Vol 12, Issue 1 December 3 2021
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In this week's edition: C2C Virtual Job Fair 2022, who's Hiring in the Hamilton Region, Workforce planning Hamilton updates ( Hamilton Youth Workforce is live, and Q3 Data report), Engaging Employers Early in Grad Student Training, Reflections on being racialized and Indigenous in student affairs, December Hiring is Different this Year, 'whole of community approach' creates transformative workforce development, Job Fair December 14th 2022 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Technology and Health Care Free courses for newcomers.
Connect to Careers Virtual Job Fair is the best way to recruit new talent
March 2, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. ET
Connect to Careers is presented in partnership by McMaster University, Mohawk College, Redeemer University, Workforce Planning Hamilton, and the City of Hamilton's Economic Development.

Workforce Planning of Hamilton will have a booth to support all of our local community and service providers in the Hamilton region, and everyone is welcome to join at no cost. Please join so that students and job seekers can learn more about your organization's various programs and employment opportunities.
If you are interested, please contact Nourhan at nourhan.wassim@workforceplanninghamilton.ca to register your organization. 

To everyone in the HAMILTON area:
You'll meet potential employers and explore your options at Connect to Careers.
By visiting different employer booths on the virtual fair platform, you'll discover exciting opportunities ranging from summer, part-time, and full-time positions to internships and co-ops.
You will gain knowledge of job requirements, industry trends, and industry growth. This data is useful.
Who's Hiring in the Hamilton region

The City of Hamilton
2022 Summer Students Opportunities

Bath & Body works
is hiring for Seasonal Sales Associate-LIMERIDGE MALL
YMCA - Hamilton Downtown
is hiring for residence/membership associate
Workforce Planning Hamilton Updates
Labour Market Quarterly 3 Data Report
Key Trends in Hamilton's Labour Market:

  • There was a significant change in the unemployment rate and with a decrease in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the third quarter of 2020. 
  • The number of unemployed job postings has continued to decline this year. From a high of 17.7 in January to 8.7 in September. This means there are about 9 unemployed people in every job vacancy
  • Professional occupations in education services, jobs grew the most in quarter 3, growing by 6,300 jobs
  • Middle management occupations in trades, transportations, productions and utilities declined the most in total jobs decreasing by 2,530 jobs  
  • There has been an increase in job postings, growing by 5.6 % in the third quarter to 9,331 jobs in Hamilton compared to the second quarter
  • A slight change in the order of the top 10 skills demand in the job search where communication, teamwork, and customer service come in the top 3
  • Skill level C jobs saw the strongest growth in wages from Q3 2021 to Q3 2020 
Hamilton Youth 
Workforce is now LIVE!
The Hamilton Youth Workforce! Brought to you by Workforce Planning Hamilton. An Instagram page centralized for youth employment and opportunities.

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Students & Youth
Engaging Employers Early in Grad Student Training
Reflections on being racialized and Indigenous in student affairs
Fewer Ph.D. graduates, especially in the life sciences, are exploring academic career trajectories than in the past and are instead looking outside higher education. The desire to leave academe, however, is frequently coupled with the real struggle of getting a foot in the door of the non-academic sector. As a recent Ph.D. graduate in molecular genetics, I know this struggle firsthand. Although there are more and more opportunities outside academia that advanced degree holders could fill, graduates often find it challenging to land them.
This difficulty is partially due to the inability of many universities to meaningfully alter their curricula to offer professional development programs that set graduate students up to gain industry-relevant skills and successfully market themselves for nonacademic positions. But this is not just higher education institutions’ issue; employers have also been slow to adopt hiring practices to accommodate this wave of highly qualified doctorates with little work experience. Part of the problem is a lack of employer engagement during students’ graduate training.

For the first time in its 50-year history, the Canadian Association for College and University Student Services (CACUSS) held a plenary panel, titled “Being Racialized and Indigenous in Student Affairs: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” which centred the experiences of colleagues who are Indigenous, Black, and people of colour. Race in the academy is a topic that has received increasing attention. For CACUSS, it became critical to host this dialogue on a national scale, particularly as we continue to reckon with pervasive whiteness and colonialism in post-secondary spaces.
Hosted by CACUSS’s first Indigenous president, Mark Solomon (proud member of the Henvy Inlet First Nation), this plenary was carefully curated to ensure that there was a diversity of lived experience amongst the panelists. While identity-based representation was considered in terms of racial and gender diversity, additional considerations included a breadth of professional backgrounds and seniority, regional representation, as well as having individuals from both colleges and universities. However, despite these differences – in the race, role, region, institution – clear themes and shared experiences became evident as the panel offered their stories. This article seeks to preserve some of these insights.

Business & Research
December Hiring is Different this Year
'whole of community approach' creates transformative workforce development
December hiring typically sees a slowdown in new hire postings and job offers but this year trends are different. The fourth quarter is usually filled with thoughts of a year-end wrap-up, holidays and family time, and planning for the new year. HR Departments and recruiters are historically slow in Q4 – not this year. Unlike most years, this year, the business world is wrapping up the year with a hiring frenzy.
Why is December a traditionally slow month for hiring?
Some call it the “Holiday Hiring Freeze”. Hiring in December is traditionally slow as many companies freeze hiring during the last quarter to help save budgets, pushing new hiring to the following year. Conversely, there is also the mindset that budgets need to be spent before the end of the year – a “use it or lose it” scenario. Another factor that contributes to decreased hiring is that the pool of qualified applicants is smaller. This could be a benefit for the job seekers – your application will not face the same amount of competition, leaving you with better chances of getting an interview.

When community stakeholders work together on transformative workforce development, it eliminates duplication of effort, leverages the work of experts and closes gaps in service for jobseekers. Collaboration is the only way to effectively drive system-wide change and answer fast-emerging labour needs.
And the widespread economic and employment upheaval caused by the pandemic makes cohesion even more critical.
At Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON, we’ve committed to working with career development practitioners and other partners in the workforce and social services ecosystem on a demand-led, strategic approach to poverty reduction, labour shortages and post-pandemic recovery that is now serving as a model for other communities.
Career development practitioners and employment counsellors are key pillars of an ecosystem that fosters viable employment training pathways and addresses barriers to labour-market participation. The front-line champions of those seeking educational and employment opportunities provide critical expertise and insights that underpin impactful local solutions.

Events & Programs
Job Fair December 14th 2022 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
the Good Shepherd Women’s Division is hosting a job fair on December 14th from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Please find the flyer attached for further information.

Technology and Health Care Free courses for newcomers
Do you provide support to newcomers? If having newcomer clients with a background in Technology or Health Care, struggling with workplace communication or with finding a meaningful job, the following free 40-hour online courses offered by Mohawk College will expand your client’s employment opportunities:
  1. Accessing the Technology Job Market in Ontario
  2. Accessing the Health Care Job Market in Ontario, and Communicating in the Health Care sector in Ontario

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