Volume 4 | Issue 3, 2020
Summer Classes Have Begun!
This week marked the beginning of our online drama classes for the summer! Above is a peak into our Wednesday night script writing class, where students will spend the next 10 weeks learning all about the script writing process including brainstorming ideas, putting their ideas onto paper, and editing it to create their own script.

Our script writing class is being taught by Jordan Euell, a former volunteer co-actor who has become a valued member of our teaching staff! Pictured below you can see Jordan acting out a scene with students Declan (who is now a member of our script writing class) and Sawyer. This wonderful moment from 2016 was recently shared with us by Declan and Sawyer's mom, Jennie, along with a few very kind words on CADA's behalf.
Registration Now Open for our Online Summer Camps!
The Forgotten Dead
"Parts of our past we might rather leave buried"
A documentary film by Joshua Tree Productions, in collaboration with The University of Akron and the Center for Applied Drama & Autism.
Today, Schneider Park in Akron, Ohio seems like your typical family-friendly park. Do local residents, who walk their dogs or play sports on the grass there, realize how many bodies - and secrets - are buried beneath their feet? From the mid-19th to early-20th century, this green space was a cemetery of unmarked graves attached to the Summit County Infirmary, which housed poor elderly and disabled people of that era. A local theater troupe of actors with disabilities bring the past into the flesh by reenacting what life would have been like for them back then. The Forgotten Dead strives to memorialize those who were marginalized in life and forgotten in death, by challenging us all to rethink our perceptions of the people around us living today with disabilities.

Our friends at Joshua Tree Productions are offering you access to a pre-release screening of The Forgotten Dead . For just $10 you have the opportunity to watch the movie online from the comfort of your home for 48 hours - from Friday, June 5th @ 7pm until Sunday, June 7th @7pm (be sure to keep an eye out for some familiar faces as you watch).

Your support will help defray the costs of making their film broadcast ready, producing a 2-minute movie trailer and 30-second promo - the essential marketing tools needed in order to push this film out into the world.

Tickets can be purchased at: https://forgotten-dead.eventbrite.com
Online Open Mic for Performing Artists
with Disabilities
Up Next for Theatre on the Spectrum
CADA Appreciates Your Support!
We have an exciting summer planned - filled with various virtual camps, workshops, and live events that will allow our students to showcase their talents from the safety of their own homes. Be sure to check our website and social media pages (links at the bottom of the page) throughout the summer for upcoming classes and events. We thank you for your continuing support!
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