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Will You 'Fall Off The Chart' - Or Rise With It?

Joe Loesh - a voice over coach (and much more, see below) for over 20 years - says that from his perspective, a whopping 85% to 90% of the people who begin careers in voice over "fall off the chart" within their first year.

That's brutal! What happens?

"The excuses for ending the adventure are numerous," Joe says.

It's everything from "The editing software is overwhelming" ... "I haven't landed a job yet (in the first month of auditioning)" ... to "I don't have time to audition" ... "I don't like my voice" ... "I was told the industry is over-saturated" ... "I don't have the patience" ... and on and on.

The initial excitement in getting started disappears. Motivation wanes.

As Joe explains in his book, Positively Speaking, the new-found voice over career needs to be recognized and run as a business.

"Yes, it's a FUN business, but it is a business!"

And you need to know how to hang onto motivation for the long haul. Even if you've been around for awhile, you're hitting roadblocks.

If you're losing motivation - or want a heads-up about that possibility - this webinar recording is essential. Joel shows you how to renew your career excitement and keep moving forward.


  • The Unique YOU
  • The Power of Hope
  • Advantageous Use of Time, Space and Money
  • Finding Your Passion, Your Career Niche
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Changing Your Job, Changing Your Life
  • And Much More

Plus, Joe answers questions in an info-packed Q&A session.
This is the info you don't want to miss ... 
You receive video and audio recordings, plus all slides
and Joe Loesch's books, Positively Speaking and
The Secret To Overcoming The Imposter Syndrome
ONLY $59
  • "Joe is a great mentor. His insights are gold. They help us voice artists keep on track." - DS
  • "I loved the webinar!" - LE
  • "I appreciated the webinar - and the (low) price. I saw his breakout session at VO Atlanta (2019), and he really inspired me and gave me amazing tools to use - and it has improved my delivery immensely." - TB
Joe Loesch is an award-winning spoken word producer, voice actor, author, coach, VO demo producer, producer of more than 500 audiobooks, and the exclusive audiobook producer for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

He has voiced cartoons for the Disney channel, PBS Kids and national ads, and is coach to many successful voice actors.

And he has sold over 300,000 of his award-winning (audio based) books in the home-school market.

You’ll find Joe on-camera with Davey Award-Winning MO-JOE Friday Video (tips for voice actors) presented by VoiceOverXtra and VO Booth Camp on the first and third Friday of each month.


Joe grew up in Los Angeles where he studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse coached by Agnes Moorehead of the Bewitched TV series. After a music career with Solid Gold, recording artists for K-Tel Records, he built his recording studio in Denver where he engineered for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Firefall and Air Supply.

Joe later moved to Nashville to work for Loretta Lynn at Coal Miners Music Publishing. He is a Grammy-nominated producer for his work on The Thunder Rolls with Garth Brooks

He began teaching voice over when his manager asked him to work with a then young Reese Witherspoon. It was through Reese that Joe realized teaching was his thing and began to work with others in the industry. After several years with an automotive advertising company and 30,000 commercial soundtracks later, he built his home studio and has been working from there ever since.

His voice over projects include audiobooks, corporate narrations, cartoons, video games, and eLearning courses. He is the winner of dozens of awards including The Diamond, Silver Mic, Davey, Grammy, Communicator, Telly, Early Childhood News, AIVA, Crystal, iParenting, and The AFIM Indy Award. 

Joe is the founder of Booth Camp - a successful commercial and narration course - and has taught Booth Camp all across the country. He currently coaches in Nashville and worldwide online. He is a Vietnam veteran and coaches disabled veterans for free.

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