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May 18th Bulletin Announcements

Local content this week on STR

Strong Tower Radio (STR) Today

Have you ever toured a Salvation Army post? Well, Strong Tower Radio (STR) will take you to the Grand Valley Command Center in Grand Rapids to understand the spiritual and humanitarian work of this organization. A more in-depth description of their organization may be gained from this week's STR News & Views to be published on Thursday and of course, the interview itself.

Strong Tower Radio (STR) Feature

This week we are doing a doubleheader on U.P. Seventh-day Adventist school tours. On STR Feature we visit Bluff View Christian School whose sponsoring church stepped out in faith in this small congregation to establish a school in 2006.

Strong Tower Radio (STR) Variety Hour

Do you remember when your school gathered around the flagpole and said the "pledge of allegiance?" When you sang with your teacher playing the piano? Your teacher read you a book and you could see the characters' or begged them to him or her read longer than story time was scheduled for?


Strong Tower Radio (STR) visited Wilson Seventh-day Adventist School, a school gem of the U.P. to record a documentary on it. Relive some of those moments during our school visit.

Don't forget Father's Day

With all your camp meeting preparations, don't forget to plan for your local church Father's Day Sabbath either before or after camp meeting. Go to for your minute Father's Day tribute video clip, Father's Day card, and stickers template.

Strong Tower Radio

Tom Mejeur


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Wilson Seventh-day Adventist Church School.

Photo Credit: Tom Mejeur

Vibrant U.P. School!

Strong Tower Radio (STR) visits a school gem of the U.P. Join us this Saturday at 5 p.m. only on STR stations, apps, or

Strong Tower Radio visited the Bluff View Christian School

Photo Credit:

Visiting Bluff View

We visit Michigan's most northern and westerly church school this Sunday at 3:30 a.m., Monday at 4 p.m., Wednesday at 9 p.m., and Thursday at 1 p.m. only on Strong Tower Radio stations, STR apps, or

Grand Rapids Salvation Army major with Tom Mejeur

Photo Credit: Salvation Army Grand Rapids

GR Salvation Army Tour

Have you ever been to the Salvation Army? Join us as we tour their Grand Rapids headquarters this Sunday at 5 p.m., Monday at 10 a.m., and Wednesday at midnight only on Strong Tower Radio stations, STR apps, or

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