centre (HRC) and expansion of the Caledon East Community Centre (CECC) showcase the Standard and excellence in green building practices. The HRC renovation repurposed an old fire hall to a multi-use community space that will be 67.5% more energy efficient and reduces its operational greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to business-as-usual. The green building measures include air source heat pumps and energy recovery ventilators, increased insulation, on-demand electric water heaters, a building automation system and LED lighting. The 52,000 square foot expansion of the CECC saves energy and is anticipated to reduce emissions by 50% compared to business-as-usual, by recovering heat from the ice plant to heat the water for the new pool and the in-floor heat in the expansion, energy efficient equipment and lighting, and improved insulation. The Town seeks to lead by example and the CGBS is an effective tool to help reach its climate targets.


To view the entire awards submission visit the CAMA Member's Section/Awards of Excellence Best Practices (Search for "Low Carbon").

District of Squamish, Resort Municipaity of Whistler & Squamish Nation, BC

Population Between 20,001 and 100,000

Embodied Emissions Guide

Recognizing the need and opportunity to consider embodied carbon at the local level, the District of Squamish, Resort Municipality of Whistler and Squamish Nation partnered with the Community Energy Association (CEA) to create an Embodied Carbon Guide for BC Municipalities, with enabling assistance from a ‘GameChanger’ grant provided by CEA. BC Hydro provided additional funding to expand the scope of the project. The projected consisted of 3 main phases:

Phase 1 of the project included inventory and modelling methodology research. An understanding of each communities embodied emissions was developed, and reduction pathway scenarios were explored. A multi-stakeholder committee was established to guide the project.

Phase 2 focused on identifying and evaluating the main actions a smaller local government can take. There are four main categories of actions: Policy and regulation; Removing barriers and providing incentives for low carbon materials; Capacity building to facilitate industry transformation; and Complementary strategies and advocacy to higher levels of government.

In Phase 3, a Guide was created that will help assess lifecycle carbon, energy, and cost implications of pathways for buildings to inform local government.


To view the entire awards submission visit the CAMA Member's Section/Awards of Excellence Best Practices (Search for "Embodied Emissions").

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