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Learn what top audiobook
directors want to hear when you audition and narrate


audiobook fiction narration - from this multi-award winning
and in-demand audiobook director/producer and coach.

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Compelling fiction narration is 100% acting and 0% voicing,
says Paul Alan Ruben.

And this is achieved only when you connect the story's subtext to the listener.

´╗┐In this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, Paul guides you into that realm to "up your game" - or get you started right on the path to becoming a compelling storyteller.

Then we watch and learn as Paul coaches six narrators to improved performances.

Download it here - just $59 for video and audio recordings, plus all slides.
Specific self-directions ... what you can actually tell yourself while narrating ... that organically connect you to the subtext. Including:
  • What's the feeling? You must know.
  • First person: Place your narrator. Who are you actually talking to? You should know!
  • Third person: Play the POV. Get closer. Step back.
  • Play the subtext, not the words.
  • Match the stakes.
  • Speak like a REAL person.
  • Take your characters seriously.
  • Don't push (help) the works (aka -overact). Think: they (listeners) get it.
  • Drama (non-dialogue): Less, less, less.
  • When I connect, am I connected at a 10? I'd better be.
  • Act the description.

Plus, Paul answers questions in an info-packed Q&A.

You receive recordings & slides
PAUL ALAN RUBEN has produced and directed award-winning audiobooks - including numerous Audie awards and nominations, and two Grammy awards - since 1990. He is an acclaimed and foremost coach and teacher of fiction audiobook narration for emerging and professional narrators, and has contributed numerous essays focusing on performance for AudioFile Magazine.
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