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Learn how to set up and run your voice over business and marketing efficiently, legally and productively. Led by ...


Voice Actor, Actor / Attorney

Author: Voice Over LEGAL


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You know that voice over is more than just fun and games - it's a business. But how do you run that business successfully?

This webinar will help you at every stage of your career to discover everything from how to legally set up your business and maximizing tax savings ... to marketing, selling and negotiating your voice over services.

Best of all, your instructors are the experts that the VO industry

turns to for voice over business, legal and marketing help:

  • Rob Sciglimpaglia - attorney, voice actor, actor, producer and author of the best selling book on entertainment law, Voice Over LEGAL, and
  • Mary Brainard - marketing consultant, expert direct response copywriter, and co-founder of marketing company Belair Creative.


  • Business Structure Basics

Explore the benefits and differences of forming an LLC vs. sole proprietorship. Learn which structure offers the best protection and tax advantages for a VO artist.

  • Navigating Voice Over Taxes

Demystify the complexities of taxes in the voice over industry. Learn what expenses you can write off, how to keep your books in order, and tax filing tips specifically for VO professionals.

  • Mastering Sales in Voice Over

Techniques to effectively market your voice and secure more projects. Understand the sales process from lead generation and negotiating to closing deals.

  • Effective Marketing Strategies

Create a brand that stands out! From social media to traditional marketing, learn how to promote your voice over business and attract top-tier clients. 

This is information your VO business can't afford to miss.



ROBERT SCIGLIMPAGLIA is a voice actor, actor, coach, film and Broadway producer, and attorney for numerous voice actors and voice over organizations on issues ranging from business set-up, contracts, consultations, negotiations, payment disputes and more. He successfully represented voice actor Bev Standing in her lawsuit against TikTok for unauthorized use of her voice, and has become the industry's go-to attorney and consultant for issues related to voice over and AI.

Rob is author of the Amazon #1 best-selling entertainment law book, Voice Over LEGAL, a 120-page guide to voice over business and legal issues. Admitted to the Connecticut Bar in 1991, he is also a Certified Workers Compensation Specialist. And he is owner of Belair Productions LLC, a full-fledged production company, and Belair Creative LLC, a marketing company.

MARY BRAINARD is an expert direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. She co-founded the marketing company Belair Creative with her dad, Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr. 

Mary has helped generate millions in sales for her clients and loves helping businesses create winning marketing campaigns.

When Mary isn’t working, you can find her reading a good book, spending time with her family, or enjoying the outdoors.


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