California Arts Council Grants
Three New Grant Opportunities for Artists & Arts Administrators
The California Arts Council (CAC) has announced three new funding opportunities currently available to California’s individual artists and arts administrators, with grants supported by the California Arts Council and implemented by the state arts agency’s designated administering organizations. Details on each of the current opportunities and how to apply are below.

The California Arts Council is a state agency with a mission of strengthening arts, culture, and creative expression as the tools to cultivate a better California for all. The Arts Council is California’s only public arts grants provider with funding that is accessible to all 58 California counties. 

Arts Administrators Pipeline Fellowship
The grant application deadline is September 20. Click here to apply

The California Arts Council established the Arts Administrators Pipeline Fellowship 
program as a continued investment in the future of a creative California, an inclusive workforce in arts and culture, and the vibrancy of the organizations that are creating and preserving the cultural identities of all California communities. The program supports the professional trajectory of individuals who otherwise may not have the opportunity to develop their careers as arts administrators and to increase the capacity of arts organizations for authentic community engagement with those they serve.

CAC-designated administering organization the Association of Arts Administration Educators has announced grant opportunities for 11 arts administrators through the Arts Administrators Pipeline Fellowship, supported by the California Arts Council. The program will identify 11 emerging arts administrators as fellows to be paired with an equal number of arts and culture organizations for a 12-month paid fellowship. Fellows will receive a stipend of $50,000, access to professional development opportunities, and immersion in a supportive learning community. Additionally, $35,000 will be regranted to host arts and culture organizations to support fellows, along with guidance to ensure an effective fellowship experience.

California Creative Corps
The grant application deadline is September 22. Click here to apply

Governor Newsom and the Legislature established the California Creative Corps. This program is a $60 million allocation to the California Arts Council to develop and implement a pilot program to fuel positivity and inspire safe and healthy behavior across California’s diverse populations. Fourteen regional and statewide designated administering organizations were selected by the CAC for regranting programs designed to increase public health awareness; water and energy conservation; climate mitigation; emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery; civic and community engagement and social justice.

The Center for Cultural Power's grant awards for Artist Disruptors & Culture Bearers complement the Center’s two previous opportunities offered with Creative Corps program dollars, providing $15,000 grants to 60 individuals across the state: 30 carriers of tradition and cultural stewardship, and 30 who inspire action and work toward social justice.

Individual Artists Fellowship – Bay Area and Northern California 
The deadline for applicants is September 30. Click here to apply

The Individual Artists Fellowship program supports artists at key moments in their careers, elevating their capacity for continued contribution to the field and our state. Fellowship grants support individual artistic practice through unrestricted funding. This program is intended to support a broad spectrum of artists working in all disciplines, from diverse geographies and communities of all sizes across the state of California.

The fourth and final administering organization of the Individual Artists Fellowship program, Youth Speaks, has announced its application for Bay Area and Northern California artists. Youth Speaks will regrant $740,000 among 35 California-based individual artists and culture bearers, with awards ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. The fellowship period will be for approximately one year, starting this November.
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