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For Imagination & Characters

Learn Improv Basics
and Enjoy Fun Group Scenes - With A Dash
Of Character Work

Leading Improv
Voice Talent & Coach
Rebecca Haugh
Practicing IMPROV is a way to build your imagination, spontaneity, flexibility and voice over characters.

And you can do it all from your VO home studio.

Come along on this 2-hour VoiceOverXtra journey into the unscripted, unpredictable world of VO IMPROV - and emerge with skills that make you a much more competitive voice talent. You'll be led by working pro Rebecca Haugh - aka Love that Rebecca - who's been running improv sessions for voice actors since 2013, and voicing for VO clients worldwide since 2010.
And we watch and learn as Rebecca personally coaches voice actors in individual and fun group improv sessions.

  • The core bits of improv
  • Improv's application to voice over work and the genres it supports
  • Why improv is important - the skills you get and strengthen
  • How to step into improv fearlessly at the mic, and boost your confidence - while having fun!
  • How improv helps you between voice over takes
  • How improv supports you when reading scripts!
  • How you can use improv to be more competitve and book more jobs
If you want to expand your imagination
for voice over auditions and jobs,
this is the recording you don't want to miss!
ONLY $59
Rebecca Haugh - aka Love that Rebecca - is a full-time voice actor working from her professional studio affectionately known as "the padded room."

With a love of improv, she founded LoveThatImproVO in 2013 as the online training center for voice actors to learn and practice improvisation - and how to apply it to voice over.

"For me," she says, "improv is many things - sparking creativity, making the neurons and synapses to fire in my brain differently, feeling and embracing the risk, getting thrilled by the wild abandon and scaling to new heights!"

Sometimes, she adds, that includes "overcoming barriers and making discoveries about acting. And it always includes putting it all back into the beautiful work created with voice."

Prior to voice acting, Rebecca appeared on stage in regional comedy theater in California, and on-camera as an actress and host for television, indie film, and commercials.

She played the drug addicted Aunt Gina in the short film Flashcards, which premiered at Cannes, and aired on PBS. She also appeared for a season as "Ida from New Jersey" in the improv dinner theater comedy, Joni and Gina's Wedding in Hollywood. And she trained at schools including The Voice Factory and BATS (Bay Area Theater Sports) in San Francisco, and The Sanford Meisner Center in Hollywood.

"My first voice over job," she recalls, "was from my first audition for The Voice Factory. I continue to train in workshops and private coaching."
ONLY $59

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