Volume 5 | Issue 3, 2021
CADA News and Information!
ATTENTION: Artistic Opportunity!
Be a part of the Milestones Conference Virtual Art Exhibit!

It's easy to submit your art. Just upload a digital file of your artwork!

Guidelines for applying:
  • For young adults, 15+
  • Art photo submitted must be original work
  • Images of one or two pieces of art per artist
  • Art can be any size as long as it can be photographed
  • Art can be two- or three-dimensional and made of any material (this includes paintings, printmaking, drawings, photography, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, craftwork, sculptures, etc).
  • No performance art will be accepted
  • Art must be appropriate for all ages

The deadline is April 1. Don't miss out!

Theatre on Spectrum Company members play Trivia every Tuesday! Now you can join along via YouTube live streaming! Below: Last week's Trivia Tuesday.
Call-Outs for a Cause:
An Improv Show/Fundraiser
March 20 - Teacher Workshop!
Accessible Expressions Open Mic!
One-Act Play Festival Cast Reveal
Spring Class Schedule
We are offering advanced classes for long-term students seeking the next level in their theatre education, as well as new areas of interest. Check it out!
CADA Student Spotlight: Tommy
Tommy has been taking classes with CADA since we were at the Evans Building. He had been a part of various local autistic social groups and none of them had been quite the right fit, but "he feels that CADA gets it right." In fourth grade, he played the Narrator in a school play. "He was making up all these funny lines... and he was just kind of a natural!"

Tommy says he considers himself an actor, and that he's not as big on writing, which can be very time-consuming. When asked if this is why he has enjoyed Improv in the past, allowing him to think on his feet and respond in real time, he wisely said: "I let the mouth speak for itself."

Tommy's mom, Laura, said: "I had these two goals: (1) work on his social skills and (2) make friends. But I think a really big thing that I didn't expect is... he's so funny! And these classes are an opportunity for him to just be his funny self and kind of work on his comedy. It's just been such a good experience."

"We would get in the car on Saturday and we would drive over and just do drama. That was something that we shared, and it was really cool. So now he just gets on the phone. It was a little dicey [at first], but now he loves it. He has no qualms being on Zoom at all."
CADA Staff Spotlight: Hallie Quinn Heffernan
Hallie Quinn Heffernan will be teaching Musical Theatre on Thursdays at 7:00-8:00 PM ET from April 15 to June 10, 2021.

Hallie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Ohio Northern University and has performed in several professional venues around the state of Ohio. She grew up in a very artistic household and was always encouraged to use music, drama, and dance as a form of expression and creativity. She fell in love with acting when she was eleven years old, and never stopped! 

Hallie says: "Theatre is so much more than just an art form, a profession or an industry. Ask anyone in theatre and they will tell you that it is truly a part of who we are. We practice and work hard for it because it is our truest love and passion. It is not only a way to express oneself artistically, but it is also a fabulous study of human beings. You can truly learn the most about your true self, and you can learn about people different than you from acting, and that is the reason I love it so much."

"Inclusivity and representation is something that the theatre industry is lacking tremendously, and so it is vital that we give those with autism the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in the area of applied drama. Artistic expression is extremely valuable and it is something that everyone should have access to."  

Thanks to all our corporate and individual sponsors who have contributed to our continuing success!
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