At PRO, Youth Voice Matters!

Who better to speak to the impact of our PROgramming than the incredible youth we serve?  

85% of youth participants felt hopeful or very hopeful about their future after their experience with PRO.

“Throughout my academic junior year, PRO impacted my life in incredible ways. I looked forward to every meeting day, excited to share my thoughts and express myself in a safe environment, fostered by my peers and Miss Kelley herself. I've become more of an inspired advocate for myself and my community. I wholeheartedly cherish the opportunity to speak with others, raising awareness about mental health and substance abuse prevention. I highly recommend the program to anyone considering to sharpen their leadership skills, educate themselves about mental health and substances, or meet new people, having an amazing time throughout it all.” Prince, Direct Service Program 

92% of participants agreed or strongly agreed they have the power to make a difference in their community following their experience with PRO. 

“Serving on the BHYAB has been an eye-opening journey. I've dived deep into the mental health needs of our young people. I've witnessed the power of language, advocacy, and effective community engagement through interactions with the refugee committee, the Youth Commission, and even UC Davis Medicine. Together on the board, we created a policy brief and presented it to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and the Sacramento County Office of Education, intending to focus on holistic well-being for the youth community. These experiences have helped me understand something that I had - my voice - and its potential to shape our society. Being on this board isn't just a position; it's a platform, and I'm ready to step onto it and make a difference.” Radha, Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board

89% agreed or strongly agreed they feel confident they can advocate around issues that are important to them.

“I think [these types of opportunities are] important because they allow youth to see into a different world. This is a world I hadn’t been exposed to, and it gave me the ability to learn how to adapt to it and know that I belong as much as the next person.” Judith, SCOE Fellow

Youth deserve to feel confident, be advocates for transformative change, and have HOPE for their future. YOU can make a difference in the life of a young person TODAY by donating to PRO Youth & Families on this Big Day of Giving. Your tax-deductible donation supports critical programming inspiring youth to share their voice, develop tools to support their mental and physical wellness, and be change-agents in their communities.

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