• "Thoroughly enjoyed Sean Pratt's webinar - a wealth of knowledge and information. I just finished a non-fiction audiobook and wish I'd had this webinar before starting the project. It would have made things a lot easier and my performance better." - LG
  • "Best webinar I've seen on non-fiction. You're truly the best, Sean." - SH
  • "Lots of great nuggets - especially building the architecture of a sentence/passage.
  • Thanks for the guidance!" - KL
  • "Great job to all (performers). I learned from listening to each of you - and Sean." - AP
  • "Amazing class." - JM
  • "Such wonderful info and direction." - CD
  • "This was BEYOND splendid!" - ET


Actionable and inspiring info that you
can immediately use in narrations
and to further your career.


audiobook narration from this leading coach and author
on non-fiction audiobook narration, and multi-award winning narrator
of more than 1,000 audiobooks.

Receive Video & Audio Recordings
& Info-Packed Handout including Practice Scripts
Audiobook publishers are always looking for voice actors who excel at narration.

In this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, Sean Pratt teaches you the narration techniques he uses when recording - a step-by-step guide to non-fiction narration, plus opportunities in audiobook narration today AND real-world business advice.

It's a wealth of thought-provoking, actionable and inspiring info that you can immediately use in narrations and to further your career.

Then we watch and learn as Sean coaches six narrators to improve their performances.

Buy and Download it Here - just $59 for video and audio recordings and info-packed handout including practice scripts.
  • The basic differences between fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.
  • Sean's "3 Step Method" for digging into the text of any non-fiction book and prepping it for recording.
  • Tips on dealing with WHEN and WHY to alter the text of a non-fiction book.
  • The "TED Talk" concept of narrating a non-fiction audiobook.
  • How to balance speed vs. nuance and precision.
  • The "secret sauce" of non-fiction narration: sense of humor!
  • The "4 Voices of Non-Fiction".
  • Why the only thing that should be consistent about your narration is its inconsistency!

Plus, Sean answers questions in a thorough Q&A.

You Receive Video & Audio Recordings
& info-packed Handout including Practice Scripts
SEAN PRATT has been a working actor for over 30 years and an audiobook narrator for 20 years (AKA Lloyd James), recording more than 1,000 books in almost every genre. He has received 8 AudioFile Magazine Earphone awards, 3 Voice Arts Awards nominations, and 5 Audie nominations from the Audio Publishers Association. He is the author of To Be or Wanna Be - The Top Ten Differences Between a Successful Actor and a Starving Artist. Sean is also an industry-leading coach on non-fiction audiobook narration technique, and conducts classes and writes articles about the business of audiobook narration.
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