CA4Health is grateful to continue connecting people and organizations to advance health and equity in California.

CA4Health accomplishments from 2022: 

  • CA4Health’s 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge participation remains constant with 300+ individuals engaging each time and we’ve noticed an increased representation of local public health and government staff.  
  • Continued convening of the Racial Equity/Social Justice workgroup (named “Same Boat Crew”) that grew from the 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge as a place for participants to remain in monthly discussions with peers on related topics. 
  • Created and launched a podcast series titled, People.Power.Perspectives! where we talk with people that are advancing health, justice, and racial equity.  
  • Celebrated the 18th Annual ENACT Advocacy Day with over 100+ individuals coming together virtually to share lived experiences and advocate for equity.  
  • Continued partnership with Community Health Equity Academy (CHEA) in Oakland and started a second year working with youth around cannabis education and awareness. 
  • Became lead convenor organization for local health departments in the Greater Sacramento Region and excited to continue building relationships to support their equity journeys.  
  • Hosted trainings with Bolder Advocacy to assist organizations and individuals in their understanding of the difference between advocacy and lobbying in both English and Spanish. Fundraising for Advocacy (recording) Passcode: Advoc@cy2022!

Join us by getting involved with any of the following new upcoming opportunities:  

CA4Health’s 21-Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge  

We are excited to offer another opportunity for individuals and groups to take the Challenge in the New Year. Registration will be released early January 2023 and the Challenge will begin on Monday, February 6.   

Save the Date: ENACT Advocacy Day Thursday, April 20, 2023 (Sacramento, CA)

ENACT Day brings together community leaders and partners from across the state to connect, learn from each other, and collectively educate decision makers about opportunities to create healthy, safe, equitable communities for all Californians. By sharing lived experiences and expertise efforts help support more informed decision-making processes. Check out ENACT Day 2022 policy updates, to see which proposals became law and areas of opportunity. The ENACT Planning Team will provide more event details including registration in 2023. We hope to see you there!

Tune in now to CA4Health’s podcast series: 


Check out Episode 4!


The Importance of Promoting Prevention Forward Investments

with Lauren Pennachio, Director or Revenue Strategy and Partnerships at Health Leads


Listen here.

Stay tuned for more releases in the New Year! 


Cultivating a Healthier Policy Landscape: The Building Healthy Communities Initiative

Public health has a long and rich history of engaging with community activists to respond to pressing health threats. From enforcing workplace safety standards to building protections into consumer products such as gun-safety locks and car-safety seats, public health practitioners have successfully influenced policies, upheld regulations, and transformed systems to improve conditions for population health

Read more here.

The next California Reparations Task Force Public Hearings will be held in person and virtually on Wednesday and Thursday, December 14th - 15th, 2022 in Oakland, with 1hr of public comment during the first hour each day. Public hearings are also LIVE-streamed at ETM Media Group (YouTube), and  

Building Community Power To Dismantle Policy-Based Structural Inequity In Population Health

By Anthony Iton, Robert K. Ross and Pritpal S. Tamber

Population health strategies tend to focus on individuals’ behaviors, genes, or health care access, yet it is well established that socioecological conditions are fundamental to health and strongly influenced by policy. In the US, health and other policies continue to be shaped by the country’s unique legacy of racial and economic segregation. Policy reform must be at the center of population health. This requires communities to have power.

Read the full article here.

CA4Health wishes you a safe and Happy Holidays!  

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